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  1. "Yes, Thank you Captain Maxwell." I spoke, as I brought up the holovids overlooking the dropzone. "As you can see gentlemen, we have a viable points of ingress along these two roads over here." as I pointed to the holovid map with my multi function laser cutter / laser pointer. "We should have the ability to close to the City detention building from these points here", I said as I pointed, "and here." I said as I cleared my throat. "along these main arteries inbound to the city center". I said with a confident air. "Just like the pincher claws of a Crab we should squeeze our enemies with surprise before our defending enemies the Dieron Regulars know what's hit them." "We will assault at 0530, yes, yes, I know, its ohhh dark thirty, but their slow responses will lead to a much easier victory for us." "Are there any questions?" I said hoping Steve Jenkens wouldn't ask me where to go to get some new Fruit of the Looms, sigh. Concluding I spoke, "So unless Captain Maxwell wishes to add any instructions, you gentlemen should get your rest and we can begin our assault in the morning."
  2. Dont know if it matters, but there was one scorpion light tank that got away. Does that imply that we should do one more mission on planet to eliminate all remaining opposition?
  3. We are good, I got thru all the logs and found that you killed most things this mission. Nice Job, you will be legendary! If you look at your character in the campaign file, your kills are listed at the bottom. MekHQ is good at tracking your history and what you've done.
  4. WOW, congrats BRO. Teach the little lady how to play BT and MM, its good to shelter in place anyhow, right?
  5. Dutch: "Well for now, just a hot shower and some decent food." I sighed. "Just being on the run and living on the edge, adds a lit'l wear and tear to the equipment", I expressed. Dutch: ".... and maybe an opportunity to go comatose for a while, would be a dream come true at this point." I thought. Charles: "You can take all you can get, but we've got an impending course of action that needs to be dealt with." Dutch: Sigh. 🤕 Charles: "So, when you are ready and our mechs have been repaired, we'd need to get back in action." Dutch: "No time to pause, eh?... So, what's your estimated ETA on the next course of action, Charles?" Charles: "Techs are asking for a week... I gave them 4 days." Charles Said with a slight chuckle. Dutch: "Ok, Comatose for two days, then we go over your mission plans, ... which should give us a day or two to make sure the job goes over as smooth as silk, right?" Charles: "Roger that.", " I'll get the team to draw up the intel ASAP and have it ready for the gang to Scrutinize, as soon as you come out of Hibernation." Charles said with a wry smile. "Good... I hole up til then." I spoke as I trudged towards the door ready to dream about tropical resort planets.
  6. I like the default actually.
  7. I didnt see the image link while the background is white, but now that we are back to normal black background, it appears. I don't know if it might have something to do with the color of the link, maybe?
  8. Ceres Metal Industries Lorenzopolis, Triasha - Kimball II Kimbal System, Lyran Commonwealth November 11, 3028 "Charles is that you?" I asked after catching a familiar silhouette out of the corner of my eye.. "Long time no see!", I exclaimed, "I thought I recognizing a familiar old shellfish you call your ride." I chuckled. "Shellfish!" Charles Exclaimed, "I suppose its been at least a few years I'd imagine... What brings you to this rathole?" "Just been staying ahead of the man, I suppose", as I cleared my throat and nodded for the tech to begin his work. " A few short months back I got hoodwinked into helping this fledgling unit on planet, when we got jumped." I recalled. "Most of my associates either split up or simply lost their rides. I've been just staying ahead of the Regulars" "Many of my recent associates are likely holed up, hoping I could shear off something to get them back into the game." I said as I shook my head. "Which is what I was doing when you came along..." I thought, " ... was expecting I was going to have to do it the hard way, but that's when you showed up." "I see." Charles remarked, "Good thing I came along then." "Yes Very." I said. "I would have had things covered, but it sure helps having some backup. Thanks for being an 'Angel'" "I'm thinking we could help each other on this one, what say you Dutch?" Charles asked inquisitively. "Certainly." I said. "Just as long as it means there's a way off this dustball for me and OB1." "I'll take anything I can get." I said as I smiled and sighed a deep breath of relief.
  9. I see no image link in either Edge or Firefox... unless its me...?
  10. As I mentioned in the other thread, I am back in and able to reply, after being unable to do so for the last few days, until I finally tried updating my browser. I am back in, but honestly I very much preferred the bright text of the past on the black/dark background rather than the current bright white background and grey text.
  11. Sorry for not replying in a while, I had to update my browser before I was able to reply to this topic. I have taken care of Dexter => Marauder, and from Steve's previous post, assuming he drives a Stock Dragon 1N, I have GM added the Dragon 1N into the campaign file, so we should be ready for the next battle as long as we stay on Kimball II. When we try to leave Kimball II we'll face our logistical issues of lacking enough dropship space to move all our mechs. Oh, also I noticed that Dexter might be better off if he identifies his in mech Pilot abilities... just saying. So as long as these items are fact, and the Dragon was already owned at the time, then here is the updated campaign file attached. ... only question I have is .... although Steve is currently GDL, he was also Kuritan born, and we now face Dieron Regulars, is there any sort of loyalty issue going on there, Steve Jenkins? 😆 Aegis Division30281117_Mission2_Pre3.cpnx
  12. I think adding more pilots should be fine... though it will mean longer battles to have to be played out in Megamek... and more importantly is our logistical problem, we only have a Leopard DS, so can never easily transport more than our best 4 mechs and pilots. Just saying...
  13. Sure, depending on how inspired I am I can.
  14. The campaign file looks good. The server name has been renamed. I was given the OPFOR force for the Rescue of Kingston Rivoli, assuming we rescue with just the 4 mechs. More will be added if we are able to place more pilots into the mechs we recovered.
  15. So Believe it or not I found someone who might be willing to run our missions as the OPFOR. So the question is what are we running? Ares, OB1, Perseus, and Tyche? No other units in battle? Which planet are we fighting on? Still Kimball II? Same Dieron Regulars as enemies? Anyhow, here is where I have the Aegis Division currently. Aegis Division30281116_Mission2_Pre2.cpnx
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