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  1. "Takashima, again?" the voice in Dutch's head thought... "Didn't we just pull that weed out?" "Apparently it grew back... sigh..." "Well, this time we plan to go in ready... or so I thought"... , Dutch Smiled. D.C.S. Takashima Ships Interior Great Banded Desert, Nirasaki January 31, 3029 ... Deep inside the bowels of the Black Eclipse we go in... But the voice in my head just kept saying: "try not to stick to the walls..." I try not to let it bother me... but its not my fault, why does it have to be called "the bowels of a ship anyways?". D.C.S. Takashima Deeper in the Takashima's Interior Great Banded Desert, Nirasaki January 31, 3029 Captain Maxwell, "So who brought the ladder?" "Damm", Dutch thought. Turning to get the ladder, "I'm on it Charles." '.. and here I pride myself for having the right tools for the right occasion... ... at least I brought the right hand-cannon for the job, Dutch thought.' as he tapped his trusty sidearm "Dirty Harry".
  2. Nice, I really like the detailed global picture of our new homeworld! Wonder if that means we can hide some sensors in the rings to detect incoming Dropships? Nobody can approach the planet without being discovered.
  3. Not sure if you realized but Bishop is probably in a coma healing his wounds.
  4. Well that was a little tricky due to the fact that we crashed mid game, so I had to do a little work to piece together the salvage before the crash with the salvage after the crash. So the above list may have some duplicates which I had to remove, and some of the mechs salvaged may have had less damage than the full amount. I can try to dump a unit list out. I have already started to begin the repairs, and am a few days into the repairs. So essentially, I have the units that were salvaged and not beyond repair, and I can share the starting mul file for the OPFOR and you can determine the difference. So here is the starting OPFOR mul file besides what Nathan Schmidt had. Pirates.mul
  5. Even Steve Jenkens Got a Kill! Sadly it was a tough day for Agent Nathan Schmidt... who is now at the mercy of the Aegis Division... but he had the best Battlefield seats money can Buy! Here is the Full Gamelog. gamelog_Full.html
  6. Wow, we took over 44 Prisoners. We Salvaged a lot of stuff: <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:00c82120-b093-4acf-8c92-e36ada0f9fe5'>Harasser Laser Platform (Standard) #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:5a1ead6b-b9a2-4148-87ee-c7d12f25f50f'>Sabaku Kaze Heavy Scout Hover Tank (Standard) #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:d7d9b744-2b52-4e7f-9808-7cf00ebf0e64'>Sabaku Kaze Heavy Scout Hover Tank (Standard) #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:c21cfa0b-d8bf-48d2-a668-5968cd5fd907'>Spider SDR-5K #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:f818bdb5-91c4-4443-ad75-5a8aae0423b8'>Mongoose MON-66 #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:bfe6842a-7cdc-4330-b923-380f7791a6bb'>Mongoose MON-66 #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:273574b1-d8cb-4d8d-b73b-64849b0a8fbc'>Shadow Hawk SHD-2K #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:88c3394d-a035-41ea-96b9-61763b4de15d'>Shadow Hawk SHD-2K #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:74c81167-1829-473c-af1c-ef1e31672122'>Hussar HSR-200-D #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:bc51d8cc-0caa-4e34-87b6-ea6fb19f138b'>Field Gunners (AC2) #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:02811911-9a21-4c4a-a417-45d598ad7b3a'>Harasser Laser Platform (Standard) #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:508fdef3-dfa1-4198-98c9-fb8450e7cce4'>Sabaku Kaze Heavy Scout Hover Tank (Standard) #3</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:05a60e32-9add-484f-a507-d9e0827914d3'>Sabaku Kaze Heavy Scout Hover Tank (Standard) #4</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:03d99722-1ac2-4c51-abcb-09518a5b56a5'>Spider SDR-5K #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:af27454c-64d8-4f82-80cf-cd83c5e87885'>Mongoose MON-66 #3</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:6cdc9eaa-79c7-48ea-b553-091b68f7b4e8'>Mongoose MON-66 #4</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:f738ccb8-b867-4059-bd32-a3c49bd4dac4'>Shadow Hawk SHD-2K #3</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:16a85f0a-adaf-4c59-95d2-cde66cd52464'>Shadow Hawk SHD-2K #4</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:b9716fdd-6399-4224-bb7f-d691dd036a09'>Hussar HSR-200-D #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:51f02fa3-d3c0-40a7-a4f3-9d24e91ec77a'>Field Gunners (AC2) #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:fcd738cd-dc6f-4ce6-943e-86f0388d09fc'>Harasser Laser Platform (Standard)</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:be8f59ac-6a7e-41c4-bebe-a3c8d752b8be'>Charger CGR-1A1</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:67d1f017-b179-464d-8bd2-ff5e9493756f'>BattleMaster BLR-1G</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:b6f100c0-23b1-4d92-80c6-f94aaa45f424'>Wolverine WVR-6K</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:65927c3f-8a9d-46d2-9863-0fc9facc3554'>Hatchetman HCT-3F #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:15bb59ef-b014-4338-9439-32ed82a061e7'>Buster BC XV-M HaulerMech MOD</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:de4a6199-1fcc-4040-853a-ca3711ac1d21'>Marauder MAD-3D #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:d1ad3aa9-30d4-4e54-9c68-58f83c35b822'>Jenner JR7-D</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:db3142c1-da29-488a-b2bf-af53db6c3016'>Hunchback HBK-4G</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine> The 10% that got away from being salvaged was a fast mech. Most of the units are badly damaged, but we can sell the scraps and repair a fair amount of these units. The Battle took place on Jan 8th, 3029 on Nirasaki
  7. Wow, Nathan has chosen to take the Best Seats in the House to watch the Battle Unfold!
  8. I had to fix the Mapboard, the former one had invalid hexes on it. Nirasaki.board
  9. What does Bishop Need? Have you or he made a character for megamek? Are there more items/vehicles/mechs that we need to have to be ready? Things are happening fast... so am not sure I am keeping up with all the things going in all the different directions. Which I guess is good, right? 🤪
  10. the date and time is fine, but because our campaign file is in 47.4 we have to use that version of megamek. The way that the devs have made it, it is difficult to go backwards. As I mentions in Discord, here is the full Download of the Megamek/MekHQ version we are currently using 47.4. [8:42 AM] https://github.com/MegaMek/mekhq/releases/tag/v0.47.4 GitHub MegaMek/mekhq MekHQ is a java helper program for the MegaMek game that allows users to load a list of entities from an XML file, perform repairs and customizations, and then save the new entities to another XML ... Now you can just download just the megamek version that you need but the HQ Download will allow you to open the campaign file if you wish to see if there should be any edits.
  11. Yes that would be great to have all you guys involved right?
  12. Any preference on which varients you want? There are 4 types of Condors in 3028, the standard, the Flamer Varient, the Liao Varient, and the Davion Varient. There are 2 types of Drillsons in 3028, the Standard and the SRM Varient. According to Megamek (MM) there are 5 types of Maxims. There are only 2 types of Kestrel VTOLS, standard and Small Laser (I like the SL varient) if you select varients from Sarna.net I can load them. As for I will send you to my link for the Mechwarrior 2nd Edition Rulebook I have put online for you to download and use to help create your Pilots character sheets. In the end it should be easy. If you need help we can meet in voice on Discord and I can walk you through it. Here is the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6hp5t2roorp4fmi/BattleTech%201641%20-%20MechWarrior%202nd%20Edition%20RPG.pdf?dl=0 Please feel free to Download it, so in a few weeks I can take it down.
  13. Ok as I mentioned on Discord, I have these people: ... oh and the mech mover is just place holder for me to move mechs around in and out of storage, so just ignore that. As for who I might need... yes, PC's for William Kaufman? Yes, PC's for Major James Hayes? Marcus Donovan? Dentist Sammy? Medibot? ...and just as a guideline, I believe Charles first asked that all of our mech, vtol, aero, and tank pilots are all 3/4 or less (worse). ... any vehicles I should add? a Maxim Hovertank? and lastly, the format of Mechwarrior character sheets that I normally use are these: Mechwarrior 2nd edition character sheet fillable.pdf this pdf file is easy to use and fill out for Mechwarrior (MW) 2nd Ed. and for MW 3rd Ed, I use this spreadsheet. But please, please, only edit on the Green cells of this ODS file, as all other cells are generated from the numbers in the green cells. The normal characters from MW 3rd Ed are usually around 3000-5000 point characters, iirc. ODS files are the standard spreadsheet format files for Open Office, which is free to use and compatible with Microsoft office. Blank of Battletech Character Sheet Aa1_ 10_21_2014.ods
  14. Also, Historically I found a lot of info that could be pertinant to us on Sheratan. This into was found on Sarna,net: Fourth Succession War Following negotiations between Colonel Pavel Ridzik, chief military advisor to Chancellor Maximilian Liao, and AFFS Lieutenant General Ardan Sortek, conducted in February 3029 Ridzik created a new nation, the Tikonov Free Republic. The Republic was created by incorporating those worlds of the Tikonov Commonality that hadn't already been conquered during the first half of the Fourth Succession War. Ridzik returned to Elgin, the new capital of the Tikonov Free Republic, on the 3rd of March 3029 and swiftly began implementing a new government consisting of family members, friends and other appointees loyal to himself, purging dissident elements on the various Republic worlds and taking the opportunity to settle old scores. Sheratan was one of the systems incorporated into the Republic.[21] Operation REVIVAL After the Fourth Succession War the Capellan secret police established a number of terrorist groups on Sheratan and supplied them with funding, leading to a protracted terrorist campaign across the planet. The primary defensive force on Sheratan was a command known as the Sheratan Knights, a regiment of conventional forces who were ferociously loyal to the Federated Commonwealth. Heavily involved in attempting to stop the outbreaks of terrorism, the Knights ended up receiving extensive practical experience of dealing with guerrilla warfare.[2]
  15. ... sounds Like echo's of "Better Call Saul"... which is a show I enjoy a lot, => the follow on to "Breaking Bad"
  16. Before we go, can I ask for the PC's that join us on the Tana and C.S.V. Republic do the following (OOC work): So, what I think we need is to have all our new PC's make their character sheets for RP and/or Megamek? At least for all the folks that we are lifting off with, aboard the Tana or the C.S.V. Republic, before we travel from Sheratan to Nirasaki. Could we have all the PC's, or at least those that board the Tana and C.S.V. Republic, build their characters sheets, including their skills and abilities, so that we can then add them to the campaign file in megamek? This way we have their stats, and also know for what they might be useful for and what role they might play amongst the ship crew or ground crew of our ships. I think it would also be good to know their language skills, have any useful knowledge, or if they are on any "Wanted Posters", or hunted by the Yakuza, etc... as we head into Kuritan space. This would help prevent us from any unwanted conflicts that might sully the RP space more than any of our "Steve Jenkins" escapades. Oh and to help our PC's, does anyone have strong preferences of what format they wish to build their Characters with, ie MW 2nd Ed, 3rd Ed, 4 Ed? I have sheet a few character sheet formats we can use so players can work with something they are familiar with. But the bottom line is, I would prefer them to be in the character format of MekHQ which is a psrx file if players happen to have that knowledge.
  17. Yeah I am ok with it... do we move our units via the 2 jumps or do you want to just appear there? Most of our transit time is actually traveling to the jump points. Even if the jump distance is short, because the travel times are long, the actual time to Nirasaki is 28 days. I can shorten it to whatever you wish, just give the order, and I make it so. 🙂 Here is the actual calculated jump and travel times: -Dutch (Master)
  18. "Yes, Thank you Captain Maxwell." I spoke, as I brought up the holovids overlooking the dropzone. "As you can see gentlemen, we have a viable points of ingress along these two roads over here." as I pointed to the holovid map with my multi function laser cutter / laser pointer. "We should have the ability to close to the City detention building from these points here", I said as I pointed, "and here." I said as I cleared my throat. "along these main arteries inbound to the city center". I said with a confident air. "Just like the pincher claws of a Crab we should squeeze our enemies with surprise before our defending enemies the Dieron Regulars know what's hit them." "We will assault at 0530, yes, yes, I know, its ohhh dark thirty, but their slow responses will lead to a much easier victory for us." "Are there any questions?" I said hoping Steve Jenkens wouldn't ask me where to go to get some new Fruit of the Looms, sigh. Concluding I spoke, "So unless Captain Maxwell wishes to add any instructions, you gentlemen should get your rest and we can begin our assault in the morning."
  19. Dont know if it matters, but there was one scorpion light tank that got away. Does that imply that we should do one more mission on planet to eliminate all remaining opposition?
  20. We are good, I got thru all the logs and found that you killed most things this mission. Nice Job, you will be legendary! If you look at your character in the campaign file, your kills are listed at the bottom. MekHQ is good at tracking your history and what you've done.
  21. WOW, congrats BRO. Teach the little lady how to play BT and MM, its good to shelter in place anyhow, right?
  22. Dutch: "Well for now, just a hot shower and some decent food." I sighed. "Just being on the run and living on the edge, adds a lit'l wear and tear to the equipment", I expressed. Dutch: ".... and maybe an opportunity to go comatose for a while, would be a dream come true at this point." I thought. Charles: "You can take all you can get, but we've got an impending course of action that needs to be dealt with." Dutch: Sigh. 🤕 Charles: "So, when you are ready and our mechs have been repaired, we'd need to get back in action." Dutch: "No time to pause, eh?... So, what's your estimated ETA on the next course of action, Charles?" Charles: "Techs are asking for a week... I gave them 4 days." Charles Said with a slight chuckle. Dutch: "Ok, Comatose for two days, then we go over your mission plans, ... which should give us a day or two to make sure the job goes over as smooth as silk, right?" Charles: "Roger that.", " I'll get the team to draw up the intel ASAP and have it ready for the gang to Scrutinize, as soon as you come out of Hibernation." Charles said with a wry smile. "Good... I hole up til then." I spoke as I trudged towards the door ready to dream about tropical resort planets.
  23. I like the default actually.
  24. I didnt see the image link while the background is white, but now that we are back to normal black background, it appears. I don't know if it might have something to do with the color of the link, maybe?
  25. Ceres Metal Industries Lorenzopolis, Triasha - Kimball II Kimbal System, Lyran Commonwealth November 11, 3028 "Charles is that you?" I asked after catching a familiar silhouette out of the corner of my eye.. "Long time no see!", I exclaimed, "I thought I recognizing a familiar old shellfish you call your ride." I chuckled. "Shellfish!" Charles Exclaimed, "I suppose its been at least a few years I'd imagine... What brings you to this rathole?" "Just been staying ahead of the man, I suppose", as I cleared my throat and nodded for the tech to begin his work. " A few short months back I got hoodwinked into helping this fledgling unit on planet, when we got jumped." I recalled. "Most of my associates either split up or simply lost their rides. I've been just staying ahead of the Regulars" "Many of my recent associates are likely holed up, hoping I could shear off something to get them back into the game." I said as I shook my head. "Which is what I was doing when you came along..." I thought, " ... was expecting I was going to have to do it the hard way, but that's when you showed up." "I see." Charles remarked, "Good thing I came along then." "Yes Very." I said. "I would have had things covered, but it sure helps having some backup. Thanks for being an 'Angel'" "I'm thinking we could help each other on this one, what say you Dutch?" Charles asked inquisitively. "Certainly." I said. "Just as long as it means there's a way off this dustball for me and OB1." "I'll take anything I can get." I said as I smiled and sighed a deep breath of relief.
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