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  1. Meanwhile... C.S.V. Half Moon System jump point Gan Singh IV - November 22, 3028 _____________________________ The Half Moon gave a lurch as its docking collar sealed against the JumpShip and weightlessness took over aboard our vessel. From my cramped quarters, I couldn't see outside, but I had to imagine that the sight was impressive. I'd been aboard many JumpShips in my life, but I never got tired of seeing them. I hoped that someone on board with a better view than me would get a picture. The PA chimed with an anouncement: "Now hear this...now hear this...we're not spending a lot of time hanging around here. We have a rendezvous to make with the Mendacius at Sheratan, so we're going to be hoofing it at the jump points. Keep your movements within the ship to a minimum while we're readying for Interstellar jump. We're making the first of those transits in ten minutes." "A rendezvous with a other ship? That wasn't in the plan!" I wondered aloud, with no one around to hear it. I flipped my communicator open. "Schmidt to Albrecht," I called. "Ja, Herr Schmidt, go ahead." "What's this about a rendezvous? I thought we were making planetfall on Sheratan proper, not meeting someone in orbit."
  2. @Joker 4-1...welcome to MercNet!! So awesome to see this place growing. I'm your friendly neighborhood LIC intelligence agent, currently onboard the Crayven DropShip. Let me know if you want an assist getting into the story!! @Charles Maxwell...did you change your font? It's.......blinding, lol
  3. It looks slick to me! On mobile view... Any way to make the changing images not cut off?
  4. Meanwhile... C.S.V. Half Moon In transit to system jump point Gan Singh IV - November 11, 3028 _____________________________ "Yeah, you've got my word that I won't talk." I said, drinking down the last remnants of my cocktail. Whatever the bartender had given me was strong and taking hold. "I definitely wouldn't want to screw things up for the entire Commonwealth." "Good." Major Hayes answered me. "The long-term gains outweigh the short-term salaciousness of telling someone that you know a secret. It could even end up being lucrative for you, too." I frowned at the Major. "I'm not in this business for personal enrichment." "Is that a fact? What are you in it for?" The question surprised me. "I'm an adrenaline junkie." I finally said. "Well, I guess as long as you like your work." Major Hayes added with a laugh. "Hey, I'm gonna call it a night. Nice chatting with you." "Yeah, same." I said, a warm, relaxed feeling coming over me. I was going to sleep well tonight. I'll keep the computer put away...for now.
  5. Oh my god, congratulations! I hope you, mom, and baby are doing well. That's so great. I hope you indoctrinate her into the BattleTech universe ASAP. Stick one of those plush UrbanMechs in her crib. That'll get the brand messaging started, hahahaha. We'll hold down the fort until you get back. Don't be a stranger, congrats again!
  6. C.S.V. Half Moon In transit to system jump point Gan Singh IV - November 11, 3028 _____________________________ Most DropShips had food dispensers. Some even had a chef, but more often than not, they were just some random person who could burn food for the crew to choke down. Few DropShips had an actual full kitchen crew. And none that I'd been aboard ever had a mess hall that included an entire cocktail bar complete with a bartender. But here it was. Apparently in a major flex, William had invested in one, a spectacular space that followed the curvature of the ship's hull. The room was filled with throngs of crew, who worshipped at the altar of the bar itself, a monolith structure, lit with accent lights, behind which sat a row of windows that looked out into space. I walked up to the bar and acknowledged Phil, the bartender. "How's it going, Phil?" I asked, leaning in to be heard over the ambient chatter. "Another day in paradise, my man." Phil replied. "I hear you." I said. "What'll it be?" "Surprise me." I answered. Glancing around, I saw Major Hayes at the other end of the counter, nursing down a large martini. A few moments later, Phil handed me some kind of blue alcoholic frosted thing. I wasn't sure what it was, but it tasted good, and was strong. Punching my CredTube into the cash register, I nodded a thanks to Phil, and headed over to chat up Hayes. "Evening, Major." I said. "Evening." Hayes responded. "Quite a day." I took a big swig of my drink. "No kidding. So what's William's deal, anyway? What's the end goal here?" "You get right to the point, don't you?" Hayes laughed. "Humor me." I said. "Well, all right. I'll tell you a story..."
  7. Jackson took his leave of the bridge, and I soon followed. Instead of going straight to my bunk, though, I decided to walk a lap of the long, winding circular corridor of the Half Moon's habitat deck. I needed to transition my brain from 'work' mode to 'off' mode, and I didn't think that I would have the presence of mind to do it if I went straight to my room and put a computer in front of myself. I also wasn't sure if I could resist the temptation to immediately go and try to hack the Half Moon's computer to see if I could figure out what all William had really downloaded from the memory core when he'd had it hooked up. Major Hayes seemed like he was on the level, but I didn't trust William half as far as I could probably throw him. Between the general creepiness his augments made me feel and his overly-charismatic demeanor, William didn't seem like the kind of guy that should be taken at face value. The two things I appreciated about him were his really deep pockets and that was transparent & didn't try to hide the fact that his intentions on this mission were completely self-serving. I could respect that. But it didn't mean that he was necessarily showing his whole hand when it came to what he knew, and what he cared to share with us. I passed a large hatchway which stood partially open and which was labeled 'Ward Room.' Being a nosy person, I stuck my head through the doorway and saw a large, teak-paneled room, dimly-illuminated by accent lights and dominated by an obsidian-colored desk that was flanked by chairs which looked to each the average year's salary back on Tharkad. The room smelled of old oak and, oddly, what I was pretty sure was Chardonnay wine. Along two of the room's walls were an assortment of nautical-themed paintings and a display case of what looked to be actual rolled-up paper star charts, while the third wall held a gigantic situation monitor, and the fourth wall actually had a row of wedge-shaped windows that looked out into space. Classy digs... I thought to myself, and then continued along the equally-luxuriously-appointed hallway. Next up on the circuit was a shadowy hatchway marked 'War Room B.' The door was securely locked and I noted with interest a badge reader with a glowing Crayven Corporation logo on it. I wondered if this particular chamber had any relation at all to War Room A, which sat on the mirror opposite side of the ship and was where William Kauffman himself had been holed up with Alyssa Chase just prior to the Black Phalanx mercenary unit's DropShip getting knocked offline at Outreach. Continuing down the corridor, I passed another hatch which stood open and was marked 'Administration.' Poking my head in, I was greeted with a confused gaze by a couple of clerk types wearing headsets and working behind banks of computer terminals. "Uh, as you were." I mumbled awkwardly, and continued on my way down the hall. I passed through the hatch that bisected the port from starboard half of the vessel and was one of two demarcations between the 'business' side of the ship and the 'residential' side. First up, I passed the infirmary, then the rows of individual crew staterooms, and then mess hall. It was here that I stopped, not to eat, but to get a drink from the ship's unusually well-appointed and well stocked bar. With a decent buzz, I figured, I could switch off, and then get some rest. Maybe I could even avoid certain......temptations.
  8. I can see the new themes, and they look SWEET. Thanks for the hard work in getting things back to normal @Charles Maxwell (eep! tagging still works, too!) If we're keeping a tally, I keep switching back and forth between the Star League background and the one of the cosmos. I like both of them! @Mek_Master, what background are you using?
  9. Elsewhere... C.S.V. Half Moon Breaking orbit Gan Singh IV - November 11, 3028 _____________________________ "Hauptmann Albrecht and Agent Schuster - will you be staying aboard with us to Sheratan and beyond? Or does duty call you elsewhere?" I glanced at William, and then back at Hauptmann Albrecht. "Permission to speak, Hauptmann?" I asked, testing the waters. "Ja, Herr Schmidt, go on," he replied. "William, didn't you mention that you were interested in buying whatever was found from Jackson's client?" I inquired. "I did. I still have interest. That core may not have given up all its secrets. And selling the rights to a replimat design to just the right client could be profitable as well. Why do you ask?" William replied. "Well, seeing as how we're already helping each other out, and you're going to be headed back to the Commonwealth with us to do your inspection of the vessel that we've got on hand for you, perhaps you'd be interested in returning the favor and letting us accompany you to the handoff on Sheratan? In case the client does want to sell, I'd like to make sure that we secure the data quickly." I said. "That's it?" William asked with a raised eyebrow. "That's it." I answered back unflinchingly. William gave me an extended gaze, and then nodded his head. "Okay. Now go relax. There are will be plenty of time to discuss minutiae later." I glanced at Hauptmann Albrecht. "Permission to take my leave for the evening, sir?" "Granted." Hauptmann Albrecht nodded. "Good job today." "Thank you, sir." As I left the bridge, I looked toward Jackson. "You up for hanging out? Or are you gonna crash?"
  10. Well, I don't know what the story might be for Mek_Master or Orlex, but I'm up and running. Since Steve posted his most recent excursion into the bizarre and disturbing, I'm gonna guess that he is in the saddle too. So I'll move my bit forward. What are we doing about Kimball if we don't hear back from those people?
  11. Those steps (from Jenkins)...actually worked for me...! Thanks, Steve - clever... @Orlex Jaeger when you close out Chrome and then re open it, does it remember your tabs and what page you were on last? Cause Chrome has a REALLY irritating feature where it runs forever in the background and doesn't actually release all your session data. That's probably why Steve's fix worked, if your Chrome acts that way, here's how to fix it: www.groovypost.com/howto/stop-google-chrome-from-running-in-the-background/. After you kill background processes, log out of this site, and then clear your browsing history through Chromes Privacy tab. Clear EVERYTHING, basic and advanced, back to the beginning of time. Then close out the browser, turn your computer totally off and then back on. Then try the site again. If you're doing the steps on a phone kill Chrome processes completely and reboot it. I also see the font weirdness in the The Universe thread, it looks like it's actually from where some of us copy pasted from other posts, I know I for one am a lazy bastard and I copy the planet or spaceship location from other people or my own previous post instead of typing it out all the time and it looks like other people do that too, I guess the site must pick up the theme in the copy action which frankly is weird. @Charles Maxwell can you fix that? Orlex, this is all the brain pan info I have, let me know if it works. Other than that it's probably down to Charles and his support ticket.
  12. C.S.V. Half Moon Breaking orbit Gan Singh IV - November 11, 3028 _____________________________ "You're shitting me." I deadpanned. "Die sprache, Nathan. Let's mind our manners." Hauptmann Albrecht admonished. "Sorry." I muttered. "I'm just kind of mind blown that we came so far only to get...THAT. How much better could a Star League era automat be than what we have right now? Who's going to want to pay mercenary fees for that when half a dozen similar units already exist at regular prices?" "All valid, I guess," Albrecht said. "But I guess Hastings has a buyer for it." "Or he had no idea what was in it," I added. "Also possible." The Lyran admitted. "Not our business to know, though. Not in the contract. We're not even officially here, anyway. We're just observers of Jackson's contract." "We're not gonna data-mine it to see what else it might be hiding?" I asked. "I dunno...that seems like it could be risky,..with very limited returns. Jackson - what say you?"
  13. DropShip Half Moon Planetary Orbit Gan Singh IV - November 11, 3028 ______________________________________ No sooner had the feet of our Centurion hit the ferrosteel deck of the Half Moon's hold, with the Crayven Corporation drone close behind, than the bay door was drawn closed and I felt the ship give a mighty heave that indicated we were rising into the sky again. I didn't know what had become of the sorry bastard in the Thunderbolt, but one guy in an already shot-up Mech against a pristine, corporate Union was NOT good odds. Jackson finished backing the BattleMech into its repair alcove and shut down its reactor. I unclicked my seatbelt and stepped forward to the pilot's area. "Nice job back there," I said, clapping Jackson on the shoulder. "You got us out of there alive. That's something." "Thanks." Jackson responded, taking off his helmet and eyeglasses and running his hands through his hair. "I'm totally sacked." "I just bet you are." I nodded grimly. "It's been a hell of a day. As soon as we make orbit, we should take that core up to the bridge and show it to the brass. Then, after that, I'm gonna grab a shower and a hot meal. You ought to take the rest of the day off, too." Jackson nodded, leaning his head back against the head rest of the pilot's chair and closing his eyes, a look of tension slowly eroding away from his face. I got the sense he needed to decompress, so I grabbed my gear bag and climbed out onto the repair gantry, taking the lift down to the main deck of the bay. I nodded to several mech technicians as I made my way to the elevators that would take me up to the command deck. As I did so, my comm unit chirped quietly. "Schmidt. Go." "Agent Schmidt, ich hoffe, Sie sind nach dem Kampf dort in einem Stück," the voice of Hauptmann Albrecht greeted me. "Ja, ich bin bei guter Gesundheit. Wie ist der Status des Raumschiffs?" I replied. "Wir wurden von Jack Whitleys Söldnerkompanie abgefangen, denselben Leuten, die uns zuvor gefolgt waren. Sie ließen den BattleMech auf den Planeten fallen, gegen den man kämpfen musste. Ich nehme an, sie wollten die alte Technologie. Hast Du es?" Albrecht asked. Stepping into the lift, I pushed the button for the command deck. "Jackson hat es. Ich sagte ihm, er solle es zur Brücke bringen. Ich weiß nicht, was drin ist. Ich hatte vor, es herunterzuladen, als ich einen ruhigen Moment allein mit dem Gerät hatte," I said. The lift dinged and began to rise. "Nein, tu das nicht. Ich weiß, dass dies eine ungewöhnliche Anfrage ist, aber ich möchte sie auf dem Niveau von Kauffman spielen. Ich bin der Meinung, dass sein Vertrauen für zukünftige Gewinne wertvoller ist als kurzfristige Gewinne." I raised an incredulous eyebrow at Albrecht's unusual request, although of course he couldn't see it. "Du bist der Anführer," I finally said. "Ja. Wir werden ihn stattdessen nach den Daten fragen und sehen, wie er reagiert. Verstanden?" "Ja," I replied, as the lift's doors whisked open and I strode onto the bridge...
  14. OOC: @Jackson McKenna, Imma let you take point on the next combat post. I sent you a PM. There's a lot to unpack from that MegaMek log. Wanna make sure it gets done justice.
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