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  1. “Bishop!" I blurted out. "What happened?" Nathan stood staring at Bishop with a look of shock on his face. “I allowed her to live.... she was threat to the mission and pack” Bishop said in a deadpan voice. Bishop turreted he’s mass body to show Nathan the scorch marks on his armor caused by the medic’s laser rifle. “Ok...ok she’s alive then, good. Look the Major and Maxwell should be getting some Intel from prisoner, we’re going to moving out soon. This ship is full of non-combats and ships crew. They scared Bishop, and scared people do crazy and unpredictable things. Just please remember that, if we have a chance to get de escalate things we need to try”. The Skinwalker’s anger began to raise, the beast inside of him was becoming impatient. “Boarding actions are won by speed, surprise and violence of action...we are loosing the surprise element and slowing down. Those that will resist us will now have time to plan a counter assault, try negotiating with that Nathan...The General’s life is at stake..we need to move”. “Just a little longer Bishop... that’s all they need” Nathan said with concern.
  2. He had been standing in the shadows for several minutes as the Captain and major started interrogating soldier some where in the cargo hold. The Skinwalker stood just at the edge of the darkness at the mouth of the breached cargo bay doors like statue of stone. The amber red emergency lighting from the corridor softly bleed into the cargo hold as if timid to further in the darkness.... as if it knew the creature that lay and wait. Then came the sent....soft, clean and slightly floral. Almost amazon like.... “Prey.... inbound....by its self...moving to neutralize” Bishop whispered. “ Lieutenant Wai...!!” The the Captains voice drifted away from Bishop’s mind. Then it happened.. Bishop saw him self standing next to the beast. Like before... his subconscious human mind was now watching his real form in third person.... but his real form wasn’t real at all. It was the sum of all man’s fears... beast and human combined. Wolf and man united as one. Bishop watched as the Leviathan sizes Werewolf snarled its upper lip and taste the air moving in the corridor. Then the beast growled as if it was hungry... for slaughter. The prey was coming closer, yet silently, it must have been floating in the now zero gee environment. Shyly the monster skulked out into the corridor, pausing to look both directions before fully exposing itself to the danger area. After a few seconds of surveying the soon to be kill zone it found its ambush location. Bishop’s mind watched in both horror and interest as the creature slowly reached up and lifted its massive frame up in to the maze like ceiling. It had chosen to wedge its frame between the air ducting and various pipes that ran along the corridor ceiling. It was there in the shadows of the pipes the beast waited. The wait wasn’t long... as Bishop turned she was there. Like a silent ghost drifting down the corridor. Laser Rifle held high and tight in her shoulder. She moved forward toward the breached door. The athletically built woman was trained, but this wasn’t her specialty, she showed determination on her face. As she floated closer to Bishop he could see she was nervous, sweating and a slight trimmer vibrated in her hands but her eyes remained clear and focused on the door. The woman wore a dark colored jumpsuit and a small backpack which Bishop thought was strange... as a matter of fact it didn’t make since to him at the moment. She also wore a tactical belt that had extra magazines and small handheld devices. With out warning she stop in mid flight, hold just outside the cargo bay door. Cocking her head to one side she froze in mid air. The red light light made her bright colored spiked hair look ominous. Someone was talking to her... a faint noise leaked out from an ear bud.... That’s when the beast made its move, during her distraction. The predator silently uncoiled itself from its hiding place. Like a horror movie the creature drifted down behind the its new prey... slowly it stood to its full height, towering over the woman. In one clawed hand it started to move it combat knife towards the woman neck. That’s when Bishop saw it... the large white cross on her backpack... she was a doctor or medic, not a real combatant. Without thought he said it... “No! She’s a healer!” The werewolf stopped... panning it’s massive skull to Bishop. It barred it’s large fangs... daring Bishop to stop it. Then the scream and bright flash filled Bishops eyes. Pain exploded in the Skinwalker’s chest making step back. The woman was now frantically flailing about in the zero gee. She was panicking wildly, she sprayed laser fire all over the corridor. With tremendous effort Bishop fought the urge to kill the woman and stop the madness. Launching himself forward the hulking mercenary grabbed the Healer’s backpack flung her like a bag of trash into the bulkhead... then it was over. “This is Alpha 3.... corridor secure... pre... threat has been subdued” The Skinwalker disappeared back into the calling darkness of the cargo bay. Dragging the now unconscious and floating Healer with him.
  3. Bishop had taken off his helmet after the Majors spoke, it dulled his sense. The sounds and smell of fear, blood and caged animals smashed into his hyper sensitive senses. At first his mind couldn’t deal with the sensory overload, he almost froze in place. But after a few seconds he adjust and found what information he needed. The sent of pack was faint, but distinct, each member had their own unique sent and sound when moving. After a few moments The Skinwalker had their relative location and what they were doing from the micro sounds they made. The Capellan’s also had unique sent, his mind registered the sent as sweet yet pungent. Their sound was light and quick, like a flap of a bird’s wing in the air. Based on their actions and how they moved Bishop had marked them as veterans... soldiers who had seen combat and survived... they where confident and deadly. They were the prefect prey, for the perfect predator. The soldier he had been hunting was quick and silent. Only the faint sound of the occasional scuff of his boots on the cargo bay floor gave him away. It was a sound that the normal person could detect... but the Elder Skinwalker wasn’t normal, any more. After a few moments of listening and smelling, Bishop had a good idea of where his prey was going. The mercenary had to stop him, the pack was endanger. Time and reality slowed in his mind. Truth be told, he had little conscious control over his actions and thoughts. It was as if a supernatural force was driving his body and mind for the hunt. Before he knew it he was perched on top of stack of crates containing livestock. The animals inside went dead silent sensing the Predator close by. Like a Stone gargoyle from times long ago he sat on his haunches weapon slung waiting in silents. As predicted the prey came, using the shadows and environmental noise to cover his movement. He dashed this way and that way in the shadows, with the occasional freezing in place waiting for the oppertune moment for his next move. He was good and well trained. But that wouldn’t save him from the predator. Like a cat watching a mouse move through a house at night Bishop observed the soldier. Quietly admiring the man’s ability and dedication to his duty. Then the moment came... the soldier stop just below the waiting predator. Holding his SMG at the ready the man took a knee... surveying the smoke filled labyrinth for is enemy. Bishop struck like a venomous pit viper, with violence and precision he went into action. Using his powerful frame, reached down and grabbed the soldier by his combat harness and hoisted him to face level. For a fraction of a second Bishop held the man’s gaze with his horrifically scarred face and silver reflecting eyes Bishop stares into the man’s horrified gave. The man died a quick and silent death. The large combat knife Bishop was holding had pierced the man’s jugular notch... the place where both collar bones connect at the base of the throat. “This is Alpha three.... prey has been neutralized.... request permission to move to the breached cargo bay door and secure?.... over.” Whispered Bishop... now covered in the preys arterial blood spray.
  4. “Maxwell to Alpha team - these guys are Capellan Confederation Armed Forces! I count five of them, and somehow, I don't think 'nonlethal' is in their vocabulary!" “Well it’s not mine as well” whispered Bishop. When the cargo bay door was breached and the flash bangs rolled in Bishop instinctively shuffled to the right side of the cargo hold. He wanted to stop any of the Caps from trying to flank them. Bishop was taking cover behind a stack of cages holding male hogs. The hogs instantly went wild at is presence. The creatures sensed the large predator in him. Then it happened, the sound of gun fire and an explosion from a fragmentation grenade triggered the beast. Rage and the need to kill flooded onto his mind like a river. His body and mind snapped into auto pilot. With an inhuman growl Bishop began skulking forward through the haze caused from the smoke grenade. His weapon moved left then right in a constant search pattern looking for his prey. After several meters movement caught his predator eye. The flash green was all that he needed. The light machine gun snapped up onto his shoulder followed by the immediate jerk of its trigger. The weapon bucked and pounded the mercenary’s shoulder as he tracked his prey. The sound of a buzz saw ripped into the air as the belt field weapon through heavy caliber projectiles at the soldiers. At first the Capellan mistakenly thought that the cargo crate would be a safe place to take cover. He would be dead wrong. Like a dreadnaught of death bishop stomped forward while ripping burst after burst or rounds in the soldiers hiding place. Panicking under the constant storm or venomous firepower the Capellan tried to jump up and move from his cover. Bishop cut him with a savage burst of fire from the MG42B. Within 8 seconds over a 100 brass shell casings littered the floor. Without hesitation the hulking monster stepped over the man lifeless body.... the monster silently disappeared into the smoke seeking another prey to butcher. The only remnants left where his bloody boot prints.
  5. The door opened with a puff of air, on instinct Bishop shifted the mass MG42B into the ready position. With his new animal like eyes he peered into the blood red air lock. Most soldiers would have activated a weapon light or helmet light... but he could see into the dark. With a short step he glided past his pack mates keeping his weapon at the ready. Like the angel of death he silently drifted into the old room. The dark room was industrial in nature, cold and sterile. To his left where spar EVA suits hanging on the wall. “Room clear....pressure door on the other side... I suggest we breach and clear” Bishop growled. Bishop’s helmet mic clicked..”negative Bishop... if we breach that door we will decompress the this deck... me might kill civilians” said the Major. The beast growled inside Bishop’s mind. “We will loose the element of surprise and the assault momentum... they be staging in the corridor” bishop argued. “Bishop... your vitals are unhealthy... just relax a little..remember, we are just retrieving the General” Captain Donovan’s responded over the command channel. His tone was one of concern. With a soft click, Bishops mag boots anchored him to the deck. Snapping his weapon the hulking mercenary stepped of to his right, he didn’t bother to hide his annoyed demeanor. He never let his eye off the pressure door. As his team members filled in the brooding Skinwalker felt a heavy gloves hand touch his shoulder. Then com channel clicked twice, suit to suit com channel. With eyes still on the door... “Easy partner... we’ll get the General. You got to do this smooth and bay the number.” Nathan said with a slow voice.”
  6. Meanwhile.... As for you, Lieutenant Weyland...how are you doing? You sure you're feeling up to this?" Asked Major Hayes. Bishop looked up at the Major, “I’ll be fine sir, thank you for allowing me to come out” The massive Skinwalker struggled some putting on his gear which made him more pissed then usual. Since waking up he found in mood to more darker and full of anger then ever before. The thought of combat fueled him to move passed the pain and sharpen his thoughts. Bishop watched Nathan try and fix the Captains radio.... he did but inadvertently cut himself by doing so. Just then Bishop scenes opened like flood gates. He could smell Nathan’s blood, the reaction struck him like a thunderbolt. He had to suppress this new instinct.... the battle rage. After snapping his helmet into place, mercenary quickly turned his mind to the final gear inspection. Bishop adjust the 100lbs ammo box on his back and snapped in the ammo feeding belt into the massive MG-42 light machine gun. With a well rehearsed movement Bishop slapped the charging handle filling the room with a thunderous CRACK! Suddenly Bishop became aware that all eyes where on him. “Hey buddy, you know this is a close quarters combat type of mission right?” Jenkins asked. “Yeah.... just a little more insurance.... there are only four of us” Bishop said deadpanned. The weight of the weapon calmed the feeling of claustrophobia that was rattling his nerves. Over the past few weeks Bishop was silently suffering from Mother’s curse..... all of his senses had been heightened beyond what a human should have. He craved to be back in the suit.
  7. Seven days later... C.S.V. Mendacius System jump point Epsilon Eridani IV March 3, 3029 ___________________________ Maxwell, Schmidt, Jenkins, and Weyland - suit up. You may be on deck shortly." Bishop had been all but oblivious to what was going on. The secret pain he was feeling was affecting his mental clarity. The truth of the matter war he had burns over 70% of his body and many still healing broken and fractured bones. The Major, Nathan and Captain Donovan had reservations about allowing him to be apart of the mission. The Skinwalker had to lie and take secret doses of pain narcotics and small amounts of combat stimulates just to move and think straight. Sleep was also a distant memory for the Mercenary. The dreams horrified him, the suit called to him. He found him self alone most of time not wanting companionship. Major Hayes and Captain Donovan wanted an in-depth debrief on what exactly happened to him on when he went missing. Bishop had to lie and say he didn’t remember. The fact of the matter was.... he knew it all. One night Nathan found bishop silently sitting in front of his suit starring at it. Nathan tried to open a conversation but the brooding mercenary just gave one answer responses. After the incident Majors Hayes ordered the suit to be locked in the armory... only he had the passcode and denied Bishop’s request to perform maintenance on it. The only thing keeping his mind from detonating was this mission. In it, he found a lust for battle and death. It drove him to train harder everyday to point he was exhausted even vomiting on the bad days. His one driving thought was to make it back into suit... and battle. He was ready.. driven by pain and fueled by rage.
  8. C.S.V. Mendacius System jump point Nirasaki system February 24, 3029 Like a guardian angel or compassionate tormentor she was at his bedside, always there, always whispering and watching. She told him stories from times of old, stories about her people and stories about things that would drive a man made. Mother would never leave him. Their spirts were connected. Bishop listen, but not with his ears... it was with his spirt. Though his body was in a chemical induced comma, his mind was awake. He saw the doctor, nurses and visitors come and go everyday. They were all oblivious to the creatures in the room. In the darkest corner of the room the Beast watched and waited too. The werewolf never moved or made a sound...just waited to be released for the killing. Without warning the time came.... “It’s time to wake my pup....there is much work to still do. It’s time to remember who you ow are”. Mother whispered. Bishop went to speak but was stopped by the sudden movement by the Beast. The massive killing machine skulked from the shadows to stand at the Mercenary’s bedside. The Skinwalker watched inquisitively as the Beast places a clawed hand on the man comatose body.... then melted into it....like a glass of water being poured into a lake. The rage induced pain struck Bishop’s body like a PPC shot..... The Skinwalker eyes shot open, monitors buzzed and blared.
  9. Meanwhile... D.C.S. Takashima Great Banded Desert, Nirasaki February 7, 3029 ___________________________ “Nice work, everyone. Let's go home." Bishop’s body shook with pain and exhaustion. In a narcotic trans like state the massive Skinwalker slowly bent down to take a knee, using the wall to steady himself. He’s newly enhanced hearing picked up the Captains conversation, but a hint of confusion splashed through is mind. The Skinwalker was sure if had automatically tapped into the command channel or if he was actually hear the his words. He rocked softly as his pack mate Sergeant Miles moved round him, like an ant climbing a rock, checking various systems and servo motors on cursed suit. Sensing new movement from his left Bishop turreted his head slowly to see the Captain move to his side. Before he could speak, Miles showed the Captain a hand written note. The beast inside the massive Skinwalker recognized the sag in the Captain’s face and sorrow flash though his eyes. Captain Maxwell silent nodded then took a knee next to Bishop. “How are you doing friend?” Whispered Maxwell. After a long moment Bishop found the words deep in his mind. Slowly he spoke, like a child learning to speak. “Pain.... I feel lots of pain.” Nodding his head Captain Maxwell thought for a moment. “We are ready for extraction, think you can make it big guy?” “My mission...it is not complete... must secure the package... safely get back to the DropShip” the words moved out of Bishop slowly as he started to remember who he was now. Maxwell smiled, he saw a flash of Bishop returning. “We will my friend, we’ll get you out of the suit and into medical too” A strange feeling resonated in Skinwalker’s body..... fear....the fear an addict loosing there fix. Pushing the feelings down Bishop spoke. “The General.... he’s in trouble” “We not sure, but we need to find out” said Maxwell in a tired tone. Bishop felt the animal rage building. With great effort he stood, servo motor whined in protest. Bringing up his arm, Bishop pulled a thin wire from his right wrist. Before Captain Maxwell could react, Bishop plugged the wire into the mercenary’s datapad and started typing on the suit key pad built into forearm. After a few seconds the Skinwalker pulled the wire out and secured back into his wrist. He then picked up his helmet and snapped into place. His world now turning into thermal imaging. Slowly, half machine and half man moved close to Nathan who had just finished packing his gear. The man stopped, watching the Skinwalker, for a moment they both just stared at each other. Nathan’s face showed surprise when massive avatar produced a small, metal like disk from his clawed had. Reluctantly the double agent took the device and but it in pouch on his tactical vest. Then he was gone, Bishop dispersed into the void black shadows of the corridor. “Sergeant....?” Maxwell asked, obviously shocked. “Check your system sir.... it’s a gift” Miles chuckled. Seconds later.... “Blake....I’m tracking his movement....I.....can see what he sees. He’s, dropping markers?” Maxwell said confused. “Yes sir, he showing you the way out... and he’s clearing it.... he’s hunting” Miles whispered “So what did I get?” Asked Nathan. “You my friend, got a transponder.... so he knows where you are all the time.... welcome to his pack” quipped the Scout. “Yeah....I feel totally safe around him” the Agent said sarcastically “Eden this is Control..... we are seeing the same thing you are... he’s linked into use and the Republic. Donovan voice excitedly boomed over the tactical channel. “Damn.... look at him move” came Alyssa voice on the net. “Eden be advised... we see his vital signs. Medical team we’ll be on standby” Said Donovan with a hint of concern on his voice. After a few moments the assault team packed up and began moving out of the ship. As the team left the room a small note fell on the ground. On it read HE NEEDS TO GET MEDICAL... IT’S SLOWLY KILLING HIM. TIME IS SHORT.
  10. Black Eclipse Discovery Site Great Banded Desert, Nirasaki February 7, 3029 ___________________________ “Before the captain could answer, Bishop's head snapped toward me.” The boarder line lethal injection of combat stimulates smashed into the hulking Skinwalker’s central nervous system. On pure sheer will Bishop massive arms snapped out and grabbed ahold of the wall he was standing close to. Flexing is armored gauntlets the mercenary drove his claws into the a metal ledge. The sound of servo motors under strain echoed in the small room. A wave of rage and lust for slaughter washed over his mind and soul like an unstoppable tsunami washing over a city. It was everything he could do to control his hunger for blood shed. Like a caged and wounded animal, Bishop bared his teeth and growled an inhuman sound. The Skinwalker’s massive frame flexed and strained at the onslaught of the combat stimulate. Simultaneously the small group of men stepped back from the Lieutenant. Bishop’s mind drifted out of his body in a narcotic haze. He could see the Captain, Nathan and the Mech Warrior Steve Samsung next to him. He also saw his spirt looming over them, a thousand pound mass of rage, fury and hunger.... he saw Mother gift.... the curse of a demonic Werewolf standing amongst them. At of the corner of silver reflective eye he movement.... his pack mate and true blood warrior.... Sergeant Miles with is snarling mask. The warrior scout pushed passed the small group and stood next to Bishop. Bishop stood still, unable to move or speak... His mind shifted to his the unseen beast looming over them. The beast reared back and gave a long and booming howl, that only the Skinwalkers could feel in their soul. Smokey shadows appeared all around in Bishop’s mind. They were a mix of human and beast, changing and shifting like wet water colors on a canvas. Without warning the began its slaughter of the new enemy. Bishop felt it’s power and lust for blood. “Shit..... hold this” Bishop heard... it was the distinctive voice and sent of his brother Skinwalker. “Talk fast Sergeant” Came the distant voice of Captain Maxwell. “The suit’s AI is under attack from the ships AI... I think. It’s responding as if it was a under attack from a physical enemy.... Deathwalker....I mean Bishops minds and body are caught in the middle” Miles words were distant in Bishop’s raging mind. Bishops ears picked up the sound of rapid shuffling behind him. “What does that mean Sergeant” Nathan asked. “If don’t we do anything you’re about to have a thousand pound killing machine rip us apart and rip this ship to scraps....then he will die. The suit and Bishop are linked as one.... like two sprits....it’s a gift created by our Mother.... I can’t explain it right now” whispered Miles. “What do we need to do?” Bishop heard Maxwell’s voice. “What you are holding Captain, is a med kit, open it and get me the syringe with the blue liquid in... Nathen... keep doing you hack... don’t let the ship, or whatever it is win” Even with his eye closed Bishop watched as the savage beast moved with blinding speed... it slashed, bite and ripped apart ghost like constructs in the fog. He could feel blood rain down over his skin. Each time the beast was wounded Bishop felt on his own skin. Stabbing searing pain shot into his body with unseen weapons and assailants. Just then Skinwalker felt the Sergeant plunge the needle into his neck. Bishop snapped his head around baring his teeth. Fight the urge to rip open his brother. Seconds later, he felt an ocean of calm wash over him, still he wasted in is mind as the beast battles on. Slowly he gained some control over his rage. Nathan just a few feet away danced his fingers over the datapad.
  11. Black Eclipse Discovery Site Great Banded Desert, Nirasaki February 7, 3029 ___________________________ Nathan’s words were like a distant echo in the Skinwalker’s wandering mind. He had to force himself to concentrate on the man’s words and under stand what he was saying. Slowly he turreted his mass head left and right taking in the sights, sounds and smells. All of which was now assaulting his hyper senses. The suits helmet had protected, controlled, organized and analyzed the influx of information coming into him... now it was is human... ish... sense had been forced to deal with the environment.... it was almost to much. He wanted to lash out.... but stopped. Snapping his helmet back on Bishop felt a comforting almost calming energy flow through is mind. “Do you have a datapad?” Bishop asked. “Yes.... yes I do” Schmidt responded. “There is a port at the back of my helmet.... plug it in” the Skinwalker ordered. After a few moments Bishop’s HUD flashed... WARNING....EXTERNAL DEVICE CONNECTED. ALLOW ACCESS? PASSWORD REQUIRED... In a wiper, Bishop spoke an ancient dialect, the words were of a Native American tong. His HUD flashed again... ACCESS GRANTED.... The Skinwalker spoke to his suit...”Run Infiltration diagnostics... strike package Alpha”. RUNNING DIAGNOSTICS.... STANDBY. The screen flashed. Bishop turned his snarling wolf helmet toward the spy “You now can control all my systems. You have full access....I have full override control....if warranted..... any attack on the suit is an attack on me.... your termination will be swift and violent” warned Bishop. Bishop watched as Nathan’s thermal image increased in heat, his blood pressure spiked. “Bishop.... we are in this together... just you and me.... just trust me” whispered Nathan.
  12. Black Eclipse Discovery Site Great Banded Desert, Nirasaki February 7, 3029 ___________________________ The massive Skinwalkers silent watched and listen to the Captain and Nathan’s exchange of words. In the deep recesses of his mind memories stirred and moved like silent ghost. Just snap shots of events and places rolled through mind. Bishop’s mind and soul were in open war with each other. Each struggling for dominance for his body. One, wanted him to remember his humanity.... the other want to weaponizing him for death and destruction. “Captain.... that man is responsible for the innocent deaths of two crew members aboard the Half Moon”....the words falling out of Bishops mouth in a growl. The Skinwalker had no control over what he said or why he said it. The Beast inside of him was loosing its control over his mind. Silently it raged for having its claws slip. The suit adjusted by injecting a small amount of combat stimulates into his body. By sure force of will Bishop fought the urge to visit death upon the man stand next to him. Before the shocked Captain could respond Bishop slowly reached up and hoisted his nearly thousand pound body up on to the support frames he had ran on. Like is a aerial predator he squatted on the frame, perfectly balanced and unmoving. The only sound made in the room was the slow scraping of metal.... his claws flex and together.... something he had no metal control over. There he sat, observing his pack members below him, watching over them like a angle of death....waiting for threats.... while the his internal war still raged.
  13. Black Eclipse Discovery Site Great Banded Desert, Nirasaki February 7, 3029 ___________________________ In a millisecond machine and human mind reacted without thought or hesitation. A massive injection of combat stimulates smashed into Bishop’s bloodstream giving his already highly trained body an incredible boost of speed and strength, pushing it beyond all natural limits. The suit’s combat computer and already calculated his trajectory and speed before he had jumped. While in flight Bishop had already knew where and with how much force he would land with. All his primitive mind cared about was the kill and the rending of flesh. The nearly thousand pounds of man and machine landed on the server rack with the agility and softness of a bird. As the monster landed, the suit responded immediately by activating the Active Camouflage cause him to appear as a distortion in the dark air. The HUD sent tactical information scrolling past Bishop’s predatory silver eyes. Size, weight, vital signs, weapon’s and equipment. The Skinwalker’s mouth watered....easy kill a machine like voice whispered in the darkness of his mind....protect the pack came another whisper. Within seconds the Skinwalker had ran with acrobatic precision down the server rack towards his new prey. Through thermal imaging the large predator vector in on the prey standing in the room. In a surprising turn, something in the prey, training, experience maybe a sixth sense warned the prey of its impending doom...it reacted to the looming monsters approach. Now, just mere yards away from the beast, with a swift and well rehearsed reaction the prey unholstered a laser pistol and began firing in the direction of Skinwalker. Most of the shots went wide, two hit the Bishop in the chest by chance. The machines armor protected it’s wearer by absorbing the hits and dissipating the energy. With a blood freezing howl, the Skinwalker jumped again, this time like a massive gorilla , it grabbed the onto the server rack with one clawed hand and swung down on top of it prey. With it free clawed hand it snatched the prey up the by it tactical vest and shook it violently in mid air causing it to drop the pistol. The beast then brought it up to the it’s wolf like head that was now showing with his active camouflage disabled. He wanted to see the terror in the man’s eyes before he butchered him. “Stop!!!” Yelled a commanding voice. On pure instinct the Skinwalkers froze, hold it’s struggling, and terrified kill in mid air. In the deep recesses of Bishop’s mind he recognized the sound of the pack leader.... Captain Maxwell.
  14. Meanwhile... D.C.S. Takashima Great Banded Desert, Nirasaki February 7, 3029 ___________________________ The half man half machine squatted down on its hunches in the darkness. Like a stone statue stayed motionless in time. While he sat, watched and listen, the machine feed him information on the internal HUD of the helmet. Number of human, vital signs, weapon load outs, gear and equipment all scrolled across his hollow eyes. He had marked each member of his back, recorded vital signs, identifying personal markings and voice recognition. The two other members where listed as possible prey for a future hunt. One of the prey in particular had a device rapped around his neck. The battle suit identified it as threat, due to explosion, damage or death was eminent. The machine spirt urged the man to slaughter everyone and move away from the threat. It even coaxed the man by injecting a small amount of combat stimulate into his bloodstream, promising more if needed. Battling the blood thirsty rage building in him Bishop analyzed the tactical data. There... it was... the second prey had the ability to disarm the device.... he was lying about it... his vital signs told the truth about his secret. Bishops mouth begin to salivate, he could smell fresh blood and the machine wanted death. Without thought, the monstrous man stood and walked towards the injured prey and his fellow pack members. His pack alpha was questioning the prey subject about the device. As Bishop pushed passed member of his pack he reached out and placed a clawed hand on the injured prey’s shoulder. Slowly sinking the suits powered claws into the man shoulder. With is body shuttering with excitement, the creature grinned. Bishop’s human mind raged back... forcing the savage instinct at bay. It wanted him to rip out the prey’s spine. The prey screamed in pain.... Bishop had to bite his lip to force the urges that were like a wave of water running over him to stop. Bishop watched in thermal imaging as his brother Skinwalker lean in close to the man in pain.... Sergeant Miles whispered softly.... “He’s hungry....and likes to play with his food... you might want to remember how to disarm the bomb now... it might save your life”
  15. Meanwhile... D.C.S. Takashima Black Eclipse discovery site Great Banded Desert, Nirasaki February 7, 3029 ___________________________ The Beast awoke from its short rest, sleep was something of an enigma it. In reality it never slept, it couldn’t sleep. While not hunting it would crawl into a deep dark place and hibernate for a few short hours. While one half of its brain rested the half remained on alert, tracking sounds and movements within the steel jungle. Deep within its mind the monster struggled with who or what it was. These constant questions continually driving it towards the abyss of madness. The need to hunt and kill was the single driving force that propelled it forward. The creature had been reborn a new, now its massive frame was protected by an now ancient chitin powered armor, an armor that contained and old demonic spirt that hungered for blood and death. With the beast’s mind weakened by pain and injury the machine spirt seeped into it mind. Urging it to hunt and kill, whispering promises of glorious kills and excitement. The monster did know were it’s mind and body began or the its new avatar body ended. They had symbiotic relationship that built upon the hunt and kill of its prey. The machine kept the monster alive, it provided the beast sustenance and nutrients, combat stimulates, weapon’s and protection. The beast provided the spirt a soul and vessel of death. The beast’s argument hearing picked up sounds of prey moving near by, sonar like sensors began tracking the prey’s movement. Like a bat tracking an insect the monster began moving towards its prey. Like a ghost moving in the darkness the monster began skulking through an air shaft towards it prey. Just out the air shaft the creature leaned it machine like head out to observe. Several yards down the elevator shaft the creatures saw it prey, in a beautiful collage of colors, blues, oranges reds and yellows. Even in complete darkness the creature could see perfectly in its thermal eye sight. With a flick of its eyes the monster zoomed in on two human standing on the dark... the heat from their weapon mounted light illuminated the area and all around them. One the prey, was squatting down peering in the direction of the Beast. The creature watched motionless, with it active camouflage operating the beast knew the prey couldn’t see him. He would appear as a shadow or a distortion... like a heat waves coming off a metal surface. Something about the prey pulled at the dark recesses of the creatures mind.... a memory.... it knew the prey but couldn’t remember why. Clicking its metal claws lightly together the beast silently observed. The machine like suit urging it to slaughter the prey...but the memory.... and a long ago forgotten feeling kept the creature at bay. The feeling of.... friendship... yes... that’s what the Creature remember it was kept the prey alive... for now.
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