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  1. MEANWHILE...... I wiped a bunch of blood and guts off of my body from where they had all blew back at me when I did the Finishing move on the Capellan soldier. His dead body floated around in the zero grav bouncing off the walls slowly and making all kinds of messes on account of the gigantic hole that was now in him that stopped his life from going on. While Major Hayes took care of William I started looking around at the old and wrecked up inside of the freighter. It made me think of the days back on Kuuzu, back before Archimedes when I was in high school and running with a different crowd... *FLASHBACK* I am 16 years old and it is the middle of the high school year, two Years before I divorced my parents. I'm hanging out with my friends Jimmy Eaton, Chang Dung, and Axl Kevinfraud. During our lunch break we liked to go out back by the dumpsters and watch the skateboarders do a bunch of stunts in the parking lot, sometimes when the lunch ladies would park back there, the boarders would up the Risk and use the lunch ladies windshields as ramps, the trunks and bumpers as skate rails. That was when they would sometimes do the most awesome stunts, like a triple half pipe with an Ollie and a backflip, or a switch trick and a kick flip on one hand while shredding a Figure 8. Today there were like seven skateboarders outside doing all kinds of stunts, it was a good show. "Hey Jimmy, you think I could ever be a pro border like that?" "Not a chance Steve" he said "You have three left feet and no right ones." "Hey you take that back!!" I said "Or you'll end up getting racked in the nads like that guy who just fell over and now he's bleeding out of his shorts!!" "Okay, okay" Said Axel "You don't have to fight with each other. Anyway, you have a after school job it's pretty awesome, you get to be the pool attendant down at the Sake Baths." "No." I said. "Unfortunately I had an accident." "What did you do?" Asked Jimmy with surprise, I guess he was surprised because I was normally a successful Businessman even at my age. "Well....." I said. "I was serving Flaming Mojitos at the Sake Bath and I slipped on a wet towel that some numbnuts had left on the floor and I fell into the Sake Bath with the Mojitos. The next thing I knew the water had lit on fire on account of the Flaming Mojitos falling into the alcohol that people were swimming in and there was a stampede of Screams and yells because a bunch of naked people were running like crazy to get out of the fire." In the background I heard an air ambulance siren, it was pretty ironic. "Oh man." Said Axel. "Did anybody get hurt?" "Only me." I said. "And that wasn't until the next day when I got demoted from the Sake Baths and now I have to work in the Snake Bath." "Remind me never to come over and visit you at work now." Said Jimmy. "I don't want to end up with a snake hanging off my junk." The next thing I knew we heard a bunch of electronic techno smash music and a group of scene kids were showing up on their hoverboards. They looked so awesome. They were wearing glow jackets and VR sunglasses and had those glow tubes you can buy wrapped all over their heads. One of them had a mohawk with a little TV plugged right into the side of his skull with some cables, it had a video of a Hampster running in a wheel on loop. One of them had a actual ancient "boom box" with a tape inside it and headphones on his head with a cord that was like 50 feet long wrapped all over his legs and arms, he also had a hologram guitar and was shredding on it, and the other scene kid was smoking 7 cigarettes all at the same time and they were letting out smoke that was all different colors. All of them were riding in on EXECUTOR brand hover boards which you could hear rumble and fire came out of the back of. "Dude, those guys look like they wrote the book about cool." Said Axl. "Oh man I want to run with the scene kids" Said Jimmy. Dung didn't say anything, he just stared and chewed his Nicorrette gum. He was trying to quit smoking, I was proud of him. "WELL," I Said. "I'm gonna go tell them to let us join the Scene." "Are you crazy Steve? People can't join the Scene just cuz they want to!! You have to be one of the cool kids!" Said Axl. "What are you saying, that you think I'm not cool??" I said. "You're really cool Steve, but you aren't in the Scene." Said Jimmy. "Well hold onto your Underwear cause that's about to change." I Said. Then I Walked over to the Scene kids and said "Hi, I'm Steve Jenkins, you've probably heard of me." "Who?" Said the mohawk kid with the TV set. "I'm Steve Jenkins, I go to school here and I run a Business with Sake Baths." I said, I hoped my uncle wouldn't find out I lied about owning his business. "I want to be join the Scene." The scene kids looked at each other for a minute. "OK, but only if you can get us free Sake, also there's an admission test." "Piece of cake" I said Sternly "I am ready for my test." "OK, you have to do a triple Ollie with a Caballerial and a McTwist, end it with a railslide and you gotta ride crooked grind and end with a fakie." Said mohawk dude. "That's easy!!" I yelled. "You have to do it on my EXECUTOR." He finished. I swallowed hard and felt like I was gonna barf. I had never did a hover board stunt. But I had to be Brave. "No problem!!" I yelled and then I grabbed the Board. I jumped on it and ramped its motor up real high to make it seem more Dangerous. Flames came out of the back of its Tailpipe for like 10 feet and then I let off the brakes, "Haha see you in a minute suckers!!" I Yelled, then the board took off like a bat out of hell and I was out of control!! "AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" I Screamed,, "GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!" I was going straight at the kids on the skateboards, they jumped out of the way at the last second, but then I saw the most horrible thing, I was flaming straight at the trunk of one of the lunch ladies cars!! "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" I Screamed, I didn't know how to steer and all I could see was a license plate that said JUICY coming straight at me too fast to get out of the way!! "I'M GONNA DIE!!!" I Yelled and then the EXECUTOR and me crashed into the trunk with a huge explosion! I hit so hard that I flew through the back windshield of the car and slammed into the steering wheel, then the airbag went off and hit me in the butt and blew me over the driver's seat and into the back seat. I barfed with fear and Embarrassment while the car alarm started going off and the trunk of the car lit on fire. Then one of the Scene kids came over. "You are Disqualified from the Scene." He said. "OK." I garbled and then barfed again in the lunch lady's back seat. ***END FLASHBACK*** I looked around and Nate was back from the dead, I couldn't believe it! I ran over and gave him a manly hug, then I said "Hey Nate, how are you doing?"
  2. My mouth fell open and I stared at amazement as William came Flying out of no where yelling with a fury I have never heard before. The Chinese guys did not even have a chance to react as William drew the gun that I had thought he didn't know how to use and aimed it at the Lieutenant and dropped him before twisting around in Mid Air and dropping another Capellan before William crashed into me, pushed me out of the way and handed me the Gun. As he fell on the Ground I whipped the gun around and blew the knife Capellan away. Then I fell down on my knees while a massacre happened behind me. "William? Are you OK? What the heck was that??" "I'm fine." Said William "The bigger problem is how we're going to deal with all those guys still out there. We can't just walk out, right??"
  3. MEANWHILE..... I Crashed into the floor in my space suit that was all diarrhea water and terribleness and Ripped my helmet off to gag into the deck. Then I looked up and William was standing in front of me. "WHY DID WE DO THAT NOW WE'RE GOING TO DIE OF TOILET DROWNING! I DIDN'T COME HERE TO DIE IN A GIANT SPACE TOILET!" I Screamed. I expected that William would have said something back. I couldn't believe it when instead he just Laughed. A successful businessman, he was laughing at a poop joke. "First of all I have never seen someone get blown away by a plumbing explosion and I hope you're OK, also this isn't poop, it's liquid fertilizer, which makes me wonder where the fire Chemicals are going,but we can still use it." He said. "OK how, I still don't know what your first plan was!" "My first plan was to use the fire foam as Cover." Said William "but since we don't have it this will work. We have to get it really thick in here, so we have to use our space suits to breathe. Then when it's just right we go inside the lab and open the cagro door and when the soldiers come in we throw a flash bang, I see you have one " I looked at William and tried to read his Mind." Then what happens?? " " Fertilizer bomb. " Said William. "OK that's awesome." I said. William was a new kind of Sensei, we were going to be Fine. "Let's get going with that."
  4. "Hooo Kay! I'll see what I can DUUUUUUUU!" I screamed, copying one of my favorite yells from an ancient "cartoon" I had found from something called "The Internet" which was a hobby from ancient Earth according to Zoodle. Then, I pulled my arm way back and started amping up my zen level as high as I could get it by doing a deadlier and deadlier scream, when my scream hit so much power that it felt like my throat was bleeding and my lips were on fire I did a power drive forward and smashed the sprinkler with the palm of my hand as hard as I possibly could hit it. Suddenly, time slowed down, as I began to remember the last time I had did this martial arts move..... *FLASHBACK* I am 18 years old again and I am on Archimedes. It is the last day of the SohoJitsu tournament and I am in the final exhibition match against Dojo Snake Condor, which was another martial art place from down the street from Sensei Ronald's Power Fists Dojo. I am here to earn my belt by beating Billaim Jameswater who is a kid 2x my size. He is the 4 time champion of the Belt Match. The last 5 seasons he won 4 of the matches, it probably would have been 5x5,but he had got disqualified last year on account of kicking a kid in the balls during the meditation Phase. So this year, he is back and has burning Vengeance to win his belt again. The referee yells sponsor names into the microphone and I turn around to look at Sense Ronald who is having a smoke. " Do you think I am ready for this one, master Ronald?" I ask as my voice is of worry. "Don't call me that or I'll make you do push ups again. You call me Sensei Ronald. I Work for a living." he says. "I'm sorry Sensei Ronald. I won't Dishonor you again." " I know you won't, cuz I'm the one who's here and master Ronald is back in the hospital with food poisoning again, So you get just me and the audience this time. Me and the entire class anyway." Sensei Ronald points and I see the entire martial arts class from our Dojo watching me. I can't believe it. It's all on me to get out there and do some fighting. Suddenly, I felt like I had to barf and go to the bathroom real bad. "Sensei Ronald, do I have time for a bathroom break?" I asked. "No, you're up Next, ignore it, it's probably just the Horse Testosterone I had you drink before we got here." Sensei Ronald says. "OK" I say back, I tried not to sound too desperate. Then the DJ starts announcing us into the Ring. First he announces me in. "IN THIS CORNER, JUNIOR BLACK BELT CANDIDATE STEVEN TYCHOMIDIOS JENKINS FROM POWER FISTS DOJO!" "THAT'S SENSEI RONALDS POWER FISTS DOJO ASSHOLE!!" I hear Sensei Ronald yell as I walk up to the stage, halfway up I stop to barf in someone's baseball hat that is sitting on a table, as I Walk the rest of the way up I drop the hat and wipe my face up with my Sleeve. I go under the rope and walk into the Ring. "AND IN THIS CORNER THE 4 TIME IN A ROW BELT CHAMPION OF THE INNER SPHERE ON ARCHIMEDES BILLIAM JAMESWATER!!" I look over and Billiam Jameswater is coming into the rink. He is like 6 feet tall and has huge muscles and tattoos really long black hair and a goatee. You would not know he was 14 years old. I start to feel weak and faint. "AND NOW I WILL READ THE RULES" the announcer says. Then he starts saying the rules for the next 5 minutes as I get more and more Fazed out. The next thing I know the bell is ringing and the DJ says "DESTROY EACH OTHER!" The match is on and Billiam is coming at me! "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I Scream and I pull my fist back in a Dragon Punch and Billiam runs right into it as I hit! I see Billiam start to come down at it but then I drive my fist back and then forward so fast that my sleeve rips off! But then I....black....out....can't see where I'm punching * END FLASHBACK * ".......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I Shriek and my fist rams into the Sprinkler Head and busts it into a billion pieces, but before I can do anything there was a big explosion of Brown Water that came blowing out all over the place! I was so surprised that I didn't get out of the way in time and the Brown Water blew all over the inside of my helmet! Which was open! I heard a bunch of Frying out noises and saw electricity go flying past my eyes and I got a bunch of the disgusting water in my mouth! It was Septic fluid!! "AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!" I Screamed with sobs, the water tasted so bad I didn't know what to do, then I saw the most Awful thing, all of the sprinklers were busting off and putting Brown Water everywhere on account of the no gravity!! "WILLIAM WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE OR WE'RE GONNA GET COVERED IN TURD WATER!!!" I yelled as I tried to get away from the Flood.
  5. "WELL....." I Said. Then I picked up the gun from the dead science guy that was floating it all over the place. I loaded it and handed it to William. "Sorry about the blood all over it, the guy who it used to belong to died by exploding all over the place, anyway somebody will probably clean him up. You should put that in your pocket right now in case you need." William nodded sternly, all of a sudden one of the radios in the lab started blaring all kinds of yelling in Chinese. A lady's voice came on and was saying "HELLO?? HELLO?? SCIENCE LAB! THIS IS THE OTHER SCIENTIST! DR. WEN RESPOND!," I should probably answer that. I said. "Wait, that's Crazy, what if they don't believe you?" said William. "They will figure out that you invaded and send troops down here." "There's already a billion troops outside the door! it's better if I Try to than if we ignore them and they come busting in here and kill us!" I Yelled. Then I grabbed the radio and started talking. "This is Dr. Wen!" I Said in Chinese. "What do you want?? I am with the Patient!!" "Dr. Wen! This is the other Scientist! Why do you sound different!!?" the lady shouted "I Accidentally zipped my junk up in my pants on the way back from the Toilet!!" I said. "I did not need to know that Dr Wen." The lady scientist intoned. "Anyway you need to get ready to send the troops to the Hall, a bunch of our Troops aren't answering anymore and look Dead. ' " I already put them in the hall! " I Said. " You better lock the cargo bay so they don't Try to Flee in here if they try to have Cowardice." "Thats a good idea Dr Wen, I will order the Control Center to lock the door, only You will be able to let them retreat, also we have sealed the air Vents so no one can climb in." Said the radio. All of the sudden I thought I was going to barf from fear, that was supposed to be our way out! " OK, I have to go interrogate the Prisoner now, Dr Wen out! " Then I hung up on the other scientist. "That seemed like bad news" said William. "Yeah, we're trapped, the only way out is all the guys at the door, unless you can turn invisible that doesn't seem like its a good idea." William looked like he was thinking about it...
  6. MEANWHILE.... I floated down, down, down, down, I didn't know when I would get there because it was totally Dark, all I could do was wait till I landed. All of a sudden, I felt my back banging up against a bunch of antennas and stuff, I was floating to the wrong place and I was on the roof of the pod! I flapped my arms and kicked my legs to get off the roof, then I felt one of my kicks bang into one of the satellite dishes. It busted off and sprayed sparks everywhere and then floated away. I heard it bang off a wall somewhere, Then I rolled over and pushed myself down onto the floor. I tried to turn my Grav Boots on but they wouldn't turn on! The EMP must have made them die on account of the blast. I grabbed a handle I felt next to the Pod door to keep from floating away. Then I took off my backpack and got out a Glow stick. I cracked it to try to make some light, but I accidentally cracked it too hard and a bunch of glowing stuff floated away in the room! "ARRRRGH!" I hollered and got out another glow stick. I cracked that one without busting it. Then, I used it to see the door for the Pod. I was gonna knock but then I remembered I Shouldn't because there was a scientist lady inside and I wanted to have an Advantage. So I just ripped the door open, I couldn't believe it, it opened! I was so surprised that it wasn't locked that I just was stsnding/floating there with the door handle in my hand! But then a science guy came running at me yelling in Chinese! "WHAT ARE YOU DOING GET BACK OUT THERE AND DEFEND THE HALL, WAIT WHO ARE YOU???" He screamed, pulling out a huge machete blade. "Weren't you a Lady a minute before??" I asked, I was really Confused. "NEVER MIND ABOUT THAT!!" He yelled and then he came at me with the machete! "NO YOU DON'T!!" I yelled back and kicked my feet with my legs, when I did I racked the scientist in the nads really hard with a power kick. "HORRRRRRRR!!" He yelled, then he spun around and kicked me in the helmet! "Ahhhh!" I yelled and I banged my face on the side of my helmet that hit the side of the pod. I did a roundhouse kick and got him in the throat, he barfed blood and got out a couple of sais. Right then I pulled out my bushido blade and held it Over my head. "AFTER THIS BLADE LEAVES ITS SHEATH IT MUST DRAW BLOOD BEFORE IT CAN GET PUT AWAY!!" I screamed, then I swung it really hard at the science guy. He Blocked me with his sais then he tried to stab me back!! I spun around and did a upside down flying lotus kick and got the guy in the shoulder. "AHHH MY SHOULDER" he yelled, then he got out a handgun and said "OK ENOUGH OF THIS" and tried to shoot me! The gun went off but it missed and blew up a computer monitor somewhere in the lab. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!" I yelled and I threw my bushido blade at the scientist, it hit him so hard that it went straight Through him and nailed him to the wall. All of the sudden there was a huge boom and his body exploded, he must have had a grenade in his pocket that had went Off when he hit the wall. I did a deep Breath and put away my bushido blade that I Caught out of the air after the explosion, then I went inside the trailer. "HELLO?? IS ANYBODY IN HERE??" I Yelled. "Please help me, I'm over here." Said a voice...I walked over and saw a man strapped down to the table, in my glow stick light he had creepy bright eyes and Blond hair, he looked just like the guy we were looking for. "Are you William Kauffman? I asked him. " I'm Steve Jenkins and I'm here to save you. " Then I did a smile so that he Knew it would be OK. Then the lights flipped back on and I heard Machine Noises. "Uh oh, there isn't much time, you better get up fast and put on this space suit."
  7. MEANWHILE..... Up inside the ceiling I heard a bunch of screaming and yelling on the radio as lots of combats were happening underneath me. It sounded like they were fighting a losing fight and I felt Dishonorable for not being there to defend the team. But I had a Mission. As I crawled down the space I kept banging my helmet on the ceiling which made me yell. There were all kinds of wires and electricals all over the place and I didn't know what did what, I just kept mutilating anything that looked like the picture. I wished Nate was here, he might have been a War Criminal but at least he knew computers. Nate.... Suddenly I heard Major Maxwell and the control center radioing, it sounded like Nate was in some kind of trouble, they couldn't get him on the Radio and he was not moving and was in the wrong place. I let out a scream of anger and crawled faster which made me feel dumb since I had a sword and a laser and a Backup space suit on my back that kept hitting the ceiling and then hitting me in the head, eventually I got to a hatch that said CARGO BAY 1. Super slow I pulled it open. I looked inside. I couldn't believe what I saw. Right underneath me in the room was some kind of trailer, it had a billion Antennas and radio dishes and blink lights on it. There was a Capellan looking lady having a Smoke outside it and 2 robots. He was talking to somebody. "OK" she said but in Chinese "We have to keep the Pirates from coming in here. At least 5 of your Battle Buddies are dead but we have killed their leader too. There are only 3 men in the resistance left. Our squad of 10 is Positioned up and down the hallway and 4 battle bots are with them. You are final 5. The Emperor demands you go outside the door and make a human shield. It is impossible that the Pirates will make it through our Advance Force but if they do you must stop them. The other Doctor and me will be inside the lab trying to figure out why we lost contact with the hallway robots, they are now in Autonomy Mode which isn't as good as Assisted Mode. We are not to be disturbed, understood? I will lock the Bay Door so that if you die we have extra time, is your mission clear??" A bunch of guys said yes in answer. Then I heard marching and the Bay Door slammed. " Alpha 5 to Alpha 1, I'm here and it sounds like I got the robots cut off from the internet. " I said into the radion. All I heard back was a bunch of screaming, I guessed Major Hayes was busy. I had to do the next part of the plan. I took out a little box from my pocket that Major Hayes had gave me. I opened it and there was a note inside, FOR A RAINY DAY - W. written inside in Flowery letters. "Huh that's weird" I said and threw the note behind me, underneath it was an EMP Grenade, I had never seen one in real life. It had two Buttons, green and red and an ON/OFF switch. I flipped the ON switch and the red light lit. Then I leaned down into the hole and pushed the green button, A little blinky light came on the EMP Grenade and I pushed it out into zero G. It floated at the Trailer and robots and then bumped gently at the Dishes. "Oh shit didn't it work??" I said out loud. But then all of the sudden there was a quiet WHOOSH and a little shock wave out of the Grenade, The robots went limp and all of the lights turned off in the Room, all of my space suit technologies went Dead and my radio turned off. I had to keep from Screaming in Fear, it had worked!! I took a deep breath and got out my sword, it was the only thing that would work for a few minutes. I pushed out of the hatch and floated down, was I ready for this???
  8. There were guns and soldiers flying everywhere. I shot my laser like a maniac trying to get as many hits as I could get while the hallway became a battle field. A bunch of Robots came screaming around the corner with Capellan Soldiers with them and some of the good guys too, only they didn't know we thought they were good guys, so they kept shooting too. A bunch of flash grenades went off and made lots of terrible noise, and I stopped shooting for a minute because I was stupefied by the explosion. Suddenly a Crayven smoke grenade went off, I knew it was one of ours on account of it being Blue. The hall filled up with blue smoke and I felt someone grabbing my shoulder and shaking it, it was Major Hayes. "Private Jenkins!!! I have a mission for you!!" he shouted sternly. I looked up at him in surprise, because I was surprised at the suddenness of the words in the middle of a battle. "What do you need me to do???" I asked Loudly over the gun fire. "I need you to go up in there and try to get to the Cargo Bay!!" Major Hayes said and pointed at a hole in the ceiling. "I need you to break any computer cables you see when you are going there!! Here is a picture of what to look for to break!! We have to stop the robots from getting signals!!!" Then Major Hayes gave me a Dataputer with the information. "How am I Supposed to get up there??" I yelled. "Turn your boots off and jump!! Hit the button to open the hatch when you get up there!!" Said Major Hayes. "OK, you won't regret this" I said and saluted, then I turned off my boots and jumped. I went flying up to the ceiling really hard and bashed into the wall, then I hit the button to open the hatch. I went inside right before a bunch of machine gun fire blew by underneath me as the smoke went out. I slammed the hatch closed. "OK Major Hayes, I'm inside and going down space" I said as I looked for computer stuff. Pretty soon I had found the first Repeater, I stabbed it into a billion pieces with my sais. Then I went on to the next Check point. Underneath me I heard the noises of Total War happening and I worried about my battle buddies, was I going to be able to save everyone???
  9. As we walked away from the Soldier, I started thinking about what had happened. All the Chinese translating.......his uniform..... It made me remember the time I got arrested by the Capellan Police for underage drinking. back when I was still growing up. I still could remember the smell of the jail cell, the barf on the walls in the drunk tank, the guy drinking out of the Toilet, how my parents felt Dishonored. The Capellans had made me move hot boxes in the hot sun for 18 hours as Community Service and I had to stand on a popular street corner and spin a Sign that said UNDERAGE DRUNK PLEASE THROW GARBAGE in Chinese. Then later on the Capellans had came and got me and I had to film a TV commercial about what I had did. That was where I had met Shimizu Liu who was some kind of high end Attorney in Kurita. When I got out of Capellan jail Shimizu said he was impressed with me and gave me a job as an Independent Businessman selling Legal Insurance. After I paid 60 bucks for a business license and 80 bucks for some video tapes about how to get rich selling Legal Insurance I thought I had a rich career that was going to happen. But then I met Master Ronald, and everything changed..... We got up on the doors out into the hallway on the cargo ship and I had to stop thinking about the Past. The doors were all wrecked up and there was blood everywhere, I guess Bishop had been under a huge attack. I looked at Captain Maxwell and Nate who were looking at a dead body on the ground, the lady that I guess Bishop had fought. "Looks like we got here too late" I said as I mourned her passing,Then I walked over and put a handkerchief on her face out of Respect. "I guess it's time to kill some bad guys"
  10. I Heard all kinds of killing happening inside my helmet as I walked in around the Cargo bay looking for another battle. Some pigs went by overhead and a ton of lasers went off as I walked around. Suddenly I walked up on a huge Capellan that was standing there with his back pointed at me looking at some cargo crates! I ripped out my bushido blade and whipped it really hard at him, it flipped through the zero G force and rammed into his back, unfortunately it must have hit an armor spot because it bounced off and went spinning off into the sky & I heard it clank against the ceiling really hard a couple seconds later. "God damn it!!!" I screamed and I really fast ripped out my samurai sais before the Capellan had time to react to my first attack. Then I signed a whole bunch of inner Force and ran screaming at the soldier and stuck my weapons out in front of me with both hands, when I impacted into him I inpaled them really hard through his uniform and stuck them really far into his kidney and his pancreas. But the soldier did not react. "Why won't you fight me????" I Screamed and I got out my laser rifle and racked the enemy really hard in the head with it, suddenly I heard his leg break and the bones in his shin go totally liquified and he twisted around weirdly on the one leg while the other leg stayed back where it had been, all of a sudden his upper part of his body was facing me and I saw that he was already dead and making the most horrible dead guy face you could possibly imagine! "AAAAAAAAAHHHH" I screamed as I looked down and saw that the man had like a 5-foot hole where his stomach used to be and his uniform was all burned up and his insides were dripping down his outsides, something had happened and he was already dead and I had been fighting a dead guy! "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGG!!" I Yelled and I stumbled back gagging in fear. On my world where I grew up it was only okay to desecrate a corpse as part of a ritual, but I had been desecrating this guy on account of I thought he was still alive, now I had to do funeral rites to make sure that he didn't come after me as part of the undead or the afterlife. But I didn't have my materials with me!! I sobbed and while I cried I got out a hand grenade, it was all I had. I set the timer on it for about a minute and set it inside the hole in the guy, then I said the Prayer of Gukoda, it was a Fortune and Guidance prayer that basically was supposed to keep people in the afterlife while you blew up their body to keep them from coming back because you could bribe them with your words, on Archimedes we had few problems with ghosts because most people had funerals where they had their bodies wrecked in Flashy ways that would achieve joy in their living descendants. One guy that I knew owned a Car plant, when he Passed they had a big party at the car plant and they ran his body through a giant drill press and had it mashed into the 2000th car he ever built. The driver of that car ended up dying in a firey car crash BUT we think it was because his engine seized up right when his airbag Malfunctioned and went off right at the same time his breaks failed as he was trying to turn on some Tunes and it wasn't on account of ghosts, his family didn't have to cremate him because he was already really badly wrecked up in the Crash so they had a regular funeral with a martial Art demonstration instead. While I walked away from the dead Capellan i heard a huge explosion and I looked back and saw a bunch of arms and legs and a head go flipping off into the roon, I looked away fast because I wanted to remember the Capellan as he was when he was Alive. Around 5 minutes later I found Nate Schmidt whose face was all cut up and his Helmet was smashed in whole he was walking around looking for the next enemy. "Hi Nate, you look like you need a battle buddy,did you find the boss yet??"
  11. Bullets flying everywhere. Men dying. My armor coming apart. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" I scream, and I run at one of the the Chinese bastards who tried to kill me and come at him with a 'Rising Star' martial arts neckbreaker maneuver my father had taught me. As I get at him I spin around and around, my arms moving so fast that they're cutting things apart just by the metal of the armor tearing them to pieces. I Don't think so, I said, and whipped out my ninja sais, that my father had given me when we lived on the farm at Archimedes. "Once these blades have drawn they must spill blood before they get put back away!" Then I did a Rising Dragon Moon-Kai (level 3) stance and began to make a zen hum, going into battle meditation. When my jo'geurh (which was an Ancient Asian word for inner spirit power) reached maximum kai I opened my eyes with a scream and ran straight at the Capellan, who started shooting at me, but he was so scared he missed every time. I stabbed the sais straight through his throat and let out a battle yell as he fell down. Then I kicked him in the head and I pull my katana out and whip it at the guy who just manages to throw a frag grenade at me before his body gets clove in half by the katanq. Blood goes everywhere. The frag explodes, but my armor eats most of it.... ...my ears are ringing as I look for Captain Maxwell.....
  12. I flew through the darkness screaming at the top of my lungs because the Space Jump was terrifying and also because I could Not control the suit right, it had been so long since I trained with the Duke back on Kentares. Now I was flip flipping through the space vacuum between the MENDACIUS and the freighter. My stomach felt real awful and I was dizzy, either on account of the bad Physics or because of the plate of Voodoo and chilli cheese burrito. Either way I was in a bad shape and fading fast... "Guys I don't think I have control" I yelled. But the other guys just kept on flying through Space. "Seriously guys I think I'm gonna vom if I can't fly straight, I can't figure out how to do it, every time I push a button I spin around more!" "Steve, quit messing around, do it just like you learned in the simulaid!" "Come on, Steve, you're going to get us all killed if you don't get down here!" "Steve, it's up to you you have to use your skills to complete the Mission!" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" I Screamed from the stress and I hit all the buttons on my suit controls at the same time, the suit's rocket motor Transmission made a bunch of groin grabbing noises as it shifted into all the gears at the same time and fire spread out of every direction nozzle at the same time. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" I Screamed again as I flipped head over heels over and over like I was doing some of Demonic high speed Cartwheel of Death. My scream went on for an eternal period of time and the stars turned into a blur warp zone while I accelerated up to the speed of light on my out of control space suit rocket. I barfed from the G-force and saw it slosh inside my helmet and started to black out when... I... HIT... THE... DECK. I hit so hard upside down that the puke in my helmet blew back and sprayed all over my face. I Screamed in pain and fear and on account of being grossed out. Then I looked around and saw Nathan Schmidt standing near By in his own space suit. "Alpha 5 to Alpha 1,I landed. Is there anything I should do now??"
  13. MEANWHILE... The gravity got super heavy as I tried to put on my war space suit, it felt like the pilot of the ship was driving like an asshole, for what reason I did not know why, but the forces Almost sundered my muscles. I grabbed the helmet off the shelf and put it on my head, it looks like a gigantic Fishbowl but with ancient battle writings of my people on it, it was a prayer to the Gods to put chilling Focus into the sacred staff and nunchucks I would be carrying with me. When you were fighting in outer space you had to have Focus, if you got distracted even for a second you could miss your target and go flipping off into space forever. I remembered this one time when I was on a space job back on Kentares, it was an eviction, somebody had not paid their rent on their space station in like 23 local months, we had to go in and tell the guy he had to move out. But when we got there, Jimmy Eaton, one of my battle buddies, tried to go out of the ship too fast. He had slipped and fell going through the doorway of the space code enforcement Cruiser, and the next thing he knew he was falling down, down, down toward the planet screaming dishonorably like a maniac the whole time. Me and the guy that we're getting evicted just watched and grieved his passing. So you have to stay focused. After it was over, I asked the guy if he was going to pay, and he said no. But that's a different story. As I was changing into the rubber t-shirt and thong that you have to wear under a combat space suit, I saw Major Hayes roll up on us. He started talking to Captain Maxwell and my rehab client, which was a Problem, on account of I had attorney Client Privilege and only I could talk to him about legal and medical Things. I tried to go over to talk to them but I had forgot that I had not pulled my space suit arms on yet and they were still clipped on the shelf, when I tried to walk they clotheslined me back up against the rack and banged my head up inside the helmet, I got dizzy and lost my balance and sat/fell against the side of the Gym lockers that had our clothes inside them and I got stuck on account of the extra G-force pulling on me and the space suit. Then I heard an announcement. "ATTEMTION, ATTENTION, WE ARE ABOUT TO BE IN COMBAT RANGE, PLEASE PUT YOU SPACESUITS ON AND READY YOUR WEAPONS FOR ENGAGEMENT, THAT IS ALL." I hadn't done this since Kentares, was I ready???
  14. After the briefing had been over I went down to the Mess Hall to get some food. It was between hours and so the Chef was not there, only the vending Machines were available. I looked into the vending machine glass and I saw a Kurita Pizza for sale. Well, that seems like a good enough food... I thought... let me try it and then I put some C-BILLS in the slot. The vending machine bucked and Shuddered and then it kicked out the pizza. It was froze solid and so I had to cook it up before it was defrosted. I walked over to the microwave and stuffed the pizza in it. I nuked it for 10 minutes but all of the sudden I heard the pizza blowing up in the oven after 5 minutes. I got the pizza out and took it to a table. Then I sat down and took a bite. "AAAAAGGGGHH" I screamed as lava-hot cheese scorched my Tongue and went down my throat. I spit the cheese all over the table and floor, Then I looked at the recipe for the Kurita Pizza. The first ingredients were SCORPION BODIES and PICKLED COW BALLS. "EWW GROSS!!!" I Screamed and then I ran over to the drink machine and barfed for 5 minutes in the Ice Cream Dispenser. "damn Kuritas and their weird recipes." I Sobbed, I just wanted some food. I stood back up and pushed a vomit-covered hand through my hair. I looked around for another food, but just then my com unit went off. Come to find out the person that I had left inspirationals for had woke up. I ran as hard as I could to Med Bay, when I walked back there, I saw Bishop trying to get a focus on where he was. His Power armor was gone and he looked Tired. "HI Bishop, how is recovery?? Did you get my card I left for you?? Are you going on the next Op?"
  15. I jumped up from my chair and stomped a foot and snapped to Attention. "PRIVATE STEVE JENKINS, SIR!" I sounded off. Captain Hayes and Major Donovan looked at me. "Yes private, what do you want?" Said Major Hayes. "Sir I would like to know who will be doing the Space Jump from the MENDACIUS to the Capellan Dropship, sir!" I shouted. I wanted Major Hayes to know that I was serious. "HOW THE HELL DID YOU KNOW that we were planning a SPACE JUMP?? That's classified Data!!!" Said Captain Donovan. "It's okay" said Major Hayes. "Steve is Obviously very skilled in Tactics and knows what he's talking about. Yes, we are going to have a Space Jump as part of this Tactic. A very small team of elites will drop out of our cargo bay when we fly up on the Capellan Dropship and fly across to their Hull, their ship guns won't be able to shoot this Team because they are elite and have no sensor Shape due to being Biologicals." I nodded my head, I understand the Words. "But who gets to be on the team?" I asked more. I needed to know who was on the team. "We have not chosen all our Squads yet." Said Major Donovan. "Then I volunteer" I said. "I was an Elite Parachute Combatant on Kentares for King Dresari. Death has no fear of me." I looked serious at the Captain and the Major while I waited for them to talk it out.
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