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Charles Maxwell

Charles Edward Maxwell

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- [ Begin Data Feed ] -


Name: Charles Edward Maxwell
Date of birth: 2996-07-29
Place of Birth: Aurigan Reach (citizen of the Free Republic of Quebec, Terra)
Citizen ID # : 0892-410-5379
Age: 32 (as of 3028)
Height: 187.9 cm (6'2")
Weight: 74.8 kg (165 lbs)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark blond/gray
Callsign: 'Eden'
Comments: Favorite publications: 'The Prince,' '1984,' 'Idiocracy.'


Born July 29, 2996 to affluent merchant parents of Lyran heritage, Charles Edward Maxwell spent his formative years learning the finer points of frontier diplomacy and business in the Aurigan Reach. His mother and father made a comfortable living brokering and facilitating trade between the land holds of the Aurigan Coalition, the Capellan Confederation, the Free Worlds League, the Taurian Concordat, and the Magistracy of Canopus; though often at odds with one another, the diverse nations all had material needs, and the superlative ability of the Maxwells to conduct politically-neutral commerce amongst them kept customers' warehouses stocked and the coffers of the family full.

The prosperity of the family business enabled Charles to receive a robust primary education, and, when he was older, to attend a private Taurian military academy to formalize his secondary schooling.

Unfortunately, the continuation of Charles' life of privilege would not follow him into adulthood. His parents' ability to earn their fortune was eclipsed only by their ability to spend it. By the time Charles graduated from his university studies, his family had become utterly destitute. Unable to meet the demands of their creditors, and having fallen out of favor with their peers in the Outworlds gentry, Charles' parents took their own lives in 3019.

The single object of value which remained after the settlement of the Maxwell estate was a first-generation CPLT-C1 Catapult, which had only been spared from bankruptcy liquidation due to the presence of a mis-recorded lien in its title history. Charles took possession of the BattleMech, and, in an act of historical irony, christened it 'Tyche,' after the Greek goddess of luck and prosperity.

With little else to the family name, in 3020, Charles fell back on his tactical and mercantile knowledge to eke out a meager existence for the next five years as a caravan escort for House Arano.

In 3025, Charles was involved in the evacuation of Lady Kamea Arano from Coromodir IV, after a political insurrection, staged by the Espinosa family, resulted in the outbreak of military hostilities on the world. During the retreat, Charles was forced to eject from his BattleMech; both he and 'Tyche' were later rescued by a nearby mercenary unit. Charles remained with the unit for the next three years, eventually rising to become its commander.

Over the course of 3028, Charles and his mercenary company would play an instrumental role in helping House Arano defeat the Espinosa Directorate and restore stability to the Aurigan Reach. However, the inherent unpredictability of the Periphery and its persistent strife had worn thin on Charles. With substantial earnings in the company's accounts after remaining under constant contract to the Coalition for over a year, Charles elected to split the mercenary unit into two separate entities, with his command, Aegis Division, withdrawing from the Reach and seeking out new opportunities in the relatively-more-stable Sarna March. Establishing a foothold in Gellen's Heights, on the core world of Sheratan, Charles continued to offer his services as a full-time mercenary and part-time merchant for the next several years.
  • Operation: Zweihänder Metallarbeiten (October 3028)
  • Operation: Rote Wahrheit (November 3028)
  • Project: Homeworld (December 3028)
  • Operation : Black Eclipse (January 3029)
- [ End Data Feed ] -
  • Bishop Weyland is hired by the Crayven Corporation as a liaison to Aegis Division in 3028
  • Bishop Weyland and Charles Maxwell complete Operation: Black Eclipse in 3029
  • Charles marries Alyssa Chase in 3030
  • Charles and Alyssa buy a home in Gellen's Heights, Sheratan in 3030
  • Charles and Alyssa Maxwell give birth to future mercenary commander Benjamin Maxwell in 3032
  • Alyssa Maxwell dies of Rissikin's Disease in 3040
  • Aegis Division is acquired by the Crayven Corporation in 3045; Charles and Benjamin Maxwell move to Meredith, New Earth, where Charles becomes the director of the Crayven Corporation's Intelligence Division
  • Benjamin Maxwell enrolls in Sandhurst Royal Military College in 3050, graduating in 3054
  • Benjamin Maxwell is employed as a BattleMech test pilot and intelligence analyst for the Crayven Corporation from 3054 to 3063
  • Due to his extensive trade experiences with Periphery and Inner Sphere entities, Charles Maxwell is chosen to be the director of the Crayven Corporation's newly-founded Securities Division in 3050
  • Benjamin Maxwell joins the Legionnaires mercenary unit in 3063 as its co-commander
  • Charles Maxwell becomes CEO of the Crayven Corporation in 3068 as a result of the Word of Blake's attack on New Earth
  • Charles Maxwell is involved in multiple adventures with the Crayven Corporation and the Legionnaires mercenary unit from 3068 to 3072
  • Rissikin's Disease is cured in 3072; the Crayven Corporation releases the cure to the public domain
  • Charles Maxwell retires in 3072
  • Charles Maxwell is alleged to have died in 3092, but rumors abound that he may have taken the Devlin Stone route around death...

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