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The Universe, 3028

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The frustrated scream echoed down the corridor as, en route to my quarters, I stopped over at the Med Bay, nearly colliding with a medic - Crissa Simard - as I did so.


"Oh, hey, Crissa - sorry about that," I replied. Looking past her shoulder, I saw a red-faced and perspiring Steve Jenkins screaming unintelligibly at the medical robot we'd picked up during our reclamation mission to Castle Nautilus in the Periphery, following the Arano crisis. "Everything - okay?"

"Yes," Simard sighed, glancing in the direction of the exam booth. "He's coming down from the side effects of drinking nearly a liter of industrial alcohol."

"Holy shit," I replied. "Now I know who threw up on my elevator. Okay - thanks for looking after him. Give me a shout if you need any help."

"Will do, sir," Crissa replied. "Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Nope, I'm just here to grab some painkillers. My 'Mech took a couple tumbles today and I'm starting to feel the aftermath in my back. Just need something to take the edge off while nature does its thing," I smiled.

"Alright - well, if that changes, you know where to find us."

I nodded an affirmation, and, maneuvering into the Med Bay, I wandered past Jenkins and the robot, deliberately attempting to avoid eye contact as I did so.

"I AM MING AS YOU ARE MING AS WE ARE ALL MING TOGETHER! YOU HAVE SMOKE COMING OUT YOUR EARS!" Jenkins screamed at the robot. Legitimately concerned that the Med Bay might be on fire, I dared to glance toward the exam area. The robot was not, in fact, on fire.

"Captain Maxwell! Pull over the helicopter, please! I have to pee," Steve pleaded. Before I could formulate a reply, a large wet spot began forming at his feet.

"Uh...it's going to be all right. The doctor will make you all better," I fumbled, hastily grabbing an entire bottle of painkillers from the nearby medicine cabinet.

"This isn't a doctor!" Steve retorted, resentfully, chewing loudly on a handful of pills. "It's a robot!"

I couldn't resist. "You see a robot? Huh. That's weird," I replied. Steve glanced furtively between me and the robot before dissolving into hysterics. Hastily, I took my leave of the Med Bay before things could take a stranger turn.


In my quarters, I tapped out a brief message to Hauptmann Vogel and the Lyran Commonwealth's planetside MRB liaison, Alban Stieglitz-Bradford.

Gentlemen - 

Operation Zweihänder Metallarbeiten is successful. Objective is secured for LCAF handoff at your discretion. Debrief attached. Aegis Division remains at your disposal for further maneuvers.

Awaiting your reply,

CDR C. Maxwell

Attaching the BattleROMs and situation report of Operation Zweihänder Metallarbeiten, I uploaded the encrypted data to MercNet. Then, stashing my gear bag, I headed off in search of a shower and a hot meal.

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OOC: All - we're ready to jump the storyline forward about seven days. If you have any further plot exposition you'd like to include, please let me know or go ahead and post now. ?

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C.S.V. Half Moon
In transit to system jump point
Gan Singh IV - November 11, 3028

"Yeah, you've got my word that I won't talk." I said, drinking down the last remnants of my cocktail. Whatever the bartender had given me was strong and taking hold. "I definitely wouldn't want to screw things up for the entire Commonwealth."

"Good." Major Hayes answered me. "The long-term gains outweigh the short-term salaciousness of telling someone that you know a secret. It could even end up being lucrative for you, too."

I frowned at the Major. "I'm not in this business for personal enrichment."

"Is that a fact? What are you in it for?" 

The question surprised me.

"I'm an adrenaline junkie." I finally said. 

"Well, I guess as long as you like your work." Major Hayes added with a laugh. "Hey, I'm gonna call it a night. Nice chatting with you."

"Yeah, same." I said, a warm, relaxed feeling coming over me. I was going to sleep well tonight. 

I'll keep the computer put away...for now.


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Aboard the Leopard-class dropship "Mjolnir"
Nadir Jump point, Myrvoll System (Marik Space)
November 17, 3028

It had been three days since we left Myrvoll and while all was not well among the members of BeoWulf's Knights everyone had calmed down enough to be more than civil with each other. This was usually how things went with this group, one or more people could go off on something but then, given some space and time, everyone would typically come around and within a few days things were back to normal. It was the sign of a group that had either worked extensively with each other or that just meshed really well when someone could blow off steam like that and it not affect the overall group's cohesion. That's not to say things were perfectly fine, it was still a tense three days and there was times where I swear you could feel tension when you walked into a room, unfortunately being stuck on a relatively small dropship meant there weren't many rooms you could avoid or separate into. Luke spent most of the time in the 'mech bay tinkering with his MechTech as they worked around the clock repairing his nearly destroyed Hatchetman. Jess on the otherhand spend almost all of her time on the command deck or in her quarters pouring over intel reports, dataROMs and whatever other limited info she could get in this uninhabited system, however the two still inevitably would run into each other but thankfully there were no more arguements between them. The rest of the crew was also somewhat subdued after the events on Myrvoll though that was quickly passing as the days went by, thankfully.

As the Mjolnir approached the star system's Nadir jump point the glint of sunlight could be seen reflecting off the Interstellar Expedition's Merchant-class jumpship "Star Cruiser" and her still deployed jump sail, though it did look like it was beginning to retract the sail in preparation for the upcoming jump. There was a gentle thunk as the crew of the Mjolnir expertly guided the aerodyne vessel into an empty berth alongside the jumpship and docked. A few hours later, after the jumpship had finished retracting it's sail and the other usual checks were complete, the warning klaxons signalling an imminent jump were sounded across both the jumpship and our dropship before the vessels were shunted through hyperspace away from the Myrvoll system and emerging at the Zenith jump point of the Kyrkbacken system nearly 22 light years away. Immediately after finishing the transition the crew of the Star Cruiser began unfurling the jump sail and started the recharging operation that would take the better part of the next week to complete. Meanwhile the computer and comm systems automatically connected with HPG network now that they were back within a habited system and began receiving updates and communications that were destined for either the Star Cruiser itself or the Mjolnir, as it was the only dropship currently attached.

11 days later...

Leopard-class dropship "Mjolnir"
In transit to Menkalinan from Zenith jump point
Menkalinan System, Marik/Liao border
November 28, 3028

Over the past week and a half things had returned to normal within BeoWulf's Knights and everyone was back on amicable terms as though nothing had transpired back on Myrvoll. During the week of patiently waiting for the jumpship drive to recharge we were able to also repair most of our 'mechs to 100% combat readiness, however Luke's Hatchetman needed an entirely new arm, his use of the detached arm as a makeshift bludgeon ensured that, and that would take some time to acquire. At the moment though we did not have any new work lined up after we finished with this IE job so it was not an immediate concern. Also during this time we were informed that our original rendevous with Interstellar Expedition's on the planet Styk after we finished on Myrvoll had been moved and rescheduled due to the progression of what was now being called the Fourth Succession War. House Davion was making massive gains into House Liao's territory, Styk had apparently been captured near the beginning of the war and IE felt the volatility of the newly captured planet was less than ideal for us to potentially arrive with recovered Star League tech. As such, they arranged for us to instead meet on Menkalinan, a planet on the border of Marik and Liao space and in fact under shared occupancy between the Free World's League and the Capellan Confederation. It was believed that this planet would be far enough away from the Davion/Liao border to avoid the worst of the conflict but that border was shifting much faster than anyone anticipated and it wasn't clear anymore if Menkalinan would be spared or not, but either way IE stated that barring an active invasion of the planet itself we would be debriefed on Menkalinan.

The burn from the Menkalinan system's Zenith jump point towards the planet was uneventful to say the least, although news of the Federated Suns invasion of New Canton and Saiph, both of which were interstellar next door neighbours to Menkalinan, was disconcerting it appeared that the Davion forces did not currently have their sights set on Menkalinan itself. It wasn't until we reached planetary atmosphere that things got interesting. No sooner had we switched from the transit drive to the traditional aerodyne engines than Mikhala came over the comms instructing everyone to strap in as we had some unscheduled visitors and things might get a little rocky. Turns out that Interstellar Expeditions had failed to notify the proper militia authorities, a confusing enough jumble even before considering there were two active militias from different houses on the planet, before our arrival and given the current situation within the Capellan Confederation they wasted no time in scrambling a squadron of aerospace fighters to "escort" us to the spaceport.

"We've submitted our identification and our intentions already, we are here on legitimate business with Interstellar Expeditions to fulfill an outstanding exploration contract, I fail to see what the problem is," replied Mikhala over the open comm channel to Carosasha's spaceport.

"I repeat, please power down your dropship, transmit your ID and follow our escort in to the spaceport for inspection, your credentials will need to be verified and any cargo you have will be subject to search and seizure as necessary," came the spaceport's response.

Glancing over at the young lady on shift at the engineering console Mikhala gave an exasperated shrug before asking, "You're sure everything is powered down?"

"Yes," responded the junior engineer, "weapons are completely offline, sensors are passive only, the 'mech bays are even shutdown. If I turn off anything else we won't be flying anymore."

Turning back to the main viewscreen Mikhala once again addressed the spaceport comms officer, who was sounding more and more like a broken record, "Listen, we're following your escort, we'll land where you tell us, we have nothing powered up except the engines and systems we need to stay airborne. I don't know how I can comply any further with your demands. As for our cargo, you'll have to talk with Interstellar Expeditions before we can allow you access to our ship."

"Very well," came the suddenly tired sounding response, "but if you try anything, or we think you're trying anything, we won't hesitate to blow you out of the sky and pick through the scraps later to see if we were right or not."

"Okay," was Mikhala's slow response after the spaceport closed the channel, "well somebody is a little on edge. Helmsman, make sure to follow exactly where they tell you to go. As long as it isn't going to cause damage to our ship, I don't want to do anything that might give them a reason to itch those trigger fingers."

"Aye, ma'am."

As the Mjolnir landed gently on the designated landing pad, clearly stationed well away from any other dropships currently landed, an entire Assault lance of BattleMechs supported by at least 6 heavy tanks came into view with everyone of them having their weapons trained on the dropship. Despite our best efforts to be compliant apparently the local militia was taking zero chances that we might be here to attack them or something.

"Ma'am," came the gunnery officer's voice from across the dropship's bridge, "I'm reading multiple missile locks, rough guess would be at least 200 LRM missiles alone. They aren't bluffing and they aren't pulling any punches either."

"They are also hailing us again Ma'am," added the comms officer.

"Great, open a channel, let's see what they want now."

"Mjolnir you will power down your engines and prepare to be searched."

At a signal from Mikhala the dropship's fusion engines began winding down as the system safely shutdown, "Our engines are powering down as we speak, however, as I stated before, our cargo is destined exclusively for Interstellar Expeditions. I can assure you we are carrying nothing illegal or contraband, you can scan our holds yourself. I cannot permit access to the ship though until I speak with Interstellar Expeditions, as is our right within the MRC contract we have sent you for review."

"Mjolnir, I repeat you WILL submit to a thorough inspection or we will be forced to hand matters over to the militia. I do not believe that will go well for you," there was quite the commotion in the background at the end of their latest veiled threat before the Capellan officer came back on the channel briefly before cutting the channel, "One moment please."

A look of confusion and worry passed over almost everyone's face on the bridge of the Leopard while the few moments of silence seemed to stretch on into infinity. Finally, after what was merely a minute, the spaceport opened the comm channel again and continued, though it was a different officer's voice this time.

"Sorry for the confusion Mjolnir, it appears that Interstellar Expeditions landing request was filed with the wrong office. You, your crew, and your ship are all cleared for landing, disembarking and are not subject to any further searches, seizures, or any other unnecessary actions that may have been mentioned," by the tone of their voice it was clear this new officer was speaking to us but was admonishing the previous speaker as well.

"Glad to hear things are finally cleared up, does this mean we are allowed to unload our cargo? Including any BattleMechs or Combat Vehicles that need servicing?" replied Mikhala.

"Yes, provided any combat capable units have no armed weapons and do not leave the spaceport. The militia will remain in the vicinity and will not hesitate to enforce this, irregardless of your arrangement with Interstellar Expeditions. If anything requires facilities outside the spaceport's own facilities you will need to get special permission from the local garrison first."

"Understood, Mjolnir out."

With the confrontation over the miltia BattleMechs returned to their regular patrol of the spaceport while several of the tanks stayed on guard near the dropship as we began opening the cargo and mechbay doors in order to unload and move Luke's Hatchetman into a slightly better facility for replacing the lost arm. As the loading and unloading of regular cargo commenced the members of BeoWulf's Knights not directly involved with such operation disembarked from the dropship, thankful for some fresh air after nearly two weeks in the rather stuffy dropship. No sooner had we put boots on the ground than an armoured transport pulled up alongside the Mjolnir with the gold, slanted IE logo emblazoned on the side and as the side door slid open a tall, wiry man with spectacles stepped out and futilely tried to smooth out his ruffled and ill-fitting business suit. As the man finally gave up on fixing his suit he began to approach our group with his hand out heading directly for me, realizing the mistake he was about to make I purposely looked over to Mikhala in deference and hoping the man would pick up on the queue without having to make a more obvious motion. Thankfully, for his sake, he picked up the queue and easily redirected slightly to my right to greet Mikhala first.

"Welcome to Menkalinan commander, I apologize for the confusion with your arrival. Things are rather tense around here, already having two different house militias makes things complicated enough but then adding in the fact that the Davions are right in our backyard has everyone more than a little on edge lately. My name is George Victorovich, please call me George. I was sent by Interstellar Expeditions to collect you and your crew and bring you to their office here in Carosasha."

"Thank you George, I appreciate the welcome and I can understand the, complications, recent events have likely introduced here..." Mikhala proceeded to introduce the members of BeoWulf's Knights that were standing nearby while George and her exchanged the usual pleasantries required or expected in this part of the business. After a time Mikhala brought the conversation back around to an earlier point George had brought up, "You mentioned earlier that you were sent to collect me and my crew, what did you mean by that?"

"Just that, Interstellar Expeditions instructed me to collect you, the commander of BeoWulf's Knights, as well as any member that directly participated in the operation on Myrvoll," replied George.

"All of us? That is rather odd, any particular reason for this request?" asked Mikhala.

"Not that I'm aware of ma'am, I was just instructed to bring everyone to the office for debriefing. I believe the boss just likes to debrief everyone together at once or something. Hence why I was given this large armoured transport instead of the usual car," said George, gesturing at the large armoured transport that looked like it would be more at home delivering a squad of infantry into combat instead of on the city streets.

"Very well, I'll have to collect a few more people that took part in the operation and then we will accompany you to the IE office. I hope you have room for everyone in there. Anything else we need to know?"

"I was told it should comfortably fit 15 and was lead to believe that would be enough," stated George starting to look a bit worried.

"That should be plenty George," replied Mikhala with a smile.

"Ok, you also might want to bring a sidearm or something for personal defence. The spaceport here is peaceful enough, but the despite what the militia would have you believe the city streets are not exactly the safest right now. There are factions on both sides that are in constant conflict and you never know where the fighting will break out. You will have to relinquish any weapons before entering the IE offices but until we get there you'll probably be safer with at least something."

"Good to know, we'll grab some gear then before we depart. We'll meet you back in 10 minutes George if that works for you."

"Yes, of course. I'll be here waiting."

With that we quickly returned to the dropship to grab whatever gear we deemed necessary for our departure into the apparently volatile city and our meeting with the local Interstellar Expeditions representative. Today may end up being more interesting that we intially expected, even with our "speed bump" while landing. Going to my spartan quarters located in the 'mech bay stall housing my now repaired Merlin I grabbed my ballistic plate vest, a rather bulky piece of armour but the easiest and quickest piece I owned to slip on over other gear, and trusty sidearm, a Serrek 7875D Auto-pistol, along with the 5 magazines of ammo I always brought with it. After slipping on the armoured vest and securing it in place I also double checked that the 4 HC micro power packs stored in the armour were also in place before sliding the Serrek into a holster on my right thigh and securing the 4 magazines with standard ballistic ammo on my right hip and the 5th magazine loaded with incendiary ammo in a separate pouch behind the others. Making my way back outside I joined the others as we piled into the armoured transport unit noting that only Joel, Kevin, Luke and Jim had decided to wear any form of armour, with only Joel wearing his usual full suit of ballistic plate. The others, like me, were just wearing a combat vest of some kind, though Kevin also had his armoured pants but no helmet. Everyone also had some form of a sidearm with them, ranging from a simple holdout laser pistol to fully automatic submachinegun and Joel also decided to bring his StarKing Gyroslug carbine. We were getting some sidelong glances from the spaceport personnel that were attending our dropship as we loaded into the transport but that was typical even if we weren't looking like we were heading into an active combat zone instead of a business meeting.

Once everyone was settled into the surprisingly spacious interior the transport fired up and made its way out of the spaceport and began heading towards the city proper and our meeting with the local IE rep. Hopefully we didn't encounter anything that would actual need all our extra gear on the way there.

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Seven days after the conclusion of Operation: Zweihänder Metallarbeiten...

Ceres Metal Industries
Lorenzopolis, Triasha - Kimball II
Kimball System, Lyran Commonwealth
November 18, 3028

The comm unit at the workstation in my quarters chirped loudly, jolting me from a deep focus. Swinging my legs over the side of my bed, I rose to my feet, and quickly answered the call.

"Maxwell - go."

"Captain Maxwell, it's Walsh. Mercenary Liason Officer Alban Stieglitz-Bradford is calling."

"It's about goddamn time," I replied. "We've been sitting here for a week. I'm on my way."


I ran onto the Tana's bridge and threw myself into the seat at the Combat Information Center. Slipping on a headset, I took the waiting call off hold. The grainy image of a brawny, mustached Lyran flickered into existence on the station's display.

"Ahh, Herr Maxwell," the caller began, flashing a smile. "A pleasure to speak with you."

"The pleasure is mine, Alban. Truth be told, we'd begin to worry you'd forgotten about us. We've been garrisoning this BattleMech plant for a week with no LCAF relief in sight. I filed our debrief last Tuesday. Did you receive it?"

"It found its way to me two days ago; Kimball II's Class B HPG station is extremely backlogged. Not to worry; I'm currently in orbit aboard the LCS Tyr; hence my ability to communicate with you in real-time now," the officer replied.

"I was wondering about that," I mused.

"As to why you have not yet been relieved - I apologize, Captain, but the DCMS has recently reinforced the Third Dieron Regulars with the Seventeenth Benjamin Regulars, and the Fourth Skye Rangers are now only barely holding the line. I've managed to coordinate with Hauptmann Vogel to divert a scout lance to your location and relieve you as soon as this afternoon. However, before you take your leave, we must ask for your help regarding a matter of some urgency."

"I'm listening," I replied, gesturing off-camera for Mara Walsh and Marius Lennox to join the call. A few moments later, my first officer and MechCommander had taken up positions of observation next to me at the computer terminal.

"Captain Maxwell, twenty-four hours ago, our intelligence agents on Kimball II learned that the CEO of Ceres Metals, Duke Kingston Rivoli, was taken prisoner by DCMS forces during the Kuritan raid on the company's factory. According to our analysis of the situation, RIvoli is being held hostage in the PhoodCo Industries high-rise in downtown Lorenzopolis. We are concerned that the Draconis Combine may attempt to force Rivoli to turn over financial or industrial assets to the Kuritan government through means of - extreme coercion. The Lyran Commonwealth cannot allow the Draconis Combine to gain a foothold in this conflict; we need Kingston recovered alive so that critical industrial and corporate assets do not fall into the hands of our adversaries."

"Alright, sounds like a standard extraction raid," I replied. "We can handle that. What are the details?"

"The Gray Death Legion will be once again joining you for these maneuvers. They will provide an extraction team in the form of two APCs and a squad of infantry. Aegis Division's assignment consists of three primary tasks: escort the extraction team to the complex, defend the PhoodCo high-rise while the Legion enters it to recover Kingston, and then withdraw with the extraction team to the Aegis Division staging area."

"Cut-and-dry. I like it," I replied. "What are the terms?"

"PhoodCo has authorized me to pay you 1,901,391 C-Bills for this contract; I'm sending the rest of the details to your terminal now. I want to be clear about one thing, though, Captain - the Gray Death Legion is responsible for all recovery operations during this exercise. Aegis Division's concern is mitigating hostile presence and ensuring safe passage for the extraction team once secured."

I glanced toward Walsh and Lennox, who signaled their approval via thumbs-up gestures.

"Alright, Alban - I think we can do business. We've had extra downtime to prep our hardware, so we can deploy at your discretion. When do you need us to roll out?"

"As soon as possible - in this case, once  the LCAF relief force arrives. I estimate them to be on station three hours from now," Stieglitz-Bradford replied. "Every passing minute puts Mister Rivoli at increased risk. Do not delay once you are relieved."

"Understood," I nodded. "Three hours it is."

""Excellent. I'll notify the Gray Death Legion. Good hunting, Captain." With that, the call ended. I turned toward Commander Walsh.

"Mara, if you'd be so kind, please assemble the troops for an emergency briefing in thirty minutes. Marius, it looks like the contract is coming across now; let's put our heads together and figure out some attack vectors."



- Incoming Coded Message -- Command Instruction Follows -
- Decode Trinity Protocol - BravoTango92cyan: 1st -

- Disseminate by need only -

Operation Codename: Rote Wahrheit
Planet: Kimball II (contested)
Terrain: Grasslands / Urban
Time: Day
Payment: 1,901,391 C-Bills
Salvage Rights: 40%
Support Rights: Battle/80%
Command Rights: House


MechWarriors, the Lyran Commonwealth appreciates your timely and effective re-capture of the Ceres Metals factory. With the LCAF fully engaged with additional incursions by the Third Dieron Regulars across Kimball II, we must call on your services once again. The CEO of Ceres Metals has been captured by the DCMS. We need you to recover him alive to prevent critical resources from being turned over to the Kuritans.


Our intelligence agents on Kimball II have discovered that the CEO of Ceres Metals, Duke Kingston Rivoli, has been taken prisoner and is being held by the Kuritans in the PhoodCo Industries high-rise in downtown Lorenzopolis. The Lyran Commonwealth needs Kingston recovered alive so that critical industrial and corporate assets do not fall into the hands of the Kuritans.

Aegis Division's assignment is three-fold: escort a team of Gray Death Legion infantry to the complex, defend the corporate tower while the Legion enters it to extract Kingston alive, and then withdraw with the CEO to the Aegis Division staging area. The Gray Death Legion is responsible for all infantry maneuvers. Aegis Division's concern is mitigating hostile presence and transporting Duke Kingston Rivoli out of the area once secured. Good hunting.



I. Escort Gray Death Legion insertion team to the PhoodCo Industries high-rise
II. Defend the building while the Legion extracts Kingston alive
III. Transport the CEO safely to the Aegis Division staging area


IV. Eliminate all hostiles in the operational theater to permit salvage operations



  • Hammer-1: Captain Charles Maxwell (KGC-0000 King Crab)
  • Hammer-2: First Lieutenant Mara Walsh (MAD-3D Marauder)
  • Hammer-3: MechWarrior Steve Jenkins  (DRG-1N Dragon)


  • Sabre-1: Lieutenant Dutch McKenzie (AWS-8Q-OB1 Awesome)
  • Sabre-3: Warrant Officer Dexter Friedman (LGB-6Q Longbow)
  • Sabre-2: Lieutenant Alexander Blackwood (CPLT-C1 Catapult)


  • Mothership-1: Armored Personnel Carrier (Hover - Standard)
  • Mothership-2: Armored Personnel Carrier (Hover - SRM)
  • Anvil-1: Sergeant Imran Amin (Foot Laser)
  • Anvil-2: Corporal Samantha Dale (Foot Laser)
  • Anvil-3: Specialist Robert Harmon (Compact Grenade Launcher)
  • Anvil-4: Specialist Orlando Welch (Medic, Foot Rifle)
  • Anvil-5: Private First Class Ethan Hayden (Foot Laser)
  • Anvil-6: Private Ameera Drummond (Foot Rifle)
  • Anvil-7: Private Frederico Paine (Foot Rifle)


ARMOR LANCE 1 (Projected)

  • Sturmfeur Heavy Tank (Standard)
  • Bulldog Medium Tank (Standard)
  • Bulldog Medium Tank (LRM)
  • Scorpion Light Tank (Standard)

ARMOR LANCE 2 (Projected)

  • Sturmfeur Heavy Tank (SRM)
  • Bulldog Medium Tank (Standard)
  • Bulldog Medium Tank (Standard)
  • Scorpion Light Tank (Standard)


  • JR7-D Jenner
  • COM-2D Commando
  • ASN-21 Assassin
  • CDA-2A Cicada

Planet Details: Kimball II


Star Type: G1V
Position in System: 2 (of 7) 
Number of Moons: None 
Days to Jump Point: 10 
Surface Gravity: 1.10
Atmospheric Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Equatorial Temperature: 57°C
Surface Water: 74%
Highest Native Life: Birds
Capital: Lorenzopolis
Population: 2,510,000,000


Kimball II is the more marginally-habitable world of the Kimball system. First settled by colonists supported by a wealthy twenty-first century industrial magnate interested in the mineral resources available on the world and in its asteroid belt, Kimball II offered an ecosystem with abundant free water and support for Terran crops. These advantages made it the primary colonization target, as the friendly atmosphere made colonization efforts both cheaper and more likely to succeed.

Kimball II quickly developed into an industrial powerhouse, converting the ores and minerals from Kimball IV into parts for agricultural vehicles, IndustrialMechs, BattleMechs, and other combat vehicles. This trade and industrial capability quickly made the Kimball family an economic power in the region. This high profile led to the Kimball family allying with the Ignota family based on Thorin; this alliance would later give birth to Ceres Metals.

Kimball II was one of the worlds invaded by the Lyran Commonwealth during Operation GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG, the major Lyran Commonwealth offensive of the Fourth Succession War. Attacked by the Fourth Skye Rangers during the exploitation phase of GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG following the order by Archon Katrina Steiner on the 21st of October 3028 to launch a second wave of attacks, Kimball II was one of two worlds to be attacked simultaneously by the Rangers. The Rangers' First and Third Battalions were still busily subduing Kimball II when the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery launched a wave of counter-attacks that included dropping the Third Dieron Regulars on Kimball II. The Rangers' Second Battalion and Lightning Company were on Komephoros at the time, and were also hit by a counter-attack in the form of the Seventeenth Benjamin Regulars.



Sender: Hauptmann N. Vogel
Encryption Priority:
HPG Relay 37XA01-EPSILON-2237
Received: OP Comp. 1957 Standard Terran Time


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"...the Shit?" I assumed I was the first to hear it, the alert sirens started going off across the whole TANA, changing through lots of different sirens like an ancient 'car alarm' invention I had heard of from 20th century Earth. I tried to get up from my bunk but the sheet twisted around my ankles and I fell over as soon as I got up, I landed with a splat on the bunk room floor with my pillow in my mouth. 

"RED ALERT RED ALERT MAN YOUR BATTLESTATIONS AND REPORT TO THE BRIEFING ROOM, WE HAVE A NEW JOB" blared the intercom. Long lines of army guys ran by me out of the bunk room to go to their battle stations, I watched from the floor. Then Sargeant Spivey came over and looked down at me. "WHY ARE YOU IN YOUR UNDERWEAR AND STILL IN BED WHY AREN'T YOU IN UNIFORM HELPING OUT WITH YOUR KITCHEN DUTIES OR IN THE EMERGENCY BRIEFING ROOM FOR THE JOB CONTRACT" He hollered.

"I'm sorry! " I yelled. "I overslept, and..." 

"NO EXCUSES!" he screamed, "get to the briefing on the double! Now!" 

"but I'm in my underwear!" I yelled 

"That is not my fault, now go!" 

The next thing I knew I was hobbling toward the bridge in my stained Fruit of the Looms, hiding my shame with my hands and crying softly at my dishonor. I hoped that the job would pay us lots of money. 

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A grainy, occasionally-ghosted video feed flickers to life on @Joker 4-1's comm station's monitor. The image slowly resolves into the portrait of a smiling, charismatic-looking executive with piercing blue eyes, coiffed blond hair, and a pale complexion.


- Incoming Coded Message -- Personal Message Follows -
- Decode Omega Protocol - SabreEpsilonTango17green: 1st -

- Disseminate by need only -

Greetings, Mr. Weyland. I'm delighted that you're interested in the Crayven Corporation. New blood and new ideas are what keep our company strong!

I'm William Kauffman, CEO. I re-founded the company in 3015 after the original outfit was literally liquidated during the Amaris Coup. Have you read our dossier? We're a large interstellar courier company that's currently specializing in armored transport services throughout the Inner Sphere. Our willingness to operate in even the most active of conflict zones has given us a competitive edge against those...other guys.

I've read your brief, and your background in archaeology, coupled with the organizations you've previously worked with, fit a very specific need that we're looking to meet.

We're getting ready to do our initial public offering on the Terran Stock Exchange. Our bean counters project it to be one for the record books. We're looking at a potential infusion of cash that will allow us to diversify, and I've got a very specific strategy up my sleeve about where to take the company next. As I understand it, you've had some dealings with Interstellar Expeditions, so I'll spare you the long pitch and cut right to the chase.  We're hoping to convince them to let the Crayven Corporation provide pro bono transport services to sites of discovery in exchange for a percentage of salvage rights to any technologies discovered. Holding exclusive partner salvage rights to Star League-era technologies could prove itself to be a seriously worthwhile investment. Your expertise could open - certain doors - for us that might otherwise be hard to navigate. We've just run a successful proof-of-concept with a young man on Gan Singh who was chasing some LosTech, and we're en route back to Sheratan to drop the technology off with the client. Our next stop after that is a skunkworks site out in the Lyran Commonwealth to examine something that will further hone our prospects with IE - and then, from there, it's time to make the pitch. I'd love to pick your brain further about your background, and how our mutual objectives might compliment each other.

You also bring insights from the Free Worlds League, an area we're not well-versed in; that's an additional bonus.

If you're interested in my proposal, let me know. I can have a transport pick you up from anywhere in the Inner Sphere.

Until then,




Sender: W. Kauffman
Encryption Priority: 
HPG Relay 46LR96-DELTA-2720
Received: MSG Comp. 2053 Standard Terran Time

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Ceres Metal Industries
Lorenzopolis, Triasha - Kimball II
Kimball System, Lyran Commonwealth
November 18, 3028

As the last of the cadre filed into the cramped briefing room aboard the Tana, I hit a button on the small briefing podium which stood before an oversized display. The room's lights dimmed, and a mission overview appeared, complete with a strategic map and intelligence photos of our objectives.

"Alright, folks, I apologize for pulling you away from your activities, but we have an emergency contract.

"Seven days ago, we liberated this industrial complex, which, as you all know, belongs to Ceres Metals. What we didn't know at the time was that the Ceres CEO, Duke Kingston Rivoli, had been on site just prior to the Kuritan occupation of the facility - and that he was taken hostage by them when they raided the factory. When we hit the complex to take it back, they must have pulled him out and relocated him to this corporate tower in downtown Lorenzopolis."

I clicked my presentation remote, and the video display zoomed in on a series of photographs depicting a large, glass corporate tower with the PhoodCo brand plastered across its roofline.

"The Lyran Intelligence Corps have been able to confirm that the Kuritans who evac'd from the factory are holed up on the 27th floor of PhoodCo's local offices with Rivoli as their unwitting guest. Our employer wants us to go in with an extraction team and get him back - alive - to prevent the Draconis Combine from extorting Rivoli for resources that could turn the local war effort in their favor."

"Our mission objectives are simple. The Gray Death Legion will be sending us two APCs and a squad of infantry. We are to escort the APCs to the PhoodCo tower and defend the objective while the Legion enters the building and recovers Kingston. Once the hostage extraction is complete, we're to provide cover for the APC while it withdraws to our staging area here at the factory. If we want salvage rights, our secondary objective is to clear the operational area of hostiles. Cut-and-dry. Are there any questions?"

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