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Captain Dutch Mckenzie (Hauptman)

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Subject: Captain Dutch Mckenzie
Date of Birth: 3000-2-22
Place of Birth: Unconfirmed but legend has it to be Solaris 7

Age:28 (as of 3028)
Height 187.25cm (6'-1.75")
Weight 96.16kg (212 lbs)
Eyes: Azure Blue
Hair: Sandy Blonde
Callsign: 'Master'


Born on Solaris 7, in a rather forgettable insignificant hospital clinic, high above a well know bar in the slums of Montenegro, that the tale of this one scruffy Merc begins. Dutch McKenzie was a tall lean leathery mechwarrior, but a fair man, always looking for a few good mechwarriors to saddle up with. The jobs were sometimes ordinary, kick a lit'l ass in the arena and take their names, "me can do" Dutch thought. The jobs were deadly but fairly easy for him, and the pay was always worth it.  And all he needed was a little extra funding to trick out his sweet ride... but no one ever believed that, and neither did he, but it was always fun to talk about...

But that was just a start to the story... with the 3rd Succession War coming to an end, payouts for Single Mechwarrior Combat were starting to bottom out, so life as a mercenary was about to begin anew. Travel to Outreach or Galatea seemed like the right thing to do gleen a little payola... or so he thought.

With the huge increase in the number of mercs seeking employment on Outreach and Galatea. They soon become overcrowded with whole battalions of mercenaries that had nowhere to go. Losers he called 'em... and his little voice told him "Don't go there, its not worth it... But like a fly drawn to shit, this was where he went."

So, with his time as a merc, Dutch was able to attained a respectable reputation amongst them. But, so what?...  being a big frog in a small pond, full of other little frogs... well, just not his idea of a good time.  With the exception of that incredible big breasted serving wench, Tanya, there was not much there he liked on Galatea.  Time to go, his lit'l voice said...  with his good reputation (and his custom ride), and a touch of notoriety that some would herald as "legend". Dutch chose to listen to what he heard, no, not that Bad Company song in his head, something besides that, the lit'l voice in his head... that said "go where the action is, and fortune will come".  So he decided, it was that time.  So he headed out to somewhere new, somewhere that had a little less of that stale old mercenary smell, and somehow joining the Aegis Division came to mind...


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