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Sure, I'll raise my hand to be the first to volunteer for this one. I'm not in front of my personal computer at the moment, but if memory serves, you have MekHQ sheets for the following Aegis Division characters, correct?

  • Charles Maxwell
  • Mara Walsh
  • Alexander Blackwood
  • Dexter Friedman (wanted by ComStar)

Also, I remember that we built a character for Steve Jenkins since he said something about his computer not playing nice with MegaMek, so that one should still be on file. Is there a way to export that one to text format or something so that it can be posted here for Steve to review and edit if he wants?

Going by memory (again), I believe you'll need character sheets for the following people:


  • Marius Lennox (who is definitely wanted by law enforcement in Kuritan space, and probably the Yakuza, too)
  • Alyssa Chase (wanted by ComStar)
  • James Hayes


  • Bishop Weyland
    • Any other NPCs that Bishop might have planned (I'll defer to him on this front)
  • Agent Nathan Schmidt
    • Agent Nathan Schmidt's NPCs
  • Any other PCs that decide to join us for this outing (we had two new registrations last night)

Have I got this right?

In terms of rules, what rule set does MegaMek use? It seems to me that we would do best to use that one so that there's no translation headaches.

Do you have a sheet that people can fill out manually that matches MegaMek's format in case psrx isn't available to our non-Windows users?

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Posted (edited)

Ok as I mentioned on Discord, I have these people:


... oh and the mech mover is just place holder for me to move mechs around in and out of storage, so just ignore that.


As for who I might need... yes, PC's for William Kaufman? Yes,  PC's for Major James Hayes? Marcus Donovan?

Dentist Sammy?


...and just as a guideline, I believe Charles first asked that all of our mech, vtol, aero, and tank pilots are all 3/4 or less (worse).

... any vehicles I should add? a Maxim Hovertank?


and lastly, the format of Mechwarrior character sheets that I normally use are these:


Mechwarrior 2nd edition character sheet fillable.pdf

this pdf file is easy to use and fill out for Mechwarrior (MW) 2nd Ed.


and for MW 3rd Ed, I use this spreadsheet. But please, please, only edit on the Green cells of this ODS file, as all other cells are generated from the numbers in the green cells. The normal characters from MW 3rd Ed are usually around 3000-5000 point characters, iirc. ODS files are the standard spreadsheet format files for Open Office, which is free to use and compatible with Microsoft office.

Blank of Battletech Character Sheet Aa1_ 10_21_2014.ods

Edited by Mek_Master

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, Joker 4-1 said:

In total we should have 3 condors, 3 drillsons, 1 maxim and one kestrel. 

Any preference on which varients you want?

There are 4 types of Condors in 3028, the standard, the Flamer Varient, the Liao Varient, and the Davion Varient.

There are 2 types of Drillsons in 3028, the Standard and the SRM Varient.

According to Megamek (MM) there are 5 types of Maxims.

There are only 2 types of Kestrel VTOLS, standard and Small Laser (I like the SL varient)

if you select varients from Sarna.net I can load them.


As for

2 hours ago, Agent Nathan Schmidt said:

Alright, lot of info to take in here, how do I build my character and send some plot twists in, does that go to you, @Mek_Master

I will send you to my link for the Mechwarrior 2nd Edition Rulebook I have put online for you to download and use to help create your Pilots character sheets. In the end it should be easy. If you need help we can meet in voice on Discord and I can walk you through it.

Here is the link:



Please feel free to Download it, so in a few weeks I can take it down.


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SO Sammy isn't coming on this mission, he is a tooth fixer on SHERATAN only. 

AFAIK Steve Jenkins already has a character sheet and he will be Meching for this OP. All I need if I get knocked down are some said and a cockpit katana, maybe a machine gun too so I can fight if I have to bail. 

Steve doesn't have any Warrants in House Kurita. 

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@Mek_Master: just jumping in here real quick in between work meetings to answer the question about who is where and whether or not character bios are needed:

Character Sheets Not Needed:

  • William Kauffman: Not part of this Op. He'll be away on business
  • Marcus Donovan: In orbit on the C.S.V. Mendacius. Involved via story exposition only.
  • James Hayes: Will be managing all battlefield activity from the Combat Information Center aboard the C.S.V. Republic. Involved via story exposition only.
  • Medibot: NPC, works in M.V. Tana's med bay. Involved via story exposition only, although I suppose we could roll a staff member that we name 'Medibot.'
  • Dentist Sammy: As Steve mentioned, he was a character in one of his side shenanigans on Sheratan.

Character Sheets Needed

As I understand it, the following characters don't have sheets, but will need them:

  • Bishop Weyland
  • Marius Lennox
  • Alyssa Chase

Have I got this right?

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