W E L C O M E  T O  T H E   C R A Y V E N  C O R P O R A T I O N
"Providing a safer today for a better tomorrow."

Greetings and welcome. We are Crayven Securities Incorporated, an independent defense contractor founded in 3055 at the
height of the Clan invasion. Our division employs over 1,000 exceptional staff on Sheratan and abroad, and our many services have
become a universal synonym for quality protection at a reasonable price.

As is the case with ComStar, our primary financial institution through which all transactions are handled, we are an independent
body, functioning strictly as a for-profit organization, with no ties to any political, mercenary, or Clan organizations whatsoever.

Headquartered on Sheratan in the Chaos March,, Crayven Securities was originally established  in 3055 as an
 independent technologies exchange, and has since expanded to provide both protection and R&D services to an exclusive list of clientele.
Our non-discriminatory policy allows us to operate freely, without the political restraints so many of today's organizations
allow themselves to be governed by. From 3055 through 3081, our agency  was actively involved in a variety of projects throughout
the Inner Sphere and Clan space, and relocated its headquarters from Vesta 3 to Sheratan following the Word of Blake invasion.

In order to remain in business with the rise of the Republic of the Sphere, in 3082, the corporation shifted its focus from weapons development
and mercenary operations to assisting in the decommissioning of war machines and the reconfiguring of combat equipment for peacetime
applications. Many of our production and refit facilities were committed to this task, and our organization was able to sustain
itself through the latter half of 3097, when the demand for this type of work tapered off to such a degree that it was no longer
profitable. On April 18, 3098, Crayven Securities, Incorporated suspended its military operations indefinitely.

In an attempt to sustain the company, corporate officers developed a new business plan which effectively transformed Crayven
Securities, Incorporated from a defense contractor into a for-profit civil agency. The new business model placed the company's
focus on architecture, terraforming, and construction, and its services were marketed to worlds attempting to rebuild their
infrastructure following  the massive destruction wrought by the Word of Blake jihad. The term 'Securities' was dropped
from the company's name, and, in an homage to the organization's origins, 'Construction' was inserted in its place.

Crayven Construction provided its services to hundreds of worlds between 3100 and 3135, never turning away a single client.
In the spirit of its founders, the company never discriminated against any of its clients for any reason. Unfortunately, as
the HPG network failed, old rivalries were re-kindled, and the sociopolitical climate of the Inner Sphere became far more
hostile than it had been in nearly a century. The corporate officers of Crayven Construction realized that the company
could no longer function with the free-spirited independence it had once known, and that, ultimately, a side would have to
be chosen.

In 3136, the decision was made to no longer accept contracts from entities not loyal to the Republic of the Sphere. On
16 April 3136, for the first time in its 81-year history, Crayven Construction declined a contract. Two days later,
on 18 April 3136, a Blank calling himself  'John Maxwell' appeared at the gates of the corporate headquarters,
disagreeing with the direction in which our directors were taking the company, and making wild claims that
he was the true heir to the Crayven director's chair. Mr. Maxwell presented obviously-forged documents that
appeared to be from the late Charles Maxwell, a former Chief Executive Officer who passed away in 3092,
supporting the legitimacy of his claim. After an extensive investigation, it was determined that
absolutely no credibility could be given to Mr. Maxwell's claims, and he was banned from the
Crayven premises. Mr. Maxwell was later exposed as a Steiner sympathizer when he was witnessed aboard a transport
near the Lyran capital world of Donegal. At this time, Crayven Construction is pursuing a lawsuit
against Mr. Maxwell to recoup the massive expenses incurred investigating his false claims, and the tremendous
amount of business lost due to the bad publicity generated in the press as a result of his allegations.

If you want to know more about the Crayven Corporation, its history, and the kind of men and women who work for us,
please give us a call, visit our metasite, or pay us a visit! We're always looking for the best and brightest;
new blood and new ideas are what keep our company strong.

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