W E L C O M E  T O  C R A Y V E N  A E R O S P A C E  T E C H N O L O G I E S
"Questio Thesaurus Ultra Astrum"

Since 1775, when Crayven Corporation  founder Lord Robert Crayven looked toward the heavens and predicted that one day,
mankind would sail amongst the stars, the mission of the Aerospace division is, and always has been, not only one of
exploration, but also one of innovation. Throughout the centuries, Crayven Aerospace Technologies - known as 
Crayven Nautical Technologies until 1961, has been both a pioneer and a leader in the research and development
of breakthrough advances in the field of aviation.

The aviation division's foundations were first laid in 1905, when, recognizing the breakthroughs
of brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright,  then-CEO A.P. Vandergraff issued a directive to begin forays
into flight technologies. The Nautical Technologies (NauTech) division, being already well-equipped
and well-experienced in field of transportation research and design, was chosen for the task.
Accordingly, a divisional restructuring was undertaken, enlarging and expanding NauTech to incorporate
the facilities and staff needed to launch the Aviation branch, while simultaneously continuing the
mission of the nautical division as laid down by Lord Crayven himself.

Crayven Nautical Technologies thus became Crayven Nautical & Aerospace Technologies (CNAT), and
remained as such for the next fifty-six years. In 1961, American President John F. Kennedy issued
a call to the United States Government to undertake a program with the ultimate objective of
landing a man on the moon before the end of the decade. Then-CEO of the Crayven Corporation
Nathaniel Martinson, inspired and intrigued by the President's challenge, and also realizing
the potential lucrative markets that voyaging into space could open up, called upon CNAT
to begin research into space technologies immediately. Nautical research was outsourced
to partner organizations, and the Crayven Nautical & Aerospace Technologies division
became Crayven Aerospace Technologies (referred to by its staff as 'the CAT').
 Its insignia, the image of a lion, overlaid atop the crest of the Crayven Corporation, is
symbolic of this affectionate nickname. The Aerospace Division's mission  proved to be a
tremendous success, and many advances and breakthroughs were made
in the coming decades, and continued to be made for centuries thereafter.

In 2501, following the First Stellar War, the Crayven Corporation ceased to be. It would not
be until nearly 554  years later, in 3055, when Edward Kauffman, inspired by the ancient
organization's incredible legacy, would again raise Robert Crayven's corporate insignia above
the sprawling metropolis of Vesta 3, that the Aerospace Division would once again begin operation.

Reborn as a Black Ops division, Aerospace was responsible for a wide range of groundbreaking
technological advances, mostly of a military nature, and many of which remain classified
to this day. It was also responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Crayven Corporation's multiple
DropShips, fighters, atmospheric craft, and JumpShip. The Aerospace Division also, in a much-publicized event,
located, and was instrumental in, the recovery and restoration of the legendary C.S.V. Astrid, an ancient warship under
the command of the Corporation which had previously been thought lost in the First Stellar War.

On April 18, 3098, when Crayven Securities, Incorporated suspended its military operations indefinitely, Aerospace's
mission remained the same, though with a much greater emphasis placed on the development of civilian technologies
which could be made available for purchase by the public at large. CAT excelled in this role, producing a wide
variety of civil spacecraft which were embraced by the consumer market, and the Corporation reaped the benefits.

In 3137, the Corporation resumed military operations under the direction of CEO Marcus Pierce, this time with a push toward
frontier exploration of the Outer Rim, beyond the boundaries of the Inner Sphere, with a focus on seeking out new worlds
to be used for establishing Corporate-controlled colonies. It is in this capacity that Aerospace now functions and
excels, fulfilling the dream first expressed by Lord Crayven over thirteen hundred years ago: to sail amongst the stars!

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