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  2. MEANWHILE...... On the Bus we bounced all over the place as our bus driver hit every Pot Hole on Damnisha Street. Every time he hit a bump everyone flew up out of their seats and screamed at the same time. It was another normal City road. But it was making me feel really sick and I had to be on my A Game if I was going to figure out how to work The Book when I got back to Site 187. I would have to do something about the Driving." "Hey driver!" I Yelled. "Can't you try not to hit all the Pot Holes?? You don't get bonus points for sinking the shots!!" The driver looked up in his
  3. Meanwhile..... “Excellent. My plan is to have you and the team underway in the next thirty days, providing that Captain Maxwell is agreeable to such an extended contract," I smiled. "Now...what questions can I answer for you? Do you have a list of your desired augments available? Assuming that we approve the project, I have contacts along the way who can help facilitate that process in a more discreet way than augmentation clinics closer to home," Bishop wondered deep in thought with what Kauffman said. A thirty day turnaround was incredibly fast, especially after their back t
  4. "What about Aegis Division?" I asked as Nathan and I walked into the storage room where we kept the two forklifts - one working, and one for parts - and assorted other pieces of machinery. The emergency lighting wasn’t quite up to snuff, so I got out the tiny, super-bright flashlight I’d taken to carrying ever since the ship’s electronics got fried. "I think it's probably too soon for them," Nathan answered. "Only fairly recently, I was shooting at them. Plus I don't know whether or not Captain Maxwell hires people with active international warrants. And to be honest, I'm not sure if you
  5. Meanwhile... Four more whiskey stones clinked into a fresh glass. Outside the Half Moon, a low clap of thunder boomed. "We've been contracted to find a doll," I began, passing the glass to Bishop. The Lieutenant raised an eyebrow. "A doll." Bishop replied, taking a sip of the drink. I refreshed my own beverage and then moved to lean against a front corner of my desk. "You seem surprised, Mister Weyland," I replied with a laugh. "You of all people should understand how eccentric Interstellar Expeditions clients can be. Why, most recently, I understand that they dropped 300 t
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  7. Meanwhile, aboard the Hurry Up Bessie... “So, I’m curious - why are you looking for new work? You seemed to have a good thing going with your previous team.” I felt a flush of stress and embarrassment wash over me as Nikki landed the million C-Bill question. Even though I anticipated it would be coming, when it finally did, I still felt like a deer in the headlights. The elevator arrived and its doors flung open way faster than they probably should have. Then the elevator dinged. I was pretty sure those two things are supposed to happen in the opposite order. We stepped inside. The l
  8. The soft strains of Debussy's Arabesque enveloped the executive cabin in an embrace of delicate piano pieces and luminously colored orchestral tapestries as I contemplated Bishop's plea. The gentle, steady hiss of the afternoon rain falling against the Half Moon's hull added a soothing, poignant backdrop of organic white noise that I'd desperately missed during my nearly three months in captivity, having spent the majority of the time adrift in the vacuum of space, plying the desolate barrens between the stars. “I’m asking for your help, sir. I am no longer as good as I once was. I’m olde
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  10. Ok, no problem" said Bishop. With that, he went into the CEO's office and I took the lift out to the landing pad. As Bishop entered the General’s office, Kauffman greater him with a warm smile. “Come Lieutenant, have a set” said Kauffman as he motioned to one of the large ornate seats in front of his desk. The large mercenary took he’s seat, slightly in comfortable with how welcoming the seat was to his body. Bishop had spent so much of his life sitting on military bench seats in the back of Vtols or tanks that luxurious comforts made him feel out of place. Kauffman reac
  11. I parked at the end of the cargo ramp leading to the bay that held the cattle; I’d signed a contract to deliver the hogs to the Bacon-o-Rama and left them the “sample” I’d brought with me, but I still had the bull and two heifers in the trailer. I got out of the truck, and then noticed Nathan coming toward me, carrying an umbrella and wearing a soaking wet jumpsuit. “Hi, thanks for coming out,” I said. “Looks like you hit some weather?” “You could say that,” Nathan said. “One sec.” I opened up the passenger door and rummaged through the junk back there, looking for a towel.
  12. RE DUX MEANWHILE........ At Lockupuncture INC The Rickshaw rolled up on the LOCKUPUNCTURE store on Cheetara Street about 45 minutes after we had left the Old As Dirt Antique and Book Store. It had took us so long because the Rikshaw guy had had a hard time going up the bridge in the rain and with lots of cars going by him at a billion miles an hour. And honking their horns, one dude threw a burger and it busted all over him and got Lettuce and Secret Sauce in his hair and then when he Yelled at the dude about it he threw a Watermelon Milkshake too so now the Rickshaw guy had bur
  13. Gellen's Heights spaceport Gellen's Heights, Sheratan III March 11, 3029 ______________________________________________________ The light afternoon showers had transitioned to a steadier and heavier downpour as I slogged my way on foot out of Berth 59, away from the Half Moon, and down the access road toward Berth 23 where the Hurry Up Bessie had made port. The umbrella I carried did little to keep the rain off me, and in a few minutes, I was thoroughly soaked. Great... I thought. As if showing up to a job interview with two major powers trying to arrest me wasn't bad enough..
  14. ____________________________________________________ INCOMING AVTP MAIL COMMAND INSTRUCTION FOLLOWS SECURITY LEVEL: COMPARTMENTALIZED ____________________________________________________ Date: 16 March 3029 To: Jaeger, Orlex (jaegero@cipher.mercnet.mrb) From: Walsh, Mara (recruiting@cipher.aegisdivision.mrb) cc: Maxwell, Charles E. (cemaxwell@cipher.aegisdivision.mrb) Subject: Welcome aboard Mr. Jaeger - On behalf of the entire team, I'm pleased to welcome you to Aegis Division as a permanently-attached member of our BattleMech corps. Your MRB background check has cl
  15. Date: 11 March 3029 To: Weyland, Lt. Bishop - Strategic Operations From: Kauffman, Gen. William - CITADEL Re: Ferris Clearance: Top Secret - EYES ONLY Lieutenant - I realize how unusual it is to receive directives straight from the executive wheelhouse. Under normal onboarding circumstances, you would have been placed under a section chief and assigned a traditional reporting structure, but since the outset of your employment with the Crayven Corporation, your career trajectory has been anything but normal. And it seems that our fates continue to intertwine. An opportunity has just
  16. C.S.V. Half Moon Gellen's Heights Spaceport Gellen's Heights, Sheratan III March 11, 3029 ______________________________________________________ "Mr. Schmidt," William mused, "to what do I owe the pleasure of this audience?" Despite the airy music lilting through the air and the warm, inviting nature of William's words, I sensed a frostiness in the air as I slowly sat down in the chair. Maybe it was me projecting. Or maybe William had the ability to convey an undercurrent of true emotion without ever breaking his placid and smiling veneer. Whatever the case, it occurred to me t
  17. OLDER THAN DIRT ANTIQUES Nikki's truck Bounced up onto the curb and opened my door. "Thanks for the ride Nikki, I had a great time and lots of fun, it was good to meet you. Here is my Business Card in case you already need more of my Services." "You too Steve, how are you getting home?" Nikki asked. My home.... I had not thought about where home was. After I had my accident on SOLARIS and ended up on OUTREACH, I had spent Months with Aegis Division and I had been living in a bunk room on the TANA. Then after that when we had did leave on SHERATAN I was between the TANA a
  18. ____________________________ - Incoming Coded Message -- Command Instruction Follows - - Decode Theta Protocol - Gamma83cyan: 1st - - For internal use only - ____________________________ Operation Codename: Gray Demon Planet: Oberon IV (Oberon Confederation) Terrain: River Gorge Time: Night Mission Type: Extraction Raid/High Risk/Covert Operation Payment: 78,473,669.37 C-Bills Command Rights: Integrated Transport Rights: Full Support Rights: Battle/60% Salvage Rights: 30% OVERVIEW In January 3029, the Crayven Corporation entered into a contractual, year-long trial wi
  19. After coming to an agreement with Billy of Billy’s Bacon-o-Rama, I loaded the bull back into the trailer and Steve and I headed back into town. Steve held a plastic zipper bag with a BIOHAZARD label, which contained his phone. He was talking excitedly about the medication which had assisted with the device’s return, and the legal difficulties it had faced because of its’ unfortunate name and branding. “So after losing the class-action suit and having to pay a bunch of money to fix everyone’s destroyed guts and bathrooms, Turbo Lax changed the name from Turbo Lax BM to Turbo Lax Bull Movem
  20. Earlier that day... C.S.V. Half Moon Gellen's Heights Spaceport Gellen's Heights, Sheratan III March 11, 3029 ______________________________________________________ As the airy refrains of Debussy's Rêverie wafted through the air, I cast my visitors a welcoming nod. “It’s no matter, Lieutenant. Besides, this gives me a break from the Corporate shareholders' reports and budgets. What can I help you with?” I laid the data pad aside on my desk, focusing my undivided attention on the unlikely pair that now stood before me. Bishop Weyland, a battle-hardened career solide
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  22. Near the Spaceport Gellen's Heights, Sheratan Sheratan System, Tikonov Free Rebulic Space March 11, 3029 ____________________________________ The half burned out compact fluorescent bulb in the adjustable desk lamp gave off an inconsistent glow that would start flickering randomly as the ballast struggled to stay functioning, hardly the best light to do relatively delicate work by but it was better than the alternative. I turned and looked out the front window of the small motel room I had rented, the glow of numerous neon lights shone through the thin curtains and provided the on
  23. Bishop and Nathan rode the lift in silence, each warrior contemplating the past, the present and the possible futures. Bishop had great respect for Nathan, he had proved himself multiple times in combat and had shown a level of humility that most warriors would never show. The lift slowed then gently stopped on the top deck. With a soft almost whimsical ding the door parted into a long and stunning hallway. Both men simultaneously stepped out and begun walking the 30 meter walk down the extra wide hallway. Bishop always had a feeling of wonder in this place. The floor was a black gliste
  24. AT BILLY'S BACON O RAMA.... "Well, we're going to have to wait for the Bull to bathroom it out now that we gave it some Turbo Lax for Cows, but in the mean time the cat x-ray came back and your head is fine, it was probably just a brain freeze." Said the veterinarian. "While we wait for the bull to give your phone back here are some pills to kill the pain in your head if you have any left." I looked in my hand and I saw a packet of medicines, it said PAIN ASSASSIN FOR CATS AND DOGS. I ate the pills and we went out to the Waiting Barn to wait. When we were out there I saw somebody w
  25. Berth 59 - CSV Half Moon Gellen's Heights spaceport Gellen's Heights, Sheratan III March 11, 3029 ______________________________________________________ "What about those Aegis Division guys? They looked like they had a pretty solid FBO setup back there. Maybe they could analyze it? Charles Maxwell seems like a straight shooter. They have a medical robot that's pretty high tech. I think it's got some kind of diagnoser on board." I wondered aloud. "They're hired guns, not scientists." Bishop replied. "If you had bullets in your blood stream, they could probably diagnose that. I'
  26. I ushered the cows back into the trailer and latched the door, while Jonny Ray took a drag on the cigarette he’d just lit. “You can be expecting a call from my son-in-law Dean mighty soon, I think, assuming if-” “AAAAAAAAaaaaaauahauhAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHG” a scream rang out across the farmer’s market. “It’s been a pleasure meeting you, Jonny Ray” I said hurriedly. “Sorry to cut this short, but I think I’m pretty sure that’s Steve.” “That’s him, alright,” Jonny Ray drawled as I sprinted toward the source of the sound near the center of the market. I found Steve in the Fast n’ Fu
  27. Meanwhile... Crayven Corporation Headquarters Meredith, Neoasia, New Earth March 11, 3029 ______________________________________________________ A cold, hard rain drummed rhythmically against the row of vaulted windows flanking the 37th-floor research laboratory, an afternoon thunderstorm passing over the city of Meredith and depositing several centimeters of rain across the metropolis as it moved out to sea. Thin slivers of sunlight began to filter in through the tightly-drawn shutters of the workspace, cutting illuminated rays of tempest-fraught gray through the darkened workspac
  28. Nighthawks are old, few exist that is for sure. You are correct my friend, it’s old and malevolent but not against the wearer. It has an old spirt... a hateful spirt. I believe it wasn’t trying to kill me... it was trying to keep me alive by all means possible so that I could complete my mission. “What was mission Bishop?” Asked Nathan. “To protect the pack, you and everyone else. Make no mistake Nathan, I am a monster. There is an old saying, an ancient saying... sometimes you need a monster to hunt other monsters. The universe we live in is not black and white, just various sha
  29. RE DEUX..... MEANWHILE...... "Thanks Billie!" I said, then I gave her at least 55 C-Cents. "Keep the change." I said, I was a big spender today and she giggled at me, women dig guys who know how to blow their cash on the right things. "Also here's my phone number, not the one on the top of the card, that one got cut off, not the 2nd one either, that one goes to a Taxidermist that I had to print on there to get a discount on the cards, its the 3rd one, you'll know you called the right one if you get a sick ring back tone." Then I handed her my business card and played the ring
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