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  2. "Octavia!" Mentally, I sighed as I turned to see Orlex trotting up the hall towards me. It was too much effort to keep repeatedly trying to correct the crew - another sign of their inability to handle anything appropriately. It was a ship full of discount Johnny's that made me actually think that the Davion might not be so bad after all. "Yes, Orlex. What is it?" He waved a PDA before handing it over. I started scrolling through it as he continued talking. "It's skip tracing work. We were hoping you could work some magic. Find out information on who our lucky recipient is,
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  4. Meanwhile... "Go ahead and link up with Orlex; he's coordinating resources for these projects," Captain Maxwell said, I'll let him know what we've decided." "What about Bishop?" I asked hesitantly. "Think he'd be able to shed some light on the matter?" Captain Maxwell froze with a look of concern. "Let's continue to afford him plausible deniability for now. We'll cross that bridge if and when we get to it." the Captain said. He was right of course, the last thing we wanted to do was either create an awkward situation between Bishop and the Crayven Corporation, whose contract we
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  6. "You need to move the camera, I can't see your AUdition!" The guy on the phone yelled at me. "Well how come I need to do an Audition, I already got recruited for the battle and you said we are Locked and Loaded for the Arena at Twycross!" I yelled back, then I moved the phone around in the gym so that the recruiter from the Martial Arts Consortium could see me better. "Anyway don't you know how hard it is to Pump Iron and do forms in no gravity??" "Never mind that!" The recruiter yelled, "Just do it!" "OK but hang on a second" I said, thjen I put down the MagnaWeights and I went over
  7. I crutched down to the gym after my shift. I still had a cast on, but Mallory thought I should start practicing my physical therapy exercises with my good foot so I’d already be familiar with the motions when the cast came off. I’d also been trying out some of the weight machines, since I felt kinda scrawny next to these buff mercenary guys, and I wanted to fit in. Steve was already there, practicing martial arts forms. He had big shiny headphones on, and matching shiny gym shorts, and looked really intensely focused. He did say once that getting completely meditated helped his fig
  8. C.V. Hurry Up Bessie, Mule-class Dropship Maxie's Planet system jump point Maxie's Planet - Lyran Commonwealth November 28, 3029 _______________________________________________ As we'd suspected, the small device bequeathed to us by Malice back on Ozymandias Station had, in fact, turned out to be a transmitter. More specifically, it appeared to be an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) that was heavily customized to put out a powerful, repeating message of the sender's choosing, keyed to a specific, non-standard, tight-beam encrypted frequency that couldn't be chang
  9. Elsewhere... Crayven Corporation headquarters Meredith, New Earth Lyran Commonwealth July 1, 3019 ____________________________________ The storm pounded down, as it always did on occasions such as these, sending hails of raindrops spraying off the roof, pattering staccato rhythms against the cold, angular window panes of my executive office space. Nature had a flair for the dramatic. I stared at my computer terminal in disbelief, reading the three lines of text over and over again. JONES, HAROLD J. ITIN: TERRA → NEW EARTH (FLIGHT 8743) DECEASED RIGIL KENTARUS // 23 J
  10. C.V. Hurry Up Bessie, Mule-class Dropship Oberon system jump point Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 25, 3029 _______________________________________________ The impromptu engagement party a few days ago, graciously hosted by Captain Nikki and her crew, had been a resounding success and everyone had a great time. The chance to both unwind and relax after our intense mission as well as celebrate Charles and Alyssa's engagement was a boon to everyone and even the less sociable members of the team were able to have a good time. Steve, in true Jenkins fashion, had somehow manag
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  12. MEANWHILE BEFORE OR AFTER IN THE LUNCH BAY............ “Congratulations!!!!!!” "DO IT NOW THERMO MAN!!" i yelled and then we both pulled the cannons on our Confetti Guns, Thermo Man's went off and blasted confetti all over Captain Maxwell and Alyssa Chase and everybody laughed, but mine just went clickyclickyclickyclicky and didn't make any confetti, I looked down the Barrel and saw all the confetti packed in, but it wouldnt go off. I frowned and threw my confetti gun on the floor and yelled CONGRATULATIONS!! Then I ran over to the DJ table and turned off the music, as everybody walk
  13. Upbeat techno music played on the cafeteria speakers, accompanied by a thunk-thunk-thunk as Gretchen pounded out pork schnitzel in time with the beat. We’d set up a buffet on one of the mess tables, with a gingham tablecloth, cheese, chips, popcorn and a big bowl of punch. We didn’t have much on hand to decorate with, but Colleen and I did a pretty good job brightening the place up with bows made of brightly colored bailing twine and some see-through red and blue packing tape stuck over the light fixtures. We’d also unbolted a projector from a conference room and clamped it onto on
  14. "I also realize that bad intel or not it does not dismiss the increased risk incurred during our portion of our joint operation, and while I do apologize I also know that is not what you were looking for. I am open to discussion on that matter, provided the terms are reasonable, what did you have in mind?" I looked toward Octavia, who appeared to balk momentarily, as though an offer of compromise wasn't what she was expecting. But Jaeger's deflect had been masterful, and I certainly wasn't about to give up the ruse over a matter of C-Bills. However, that didn't seem to be what Octavia had in m
  15. C.V. Hurry Up Bessie, Mule-class Dropship En-route to Oberon system jump point Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 10, 3029 _______________________________________________ "Then I recommend going straight to the horse's mouth. Let me see what answers I can get out of IE directly," Schuster proposed. "Do it," Maxwell confirmed, "Let's see what this Pandora's Box holds." The faint sound of footsteps echoing in the corridor outside the fault reached my ears as the Captain advised Schuster to go ahead with his hacking attempts on Interstellar Expeditions. I looked towar
  16. Well well well. Exploring was turning over all sorts of useful knowledge. This ship was interesting for the most part. Comstar, augmented warriors, all amid what looked like.... livestock. Weirdest set of famers turned mercs, perhaps? I certainly wasn't going to insult humble beginnings as a guest, but at least I was graciously contributing some higher class to this vessel. Orlex and Schuster seemed a bit more dignified, with intelligence service from the sounds of it, but still. All seemed to be civilian. Though... at this rate I wasn't sure if I was still nobility or not in
  17. "No, not so long as you're planning to fund my criminal defense for all the laws I'm about to break." Nick quipped. "Where do you want me to start?" I cast Nick an expression of concern. "Look, I don't want to ask you to go through with this if you're not feeling comfortable with it. This is an entirely voluntary undertaking. Only you can ascertain if it's an acceptable level of risk for you," I responded. "No, it's fine. I've got a burner identity, ComStar isn't after me, and I've got a proven track record of computer crimes to prove my abilities. Plus, if I do get caught, I d
  18. I had been back on the ship for less than 24 hours, and already, certain machinations had pulled me into a murky project that I was already pretty sure was going to involve some ethically-gray maneuvering. It was a foregone conclusion that this was what it was going to be. You don't get pulled off your day job via a really cryptic pitch and a trip down to a shadowy, disused vault if the job is on the level. Especially when the job you're doing is for someone who you don't actually work for who has access to people with much higher-end talents than your own. So that narrowed it down to ei
  19. C.V. Hurry Up Bessie, Mule-class Dropship En route to Oberon system jump point Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 10, 3029 _______________________________________________ "Yes, I probably can do it, but if I try to hack client data and I get caught, you're going to have a much bigger problem on your hands than if a kid with a scrubbed identity does so. ComStar knows who I am," Alyssa replied to the Captain's unspoken question, "Schuster is a good call. I'll help him as much as I can." "Alright," Charles nodded, exhaling heavily, "Lieutenant Jaeger - please make it so. O
  20. C.V. Hurry Up Bessie En route to Oberon system jump point Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 10, 3029 _______________________________________________ "So, uh, I don't mean to rain on your parade or anything, but there's a hitch. We're not getting paid to lay over for pro wrestling matches. Can't this wait until we're back at Sheratan?" I asked, watching Steve's spirit deflate as he registered the words. "I don't know if they're still gonna want me in six months. That's a really long time from now," the MechWarrior replied dejectedly. "I know I'm going to regret thi
  21. NWHILE..;..BACK ON THE HURRY UP BESSIE Doc Mallory or the horrible body snatcher ghoul that used to be Doc M<allory walked over and gave me a telephone, it was one of those old roto phones like you see in the movies where the guy is talking on the phone and smoking a cigar, then the lady walks in and says a bunch of things about how he needs to seal the Deal and show his boss who's boss, so he does and right when he';s going to hang up, the lady sees a roach or something and screams, so the guy comes over amd smashes it to death with the phone body and it makes a bunch of dinging noise
  22. Elsewhere... Cabot Taiga Outskirts of Meredith, New Earth Lyran Commonwealth July 19, 3016 ____________________________________ Harold Jones and I bushwhacked through the thick, swampy coniferous forest known as the 'Cabot Taiga,' a vast expanse of rolling woodlands that lay outside the city limits of Meredith. Named for Martin Cabot, the first governor to lead the New Earth colony following its establishment, the deep wildlands stretched for miles, largely untouched by the encroachment of mankind. Though I'd explored along its perimeter many times, this venture was my
  23. I’d said to Mallory earlier that I should probably tell the captain I was here, and he asked which captain, and I said I don’t know, either one, or whoever is less likely to put me off the ship. Mallory said that wasn’t likely, but I didn’t want to count my ducks before they were hatched. So it wasn’t really a surprise when Mallory suggested Captain Maxwell come talk to me, but I still felt caught off guard and had to scramble for what to say so he might not get mad at me for stowing away. Or at least get less mad. "Hi, Captain Maxwell,” I said, trying to sound like a really polite
  24. Meanwhile, on Twycross... October 10, 3029 - 1045 hours ------- Wind howled against the side of the abandoned building, stirring up dust until it danced wildly. The sound jolted Claire awake and she immediately leapt into a crouch, reaching for her weapon. Hackles raised, her eyes darted around wildly before she dropped back into a seated position. Just the wind. Not a threat. She hadn't been followed. She was alone. ...still alone. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been by herself for more than a few days. There had always been
  25. This crew was absolutely appaling. Steve alone was a biohazard masquerading as human. This would never be allowed to happen on Scorched Earth. Well, Johnny had occasionally missed the john when too drunk. And... as a Davion, he was less concerned with decorum anyway. So he might have low enough standards to fit in here. No breakfast. That at least was something I was confident we did better. Sephy loved to bake. Here, there was.... ugh, instant coffee? How hard was it to have real coffee? Still, I grabbed a sad looking protein bar and went looking for the others.
  26. The following day... C.V Hurry Up Bessie En route to Oberon system jump point Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 10, 3029 - 0947 hours _______________________________________________ "...and it was at that point that I arrived in the mess hall to find that he'd vomited in the midnight shift's buffet table. Did a real number on the deviled eggs, the corn dogs, and the potato salad, I might add," Mallory explained nonchalantly, squeezing several pills into a paper cup and swatting the nearby medicine cabinet closed. "Chef's only now gotten the whole place sanitized."
  27. Hurry Up Bessie, Mule-class Dropship Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 9, 3029 - 0130 hours _______________________________________________ "Lieutenant," Captain Maxwell began, passing the device to me while speaking in a voice barely above a whisper, "I think this mystery just got a lot more complex." I took the device in question and turned it over in my hand myself, it almost resembled a data cube but it appeared far more intricate with the engraved circuitry on the device and the inset diamond-like cube. The Captain appeared to be waiting patiently for me to make the
  28. Minutes prior... "I agree, let's get this over with," I replied, a splitting headache neatly bisecting both sides of my cranium, flares of light shimmering at the periphery of my vision. I laid the doll face down on the table, removing its ancient, tattered sailor's shirt, making note of a line of stiches up its back. "It seems to be getting worse." Bending closer, trying to will my vision back into focus, I poked at the stitch at the base of the doll's neck, giving it an initial exploratory tug. If the thing was booby-trapped, I wanted to know before I was reduced to composite parts
  29. Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation Port Royal spaceport Dropship Hurry Up Bessie October 9, 3029 - 01:30 AM Trying to walk quietly with a broken foot is kind of pointless. A lot of the hallways had grab bars along the side, and using those to shuffle along was quieter than hopping, but still at least as loud as a normal walk. I lucked out though, and didn’t pass anyone in the hall on my way to sick bay. Sick bay looked pretty empty, too. The lights were turned down low, and Alyssa was lying in one of the hospital beds, but she was sleeping like a rock. I re
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