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  2. NOTE: The four medium pulse lasers are missing from this TRO's detailed loadout. I'll update it in the future with the full manifest.
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  4. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ “Ooooh,” Gamlble's voice replied through the now static-laden headset. “Yeah, he’s at the controls, I’m in the engine room. Once he gets his feet out of my way I’ll give the headset back so you can talk to him.” A muffled series of shouts followed, during which I swore I heard Steve complaining about his shoe falling into the engine. Then, Jenkins came on the line. "We're doing great, Captain Maxwell, THERMO MAN fixed me up real good." "Thermo...what?" I asked. "Actually
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  6. Oberon VI, 3015 Moments later... Four Maskirovka agents lay dead on the floor of the accounting office, gaping laser wounds smoldering in the center of their chests. The treasurer stood before me, hands raised in surrender. I looked back and forth between him and my unknown liberator, who stood in the doorway of the chamber, clad entirely in a dark green-hued Nighthawk PA(L) suit, a matching pair of Sternsnacht Claymore Heavy Pistols leveled at the official. "My god!" the treasurer exclaimed. "You - you - you saved us! We were just concluding our business when those...those men bur
  7. The person who’d designed the Dragon didn’t expect to ever have to repair one themselves. If they had, they would have put maintenance access to the mech’s reactor someplace easy to get to, instead of making it a floor hatch right under the pilot’s stinky-ass feet. So I dropped down in, and dodged good enough that Steve’s feet only whacked me in the head a few times, and then got a faceful of neon green antifreeze sprayed all over me. That explained the MECH DESTRUCTION IN 2 MINUTES stuff - a core breach wouldn’t have wrecked the mech, but an overheat could cause some pretty good
  8. Damn. My Raven wasn't designed for CQC. It was meant to poke in, out, dance around, and let the others take the risks. Still, I tried to flit around to keep my mobility up in the cramped space as the Thug and Shadowhawk stared us down. Maxwell's men had joined us, and weapons fire was firing into mechs and scenery alike as orders, retorts, and intel were barked across communications. A stray laser shot from the Grasshopper narrowly missed the Atlas, and a scoff from Johnny rose up from the comms. "Just making sure you're playing attention there bud."
  9. As I drove my Atlas toward the Quickdraw, trigger-slapping its laser suite and tearing multiple gouges in the pirate 'Mech's armored hide, my eyes traced across the hostile contacts flaring on the tactical display, taking stock of our situation. A Thug, a Quickdraw, a Gladiator, and a Shadow Hawk...another full lance. And I've got five autocannon rounds and four medium lasers to my name. Not great odds in our current condition unless Scorched Earth is in better shape than we are, I thought to myself. Simultaneously, a series of gut-wrenching calls crackled in one after another over my Atl
  10. MEANWHILE.... Total Warfare happened on the Battlefield as THERMO MAN tried to fix the Auto Cannon he had broke when he had tried to steal my Mech. I did a bunch of angry yelling on account of my DRAGON only had lasers left and L. R. M.s didn't work in close space, so when I was banging on the Quickdraw that was coming at me I wasn't doing a lot of stuff to it. "HURRY UP WITH THOSE REPAIRS THERMO MAN!" I Yelled, then the DRAGON got hit hit hard and wrecked into another Mech that was trying to combat with somebody else at the same time. ThermO MAN yelled a bunch and I think he bashed his
  11. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ Damage alarms wailed throughout the cockpit, accompanied by a myriad of warning lights ranging from amber to an attention grabbing fire engine red, all indicating the same thing that I could clearly see on my HUD. My Merlin was at the end of its proverbial rope, the battle with the Champion had decimated what armour I'd had left from this morning's fight, the computer estimated I had about 36% of my total armour remaining and 90% of my internal structure, although the paltry 4.75 tons
  12. I was about three quarters of the way toward the rear of the combined formation of Scorched Earth and Aegis 'Mechs as we entered the cave, with only Captain Maxwell and Steve Jenkins flanking me. As a result, I was treated to a front row view of the mercenary lances smashing into the pirate forces, the close quarters fighting and necessity to use melee weapons creating a chaotic atmosphere. BattleMech components flew through the air, vehicles exploded underfoot, and the cavern quickly filled with smoke and fire like some kind of hellish underworld backlit by erratic utility lighting. It seemed
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  14. Simultaneously... The coherent energy blasts of five small lasers cored into my Atlas' torso, doing what was actually a respectable amount of damage. I responded back with my AC/20, tearing huge chunks of chassis trim from the Charger as we grappled in close quarters. I had never piloted a BattleMech of any sort in a cavern before, and the already claustrophobic environment of the cave became even more so when I was at the controls of a 100-ton, 18-meter-tall war machine that very nearly matched the height of the cave itself. I didn't have much space to counter anything that might be thro
  15. Riding with the guy who’s mech I’d trashed was awkward. Really awkward. Half the stuff wrong with it was already like that even before I’d tried to steal it, but he still seemed plenty mad about the other half. There was no good way to reattach the cockpit canopy, which meant there was really nothing in the way of Steve throwing me out if he decided to - and it was a long way down to the ground. So I tried to be a good passenger. So far, it wasn’t going well. I’d tried to build rapport by acting enthusiastic about the pilot’s music, and that totally backfired when he discovered I’d busted his
  16. I watched pensively as Orpheus lance and Scorched Earth disappeared, one by one, beneath the waterfall. I'd been relegated to rear guard duty, courtesy of my 'Mech's absolutely ruined condition, and while I understood the tactical necessity of it all, I was still pissed off. As the commanding officer of Aegis Division, I should have been taking every last round from the OpFor first - not the other way around. It wasn't a death wish. It was a responsibility. But "Johnny Five" was the liaison for this mission, and I had to deal with it. Glancing at my rear camera, I noticed Alyssa
  17. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ I had taken point for the Aegis 'mechs following behind Scorched Earth with only minor grumbling from Captain Maxwell, even with roughly 40% of my armour destroyed my Merlin still had no armour breaches and was in much better shape to take the lead compared to Captain's Atlas. To be fair though my 'mech hadn't stood toe to toe with an Annhilator and managed to come out on top, and somewhat scarily the Atlas probably still technically had more armour, ton for ton, than my 'mech despite
  18. MEANWHILE... AAfter Captain Maxwell Orlex and Nick wiped out the COMM station, we went meching down the river to attack the pirate base. I was sitting behind the Steering wheel trying to keep my busted Chair from falling over while there was no top on my DRAGON and half of the screens were burned out and had water and other Things inside them. THERMO MAN was sitting on the Rumble Seat behind me but he couldn't do anything on account of there were no controls back there. The Mech smelled really bad, like barf and water and dead guys. I sprayed a bunch of Air Freshener and then yelled to T
  19. After instructions barked from Johnny, we headed into the waterfall. True to Maxwell's word, a hidden base was tucked away behind the crashing water. I zipped in with my Raven, poking my beak around to get the lay of the land. The stone walls were covered with mold and a layer of damp from the misty water. Boxes and waterproof containers lined a good chunk of the room, moisture beading on the edges. Contraband? Weapons? Luke and Johnny followed through, and we headed down a hallway to see a few enemies scrambling to get away, towards other branches ot caverns. A
  20. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 Redoubt Zulu Alpha ____________________________________ "Orpheus-5 to Orpheus-1, we're bugging out of here! We've got the data, but we also have a small welcoming committee following shortly behind us. And by 'welcoming committee,' I mean the kind that's bringing pitchforks and torches!" "Roger that, what's your situation?" I replied, wheeling my Atlas around and stomping it toward the entrance of the facility. "Well," Schuster answered breathlessly, the sound of his feet pounding on the ferrocrete clearly aud
  21. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ "I may have just complicated our mission a bit, but we're in now. The good news is, I tripped all of the emergency door protocols throughout the facility. We won't be blocked anymore. The bad news is, I did it by forcibly overloading the primary power plant. We're gonna have to use batteries to get what we need from here," said Nick somewhat pensively. "Ok, so not dealing with the doors is good, but we now have a time limit. Without power the comm dish won't be able to track whate
  22. We drew up on the door of the communications facility, how it had survived the onslaught of a pissed-off Atlas, piloted by Charles Maxwell no less, I wasn't sure. I didn't know the captain well, but I knew enough about his personality to understand that when you put a war machine in his hands, he tended to use it to its utmost. Nevertheless, there it was. There was only one problem. We had to get in, and it had another one of those fucking irritating doors that were a Rube Goldberg machine of obstruction. "Great, we have another one to get past," I grumbled, "and I have a feeling that if
  23. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ The shattered remains of the pirate "fortress" lay before us, a few minutes earlier Nicholas Schuster and myself had departed from our BattleMechs in order to scour the remnants of the Nickel's Boys' redoubt for the intel we needed to continue our mission. What was left of the base was laid out in a relatively common 'T' shaped design with a singular pronounced entrance sticking out from the rest of the roughly rectangular base area, all of which was enclosed by a fortified wall that o
  24. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 Redoubt Zulu Alpha ____________________________________ Our lance of BattleMechs stomped toward the still-smoldering remains of the Nickel's Boys fortification that had previously secured a key choke point in the river canyon. Ahead of us, in a line astern formation, stood the elements of Scorched Earth. True to their word, they'd arrived with a Quickdraw, a Grasshopper, and a Raven. Compared to the nearly-pristine condition of their war machines, we must have been a sorry sight indeed as we drew upon them with an Atlas
  25. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ I hadn't even finished powering down my war machine before Steve bolted for the canopy exit and was probably half way down the deployable ladder before I removed my neurohelmet. I made my own way out of the 'mech and towards our would-be 'mech hijacker, who somewhat surprisingly did not appear restrained in any form despite his recent actions, and was mildly entertained by the sudden look of shock that washed over the man's face as he looked at me and clearly noticed my synthetic arm.
  26. I let out a huge womanly scream and ran toward where HAGAKURE laid in its fallen location. When I got close I Fell down on my knees and sobbed like a maniac as I realized what THERMO MAN had did to it. "NOoooooooOOOOO" I Wailed. The roof qas gone. There was water in the floorboards. The Battle Curses written on the walls in Ancient Kurita were all runny and gross. A terrible sewage was running down the side of the Mech. There was dead guy parts everywhere. The Milk Machine was stuck on and still milking. Even my posters and tape of We Are The Champions had got lit on fire by the eje
  27. Elsewhere... Johnny was two cigars in before we made it back to our mechs, courtesy of Luke doubling and tripling us on our path back to shake off any unwanted company. Where he pulled the seemingly endless supply from, I didn't know. Once back, he hollered at Timmy to be ready to pick us up and "bust ass to get the hell out". To our skinny XO's credit, he and Persephone did manage to stop making sheep eyes at each other long enough to bustle around and get things ready. Luke waited until the others were out of earshot before approaching, face drawn in concer
  28. The hijacker looked nervously between me and Nick, while also casting the occasional wary eye at the Raven BattleMech still looming over us. As Orlex Jaeger approached, the man reacted with a startled expression, noticing the Lieutenant's augments. "If you think I look crazy, you should see the guy hanging out in the Atlas," Jaeger quipped. "I think I'll take a pass on that for now," our would-be thief responded. "My name's, uh, Gamble. Book Gamble." "Wow, I would have taken that for a callsign," Schuster blurted, "or somebody projecting their love for their hobbies too much." I
  29. “If you’re looking for something in town I can help you find it, especially if it’s near Bald Chuckie’s neighborhood, oh and I can fix mechs too, except it would be better if a real mech tech could look it over before you start them up again since I wouldn’t want what happened to Chuckie’s mech to happen to yours…” I looked at the Mech Jacker in disbelief. This guy seemed like he was way out of his league, and possibly also insane, as suggested by Captain Maxwell. As the thought solidified, Steve Jenkins, the personification of insane, ran wailing past us, his arms outstretched behind him
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