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  2. The terrifying crack of autocannons and the blaze of large lasers firing and glancing past my cockpit caused me to flinch instinctively on the LAM's controls as I backpedaled the 'Mech wildly. I group fired my laser suite in response, scoring repeated direct hits on the Rifleman's torso. I didn't bother with the machine guns; I knew that they wouldn't be able to effectively punch through the towering 'Mech's hide. The burly Rifleman kept pushing away from me, its long guns not particularly effective at short range. I tried to stay inside the war machine's minimum weapons arc. The Rfileman
  3. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ Weapons fire roared through the river canyon, the distinctive retort of heavy ballistics fire echoed off the walls while the scream of missiles streaking overhead mixed with the electrical whine of high energy capacitors discharging potent beams of charged particles and coherent light. Our "simple" retrieval mission had gone to hell in a handbasket in possibly record time, yet despite this we seemed to be hanging on even being outnumbered and this spoke volumes to the skill level of th
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  5. A jarring pain sliced through my temples, the intensity so severe that it momentarily threatened to overwhelm me. The room rushed away in a brilliant display of shadows and light, replaced by inky blackness. I floated in the void for several moments, unable to see even my hands in front of my face for the depths of the dark. Eventually, I became aware of a chorus of voices, unintelligible, all whispering at once, becoming gradually louder. I turned my head in all directions, attempting to bring focus to the cacophony. "Hello? Who's there? Are you trying to communicate with me? I'm Willia
  6. 485 light-years away... Valhalla - Crayven Corporation Headquarters Meredith, New Earth Lyran Commonwealth October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ I sighed dejectedly as I finished connecting the neural interface cables to the headrest of the oversized medical support chair dominating the center of the obsidian-black, windowless, octagonal laboratory. Tapping out several commands on a nearby arm-mounted noteputer, I cast an incredulous gaze at Corporal Cheviot, who was busying himself with fine-tuning the readouts on a bank of portable terminals and medical equip
  7. A HUGE amount of explosions happened as the Orion hit me with total warfare, I screamed a womanly scream and then got embarassed because of my Outburst. I really quickly changed me scream down to a manly scream and then opened fire with all of my guns as I pushed the DRAGON backwa0rds. The Origin shot all kinds of weapons at me and came at me in a really agressive way. "You dishonorable DOG!!!" I Screamed at the same time that Captain Maxwell's Atlas got ripped open by the Anihillator. The mighty Orion was no match for HAGAKURE. I used the rocky landscape to my advantage, and continued trigger
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  9. I'd seen situations deteriorate quickly over the course of my career; however, this particular situation had gone to shit in record time. Whether it was dumb luck that we'd come across a heavy pirate patrol on their return from a raid, or if the scenario had somehow been timed to coincide with our deployment, I couldn't say, but we were now facing down an eclectic assortment of hardware that was more than a match for our own. And that included a 100-ton walking turret from the distant past of the Inner Sphere. The ANH-2A Annihilator, originally developed by the Star League in Exile in th
  10. My sensor board lit up with hostile contacts moments after I went airborne. As the LAM tore over the canyon, I could see, from my vantage point, a huge number of twists and turns in the gulch, the first one being the bend just head of us. There, a jumbled group of Mechs, some tanks, and a missile boat on a trailer were winding their way back from what I assumed was a raiding mission. There were assorted flatbeds accompanying them with what looked like various crates of contraband and other, probably pilfered goods, and they were all headed back behind the lines of a small fortification blockin
  11. Previously... Oberon VI Oberon System, Oberon Confederation October 3, 3029 __________________________________ The world seemed to flash brightly in front of my eyes before everything solidified again and I knew the jump had completed. Once again the world was awash in vivid colours, like stepping outside into a bright sunny day after spending hours in a dark basement, and visually everything appeared normal but it was dead silent. Then, almost before my brain could even process the lack of audio, sound rushed back in like a crashing wave as all the big and small sounds of a ru
  12. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ My Merlin crashed through the shallow water beside Captain Maxwell's Atlas, water splashing in cascades all around the 'mech's feet as the lance made its way deeper into the river canyon. Like any battle it started out relatively peaceful and quiet and then in one moment all hell breaks loose and chaos is upon you. That moment for us came just as Alyssa was recommending we spread out as she spotted what appeared to be a spotter for aerospace assets, a recommendation that the Captain fi
  13. "Orpheus-3 to Orpheus-1; ready op," Alyssa Chase's voice crackled, checking in on the heels of Nicholas Schuster. "Roger that, Orpheus Lance ready status confirmed," I acknowledged, glancing at the command console before me as our MechWarriors maneuvered their steeds into a wedge formation alongside my Atlas. "Orpheus-5, at your leisure, we could use that telemetry." "Aye, Captain, coming your way as soon as I can....uh...figure out how to keep enough hands on the wheel that you get more than just first-person video of me crashing," Schuster replied, his tone a mixture of frustration
  14. The cockpit of the Phoenix Hawk LAM smelled of oil, canvas, and old war hardware. It was laid out like a cross between a BattleMech and an ancient fighter aircraft I'd heard of a long time ago called an F-14 Tomcat. Cramped, with just enough room for me to fit in the seat and close the canopy dome overhead, and cluttered with control panels of every imaginable kind, it was the inevitable outcome of engineers attempting to achieve a fusion of the best BattleMech and air superiority tech the Star League had to offer, but ending up instead with mediocrity. It was the sad tale of every LAM th
  15. The helicopter tore through the Valley at like 600 MPH, ripping around Rocks and doing Barrel rolls to confuse the enemys intrentched in the Valley hiding in the trees like dishonorless dogs. I held on to my Stomach and tried to be Brave, it was a terrible and scary ride but we had to Endure it on account of it being the only way we could get Inserted without being Slayed like cattle. We had been flying for like 3 hours and I was on Cup #19 of Coffee when all of the sudden I had to Pee. It was hard to hold it on a helicopter with no Bathroom that kept going upside down and I was worried that m
  16. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ "This is where the fun begins," Charles chuckled from across the VTOL, his excitement to be getting into a BattleMech again showing clearly. As the VTOL settled onto the makeshift landing zone we all gathered our gear and stepped out into the twilight, the long shadows cast by large trees creating sharp contrasting lines of light and dark. The normally large and imposing shapes of our BattleMechs unusually dwarfed by what had to be ancient everygreens, they sat partially in shadow
  17. Three days later... Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 __________________________________ No matter how many times Bishop did a Vtol insert he could never get over the adrenaline rush of it. His heightened sense made the feeling euphoric to his mind. The smell of aircraft fuel, the sent of of the forest and earth filling the open troop bay and the scream of the engine made the beast howl with delight. His could help but have a shit eating grin the entire ride. The pilot of the ship allowed Bishop to conduct the pre-flight checks of the aircra
  18. Three days later... Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ As our chopper thundered inbound, the staging island emerged from the mist like a sprawling, dark shape in the midst of twin waterways, golden sunlight spilling over the horizon and casing long shadows across its surface. Even from our current altitude, I could make out the distinctive shapes of our Atlas, Merlin, Dragon, Shadow Hawk LAM, and Raven BattleMechs aligned in a row on the remote spit of land, like a phalanx of legionnaires preparing to face an invad
  19. "Uh, yes, Captain...Captain Harlow, I mean." I stammered. "I'd love the opportunity to run the LAM through its paces. I haven't had the opportunity to drive it in real live." "You're not filling me with confidence, Schuster." said Nikki. I startled at the use of my new last name. "Well, if you've got a new identity, the time is now for us to start using it." Nikki added. "This is Nick Schuster!" she announced to the cadre in the room. "In case any of you were confused." A handful of acknowledgements flurried in. "There, that band-aid has been ripped off," she continued. "Now, back to
  20. Simultaneously... "Alright, if there are no further questions, this briefing is adjourned," Lisa Rensselaer announced, closing her electronic folio. As the cadre rose to their feet, I glanced toward Bishop Weyland, who was in the process of making steely eye contact with the agent. "I think the two of them might have some kind of history," Alyssa remarked, coming to stand alongside me. "What gave you that impression? The fact that their relationship can be described as adversarial at best, or that if Weyland's eyes could shoot lasers, she'd have a smoldering hole in the middle o
  21. Elsewhere in Neur0hack!... I yelled in surprise and a bit of pain as Archangel's mad contraption used what I could only assume was a pair of low grade lasers on my finger tips. I couldn't actually see what was happening since my hands were inside the makeshift procedure box, but I got the drift. A second later, a timer dinged, and I pulled my hands out to see my finger tips had all been rendered completely smooth, with neither a whirl nor a whorl to be found. "Holy shit..." I exhaled as Archangel came over and sprayed anti-burn treatment on my hands while I nodding satisfactorily.
  22. Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 4, 3029 ____________________________________ Bishop had to fight the beast with all his might. His hatred for Lisa was hotter then any star in the system. She was egotistical and arrogant... borderline sociopath. He wasn’t surprised at her leaving at crucial Intel till the last minute. That was her style... a style that got people killed. I.E. always played the “we are just archaeologist and discovers”, the reality was they were just as bad as any of the Corporations. Sometimes worst do to their instability.... no one was really in fuckin
  23. "Sir what are our Assignments going to be on this Op?" Steve Jenkins asked, ending his sentence with an extended hybrid of a belch and a gag. "Single lance," I replied. "Nothing fancy. We're going to keep a tight formation, concentrate any fire on hostiles, get to the objective, and get out. Same as previously discussed: Lieutenant Weyland and I will take point in the AS7-D-DC Atlas. Lieutenant Jaeger will be in his MLN-1J Merlin. Warrant Officer Chase will be piloting the RVN-1XL-DC Raven, you'll be driving the DRG-1N Dragon, and Nathan's going to be at the controls of the Phoenix Hawk L
  24. MEANWHILE... I Sat and listened to the briefing, it sounded like we were going in a suicide mission into the canyon to wipe out some terrible pirates, it made me think of a long ago time back on Kuuzu when I I had did sentry duty outside the farm... *FLASHBACK* I am 18 years old and I am at the controls of our family BattleMech, which is a Cattlemaster 2000, usually it has A shock pole for driving Herds and a chainsaw arm for helping butcher meat Out in the field. It is my turn to do sentry duty and I am standing around waiting for something to happen which it never does on ac
  25. Neur0hack! Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 4, 3029 ____________________________________ As Lisa Rensselaer described the situation we would be walking into in the forthcoming days I spoke up and asked about a pirate group I had previously only heard about once or twice in passing, a group which apparently viewed innocent civilians as acceptable losses or more likely as free targets from the sounds of their recent activities. I would have no qualms about taking them down on the battlefield. As the briefing continued it became clear that there was probably more than just a prof
  26. I glanced at Steve, noting that Alyssa's assessment seemed to be more correct than I would've liked to believe. "He does seem a bit more - addled - than is the baseline for him," I nodded, replying in a low voice so that no one else could hear me. "Fortunately, we've got Doc Aldon back at the hotel; he might be able to hit him with some Narcan or what have you to get him through this thing." "Fair enough, but really, at what point are we going to - " Alyssa's sentence was cut off by Lisa, our Interstellar Expeditions contact, clearing her throat. I turned my attention to the des
  27. I looked over at Steve who had come into the room late and looking like he was buzzing on some kind of psychotropic drug. Squinting at him, I realized, in astonishment, that he'd somehow managed to come into the chamber with his pants on backwards and his shoes on the wrong feet. As we waited for the presentation to get started, I leaned down and whispered at him, "Hey, Steve, what in the heck did you do? You were away from us for all of like 5 minutes." Steve opened his eyes wide and then narrowed them, as though the question had come across comically and as though Steve had to process w
  28. Previously... Ozymandias Station Vega System, Draconis Combine June 3, 3029 __________________________________ The glow of electrical sparks flashed from the end of the hallway and the lights dimmed again, something was shorting out the hotel's circuits but not quite enough to trip any breakers or blow a fuse. Around the corner a tall man in a sleek business suit slowly dropped to his knees before falling sideways onto the floor, the slow but steady rise and fall of his chest the only indication he was still alive. Crouched down on one knee in front of where the man was standin
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