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  1. Simultaneously... "Look, Alyssa...I don't know what to say - I don't have a hang-up about being with you. Not at all. It's just...different. Until you came along, I had gotten used to being on my own. To not worrying about someone's else's feelings and how my actions could impact them. To the stakes being only as high as whether or not I came back from a mission. To - honestly - not giving a damn about myself and whether I did come back," I explained. "And then you came along, and everything changed. I had to start thinking about all of that. Begin living for two. It's a hell of a change,
  2. Meanwhile... "AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" my comm unit shrieked, causing me to instinctively tear the tiny headset from within my ear. Alyssa cast me a puzzled glance as our group made its way down the concourse, the floor sloping gently upward to the corridor terminus. "Jenkins," I muttered, stuffing the earpiece back into place. Chase nodded, maneuvering her own earbud into place and thumbing its power switch on. "What did you say, Sky team?" I replied. "Guy in the sky is...." Steve began, his sentence interrupted by a horrific and wate
  3. Simultaneously... Stinky Pete's Car Corral Behind OptiFire Communications Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 8, 3029 - 1708 hours _______________________________________________ As Orlex, Bishop, and I navigated down the decrepit avenue which ran behind the OptiFire Communications high-rise, I threaded a pair of embossed Crayven Corporation cufflinks through my purchased dress shirt's buttonholes, then fidgeted with its accompanying pale yellow tie before shrugging on a slate-gray suit jacket and pulling it closed. Glancing up, I saw that we were nearly to the parking g
  4. The first question came from Nick Schuster. "Nick, go ahead," I acknowledged. "Thank you sir. So I'm looking at this setup and I have a couple questions. First of all, how do we plan to spoof the security cameras in the lobby to even get inside and attack the elevators? Based on what you were saying, it sounds like you were being monitored from the minute you walked into the lobby, and in my experience, buildings with that level of paranoia almost always have the street under surveillance too. Have we thought about how we're going to deal with that problem? The rooftop insertion make
  5. I pensively held my breath as the pillar of flame escaped Steve's mouth, rolling forcibly toward the ceiling, where an integrated smoke detector blinked dutifully. At the exact moment I anticipated the building's evacuation alarms would start, Steve crashed off the coffee table, landing inverted in a heap on the sofa. The smoke detector's light flickered to a solid red and a poorly-maintained fire strobe beside the hotel room's door began flashing erratically. But the klaxons I fully expected would be coming never materialized. I cast a quizzical look at Alyssa. "Shouldn't all hell b
  6. ____________________________ - Displaying Coded Message -- Command Instruction Follows - - LOCALHOST ONLY: NOT FOR XMIT - - For internal use only - ____________________________ Operation Codename: Siege Engine Planet: Oberon IV (Oberon Confederation) Terrain: Urban (skyscraper) Time: Night Mission Type: Extraction Raid/High Risk/Covert Operation NOTE: This is a child operation of Gray Demon. Refer to the parent operation for contractual details. OVERVIEW Operation: Gray Demon has taken an unexpected turn for the worse. The artifact we were subcontracted t
  7. The following afternoon... LuxConoTel d.b.a. Lay-Z-Daze Inn Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 8, 3029 _______________________________________________ The loud "plop" of a pair of HangEeeze tablets dropping into a glass of water heralded Alyssa's arrival in the small living room space allocated to our shared hotel room. I glanced up from my noteputer. "Feeling any better?" I asked. Chase held up a hand and winced, chugging the elixir and running a hand through her dark, tousled hair, attempting to corral it into something resembling a part. "Jenkins was right,"
  8. Elsewhere... OptiFire Communications 4 KM from the Lay-Z-Daze Inn Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 _______________________________________________ Bishop Weyland and I stared up at the 58-floor skyscraper looming over the city street, its darkened windows casting the high-rise into a shadowy, monolithic structure that blotted out the night sky. I let out a low whistle. "We're sure this is the place?" I asked, subconsciously zipping up my leather jacket as a cold breeze whipped through the downtown avenue. "Yeah, that's what the GPS says," Bishop repl
  9. "Then again, I guess I didn't any better this time around either," Orlex said, shaking his head. I gazed off into the distance, watching the extraction VTOL bank sharply to the left, becoming cast into shadow as it passed in front of the sinking sun on final approach. "You were both heroic," I replied, at length, glancing back toward Schuster and Jaeger. "This situation turned into a shitshow that none of our preliminary intelligence anticipated. At least, none that was shared with us. The average contract doesn't devolve into smashing through two assault lances in medium and heavy '
  10. As the cobbled-together assault 'Mech self-immolated, and cheers from Steve crackled across the comms, I pivoted my Atlas toward the cave entrance just in time to see the pirate Shadow Hawk get blown to smithereens amidst a terrific explosion that shook the cavern and rained debris on my cockpit. Through the clearing smoke, I saw Johnny's Grasshopper and Luke's Quickdraw flanking the twisted wreckage of what had been a functional war machine moments before. "Nice shootin', Tex," Johnny quipped. "Scope is clear. OpFor eliminated." "Thanks," Luke replied. "I can't believe he was dumb e
  11. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ STC...THG...STC...THG...STC...THG...ERROR. "Well, that's fucking helpful," I groused as my targeting computer, failing to identify the half-Thug, half-Blake-knows-what BattleMech, gave up and relegated itself to relaying simple telemetry about the freakish machine's status. It looked like Orlex and Scorched Earth had taken a couple of significant chunks out of the machine before it had forced his retreat, but the hulking biped still registered a solid 78% structural integrity esti
  12. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ “Ooooh,” Gamlble's voice replied through the now static-laden headset. “Yeah, he’s at the controls, I’m in the engine room. Once he gets his feet out of my way I’ll give the headset back so you can talk to him.” A muffled series of shouts followed, during which I swore I heard Steve complaining about his shoe falling into the engine. Then, Jenkins came on the line. "We're doing great, Captain Maxwell, THERMO MAN fixed me up real good." "Thermo...what?" I asked. "Actually
  13. As I drove my Atlas toward the Quickdraw, trigger-slapping its laser suite and tearing multiple gouges in the pirate 'Mech's armored hide, my eyes traced across the hostile contacts flaring on the tactical display, taking stock of our situation. A Thug, a Quickdraw, a Gladiator, and a Shadow Hawk...another full lance. And I've got five autocannon rounds and four medium lasers to my name. Not great odds in our current condition unless Scorched Earth is in better shape than we are, I thought to myself. Simultaneously, a series of gut-wrenching calls crackled in one after another over my Atl
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