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  1. Ah, gotcha. Unrelated (mostly): https://youtu.be/skFWsc_-i14 Well you can't win the battle on a toilet seat You can't win the battle on a toilet seat You can't win the battle on a toilet seat But you can be happy if you've a mind to
  2. @Steve Jenkins so when you go to hell, you arrive in a very boring church, and if you don't try to leave you don't get burned/tortured by demons/etc? That's a new one, and kind of fitting! How does a mech warrior end up in hell without being dead? Are crimes punished with bad drug trips that make you see hell, or something like that? "scared straight"?
  3. How much trouble did the last guy get in for wasting his turds? (Or have the guards just not gotten around to composting them yet?)
  4. @Steve Jenkins can Steve take a closer look at that gang violence mural when he's done eating his horse porridge? I'm curious what the previous inmate drew. I take it horse porridge is *made of* horses, as opposed to something *fed to* horses?
  5. Non-evil is good, haha (I guess I should clarify - by warlike I don't mean they're evil, just that their culture values combat skills. Your character could probably be any of the human races if you have a good story for how he/she/they learned magic.) I found a funny story about the nords that you might appreciate. https://www.imperial-library.info/content/fight-two-how-herkel-fool-became-clever-man
  6. Haha, ew, I feel bad for your enemies. I think your character concept works. I added Nords to the races doc - they're the most warlike humans around at this time. I'll add bretons and elves and such when I'm able. I have some deadlines coming up at work so I haven't been able to write as much as I'd like.
  7. @Steve Jenkins I just noticed in your dossier that you used to work for the Grey Death Legion, which is the mercenary company that Hassan Khaled, the guy helping Aegis right now, works for. Do you guys know each other?
  8. Wait. crap. You could conjure undead things, not... dead things. Captain Maxwell has informed me that dead (not undead) animals would not make very good battle minions. Conjuration basically pulls things from various Oblivion realms and brings them to Mundus (the normal world). But I guess there could be an Oblivion realm with undead animals in it. Maybe Hricine's hunting grounds?
  9. It's not a video game simulation really, just using the setting of the games - similar to what Captain Maxwell's RPs do with the Battletech setting. No dice rolls, but character's abilities and such are more based on what should be possible in the Elder Scrolls setting, than just what's shown in the games. Maybe you could just conjure dead things (I'm not sure if there's a dead animal realm to conjure from, or if the games just did it that way for convenience), but it could be even more interesting if your character raised dead animals from actual bodies - they'd probably last longer that
  10. A warrior wizard would definitely work. What kind of magic were you thinking of specializing in? (I bet you could do some really neat stuff with https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Conjuration Conjuration, since it let's you summon daedra. Or destruction for lightening and fireballs. But whatever you like is fine.) I need to write up a thing on geography and playable races, since they're different at this period in history. I'll get that posted as soon as I can, but there's a lot to write.
  11. What do you mean by kind of RP? I'm pretty new at this, not sure what types there are. I was thinking the story would follow a group of people who are with Alessia's army - soldiers, camp followers, or some of both. I don't think there were mercenaries in this war (since rebelling slaves don't really have money to pay them) so I'm still trying to figure out how to make a large scale campaign like this work as a small group RP setting.
  12. Does anyone here play any Elder Scrolls games? I'm considering making an RP based in that universe. I've been reading about the Alessian slave rebellion that happened several thousand years before the games, and it seems like it could be a neat campaign setting.
  13. Ugh, toilet clogs are nasty ? have you checked for mercenaries stuck in there?
  14. Steve, I've gotta ask... What sort of toilets does your house irl have?
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