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  1. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ Weapons fire roared through the river canyon, the distinctive retort of heavy ballistics fire echoed off the walls while the scream of missiles streaking overhead mixed with the electrical whine of high energy capacitors discharging potent beams of charged particles and coherent light. Our "simple" retrieval mission had gone to hell in a handbasket in possibly record time, yet despite this we seemed to be hanging on even being outnumbered and this spoke volumes to the skill level of th
  2. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ My Merlin crashed through the shallow water beside Captain Maxwell's Atlas, water splashing in cascades all around the 'mech's feet as the lance made its way deeper into the river canyon. Like any battle it started out relatively peaceful and quiet and then in one moment all hell breaks loose and chaos is upon you. That moment for us came just as Alyssa was recommending we spread out as she spotted what appeared to be a spotter for aerospace assets, a recommendation that the Captain fi
  3. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ "This is where the fun begins," Charles chuckled from across the VTOL, his excitement to be getting into a BattleMech again showing clearly. As the VTOL settled onto the makeshift landing zone we all gathered our gear and stepped out into the twilight, the long shadows cast by large trees creating sharp contrasting lines of light and dark. The normally large and imposing shapes of our BattleMechs unusually dwarfed by what had to be ancient everygreens, they sat partially in shadow
  4. Neur0hack! Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 4, 3029 ____________________________________ As Lisa Rensselaer described the situation we would be walking into in the forthcoming days I spoke up and asked about a pirate group I had previously only heard about once or twice in passing, a group which apparently viewed innocent civilians as acceptable losses or more likely as free targets from the sounds of their recent activities. I would have no qualms about taking them down on the battlefield. As the briefing continued it became clear that there was probably more than just a prof
  5. Neur0hack! Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 4, 3029 - 00:30 ____________________________________ The room we now occupied was filled to the brim with certifiably ancient technology, equipment so old it was amazing that it even worked let alone was useful. Back in the Alliance military academy during my formal schooling the engineering professors often said I had an almost unnatural knack with technology, if I remembered correctly one of them referred to it as a kind of Tech Empathy. In fact several of my teachers were rather disappointed when I decided to pursue a MechWarrio
  6. Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation Port Royal October 3, 3029 ____________________________________ It was getting close to midnight local time and we had just received our room keys from Captain Maxwell, the typical magnetized digital access cards although I had half expected an actual physical key giving the "curb appeal" this particular lodging presented. I had stayed in some dives on some questionable backwater worlds in my days abroad and while this place didn't quite measure up to those particular places it was certainly no high-class luxury hotel either, or even middle of the road comfo
  7. Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation On final approach to Port Royal October 3, 3029 - 2200 hours (local time) ____________________________________ It had been a long journey on the way to Oberon VI, a little over 6 months since we left Sheratan and travelled half way across the Sphere, but I was well used to that, being a mercenary you get used to spending an exorbitant amount of time "in transit" going from one job to the next. Doesn't make it seem any shorter though and this particular trip was longer than most, even with our week long stop over in Vega. Nevertheless we had arrived a
  8. C.V. Hurry Up Bessie Ozymandias Station - Work Dock 37 Vega System, Draconis Combine May 30, 3029 ____________________________________ We had been back aboard the Hurry Up Bessie for several hours now and in that time I had heard that Lieutenant Bishop Weyland had returned to the ship from his apparent surgery aboard the Obsidian Dawn. Unbeknownst to me at the time the Lieutenant apparently had an arrangement through Crayven Corporation to get some rather extensive augmentation surgery performed, assumedly to help him overcome grievous injuries sustained previously that were now b
  9. RWRS Valhalla Impound Docks - Ozymandias Station Vega System, Draconis Combine May 30, 3029 ____________________________________ "Augs like yours cost good money. You didn't pay for sloppy trigger fingers," Malice laughed, "The AC/5 controls are over there. Just swing the guns over the target, give it a little bit of lead time, and then pull the trigger when the lovely lady over there says go. You in?" Without waiting for a reply the pirate captain continued his conversation with Captain Maxwell and the others, and I was left little time to ponder the question as we really didn't
  10. RWRS Valhalla Impound Docks - Ozymandias Station Vega System, Draconis Combine May 30, 3029 ____________________________________ I reached the first docking clamp on the exterior of the ship in short order, we didn't have long until the camera loop might be discovered by someone still watching the security feeds and I didn't want to waste any time. Alyssa was busy inside the ship disabling the mooring clamps from within while I had to take care of the large magnetic locks on the outside of the ship. These were large metallic pads that attached the station's docking arms directly to the hu
  11. Impound Docks Ozymandias Station Vega System, Draconis Combine May 30, 3029 ____________________________________ I shuffled along through the narrow maintenance tunnel, the schematics we'd had access to showed this a relatively large corridor that one could easily crawl through on their knees. In actual fact it was barely large enough for me to crawl on my elbows, at least with the lack of gravity it meant I could pull myself along at a reasonable pace but thank Blake I wasn't claustrophobic. A few paces behind me followed Alyssa, her lithe form having much less difficulty navigat
  12. C.V. Hurry Up Bessie Ozymandias Station Vega System, Draconis Combine May 30, 3029 ____________________________________ "Well," I began, "I wasn't imagining that we'd be trying to get a Triumph-class DropShip out of impound, but I think I may have a plan..." I tapped in a few short commands on the console and one of the large displays in the market room flickered black for a second before pulling up a diagram of a Triumph-class DropShip with key points identified. "This is a representation of Malice's ship, the RWRS Valhalla, a Triumph-class aerodyne dropship curre
  13. "Well," Alyssa interjected, "if you lunatics are insistent on doing this, you're going to need a systems expert with a penchant for being able to get into areas of cyberspace where she doesn't belong. Count me in." "I'm in as well," I said with a smile, "I've got a knack for engineering that I have a feeling will be useful. Plus to be honest I'm curious to see what kind of ship our pirate friend here has." Charles nodded at each of us with an almost mischievous grin, I think the rice wine was starting to get to him, and I could see the wheels continuing to turn in his head as he formulat
  14. Screaming Dragon Bar & Grillhouse Ozymandias Station Vega System, Draconis Combine May 24, 3029 ______________________________ I saw the wheels turning in the Captain's head, almost knew what he was going to say before he did, I hadn't known Charles Maxwell that long but I knew his type, had served with several of them over the years in fact, not all of them were still around. "If someone could bust the ship out of impound, what would it be worth to you?" Charles asked slyly with a slight smile. I thought as much, mentally shaking my head slightly, I couldn't argue with
  15. Screaming Dragon Bar & Grillhouse Ozymandias Station Vega System, Draconis Combine May 24, 3029 ______________________________ "So what do you think? Want to meet a pirate?" The Captain's question hung in the air, no-one seemed keen to answer at first and I looked around at the others. Alyssa appeared only mildly put off, though her demeanor was more playful chiding than actually being upset, but also wasn't about to give Charles the go ahead herself either. Steve on the other seemed to be deeply engrossed in the odd sumo match playing out across the room while alternat
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