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  1. ____________________________________________________ INCOMING AVTP MAIL COMMAND INSTRUCTION FOLLOWS SECURITY LEVEL: COMPARTMENTALIZED ____________________________________________________ Date: 16 March 3029 To: Jaeger, Orlex (jaegero@cipher.mercnet.mrb) From: Walsh, Mara (recruiting@cipher.aegisdivision.mrb) cc: Maxwell, Charles E. (cemaxwell@cipher.aegisdivision.mrb) Subject: Welcome aboard Mr. Jaeger - On behalf of the entire team, I'm pleased to welcome you to Aegis Division as a permanently-attached member of our BattleMech corps. Your MRB background check has cl
  2. Meanwhile... Black Eclipse Discovery Site Great Banded Desert, Nirasaki January 31, 3029 ___________________________ As soon as I'd broken through the wall of the complex and felled the BattleMaster and the Wolverine, I became the biggest target in the area. I'd been beset by a pair of MON-66 Mongooese 'Mechs, accompanied by a SDR-5K Spider and a HSR-200-D Hussar. Worse still, a team of field gunners wielding an AC/2 were taking pot shots at my King Crab from a comfortable distance, while a Sabaku Kaze hover tank, the likes of which had been the bane of our existence since we'
  3. Black Eclipse Discovery Site Great Banded Desert, Nirasaki January 31, 3029 ___________________________ As the armor company surged from the hold of the Republic and directly into combat, I steered Captain Maxwell's King Crab, 'Ares,' from its bay and out into the sweltering climate of the desert. It felt unusual to be at the controls of Charles' war machine; typically, only the Captain himself piloted Ares; I had only personally piloted it once before, when I'd first joined the unit as an interim field commander when Maxwell had been critically injured and was hospitalized for an e
  4. Several days prior... Lorenzopolis, Triasha Kimball II, Lyran Commonwealth November 19, 3028 _________________________ My Marauder stomped its way through downtown, felling traffic lights, street vendor kiosks, and the occasional tree as I made my way toward the Sturmfeur, keeping my targeting reticle overlaid on the tank's relative position to me while my rangefinder counted down the distance. "Mothership-2 to all units: we're bugging out," the speakers in my headset crackled. We'd hit a critical - and especially vulnerable - juncture in the contract; statistically speak
  5. Elsewhere... Lorenzopolis, Triasha Kimball II, Lyran Commonwealth November 19, 3028 _________________________ With the Assassin soundly dispatched, I turned my weapons on the trifecta of tanks which were advancing on Dutch McKenzie and Alexander Blackwood. The former was holding his own quite well in spite of the numbers; the latter had taken quite a few hits and was attempting a slow backwards retreat toward the PhoodCo tower, which glistened in the morning dawn less than half a kilometer away to the south. The two Bulldogs and the Sturmfeur hammered away at the pair, blasting
  6. City limits, Eastern sector Lorenzopolis, Triasha Kimball II, Lyran Commonwealth November 19, 3028 _________________________ As Steve Jenkins' Dragon and Mothership-1 broke from formation and disappeared into the distance along their assigned route, lances of coherent energy whipped past the hulking frame of Captain Maxwell's King Crab as, boldly, we rode into the Kuritans' den. The Captain's assailant, a lone JRD-7 Jenner, was quickly rebuked by a hail of long-range missiles, which spat forth from Maxwell's heavily-armored avatar and bombarded the scout 'Mech's cockpit with exact
  7. Threat indicators screamed, and the targeting board of Perses, my ON1-K Orion, lit up with red and green marks as I maneuvered toward the scattered forces that were Hammer Lance. We'd made planetfall significantly off our marks and out of formation - I'd drifted the furthest, to the eastern side of the quarry, while Jenkins and Blackwood had fallen on the western side. Captain Maxwell, meanwhile, had landed more or less in the middle, and now was faced with projectiles and energy beams lancing out at him from multiple Kuritan armor units. Slamming the Orion's throttle to full, I jockeyed
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