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  1. Meanwhile..... “Excellent. My plan is to have you and the team underway in the next thirty days, providing that Captain Maxwell is agreeable to such an extended contract," I smiled. "Now...what questions can I answer for you? Do you have a list of your desired augments available? Assuming that we approve the project, I have contacts along the way who can help facilitate that process in a more discreet way than augmentation clinics closer to home," Bishop wondered deep in thought with what Kauffman said. A thirty day turnaround was incredibly fast, especially after their back t
  2. Ok, no problem" said Bishop. With that, he went into the CEO's office and I took the lift out to the landing pad. As Bishop entered the General’s office, Kauffman greater him with a warm smile. “Come Lieutenant, have a set” said Kauffman as he motioned to one of the large ornate seats in front of his desk. The large mercenary took he’s seat, slightly in comfortable with how welcoming the seat was to his body. Bishop had spent so much of his life sitting on military bench seats in the back of Vtols or tanks that luxurious comforts made him feel out of place. Kauffman reac
  3. Bishop and Nathan rode the lift in silence, each warrior contemplating the past, the present and the possible futures. Bishop had great respect for Nathan, he had proved himself multiple times in combat and had shown a level of humility that most warriors would never show. The lift slowed then gently stopped on the top deck. With a soft almost whimsical ding the door parted into a long and stunning hallway. Both men simultaneously stepped out and begun walking the 30 meter walk down the extra wide hallway. Bishop always had a feeling of wonder in this place. The floor was a black gliste
  4. Nighthawks are old, few exist that is for sure. You are correct my friend, it’s old and malevolent but not against the wearer. It has an old spirt... a hateful spirt. I believe it wasn’t trying to kill me... it was trying to keep me alive by all means possible so that I could complete my mission. “What was mission Bishop?” Asked Nathan. “To protect the pack, you and everyone else. Make no mistake Nathan, I am a monster. There is an old saying, an ancient saying... sometimes you need a monster to hunt other monsters. The universe we live in is not black and white, just various sha
  5. Bishop quietly listened to Spy’s words, he spoke from the heart. The Skinwalker admired the man’s humanity, something he had struggled to hang to for so long. It was a fight he had lost and Mother had won. Bishop knew what Irain did to her and hated them for it. He felt for Nathan. He also knew the man had changed as well. His sent didn’t lie. “Nathan, no need for apologies, I can not and will not, judge you on your sins. You are a soldier... and a damn good one....better then me....you followed your orders from your Great House. It’s is what we do, following orders is the cornerston
  6. Bishop and Nathan followed the weapon’s dealer into the dimly lit warehouse. The structure was one massive floor that stretched for several 100 meters in length and width. The floor was packed with tables and benches loaded as tall as a man with weapons, creates ammo and parts. Bishop recognized the outline of a Raven battle mech sanding in the back of the warehouse covered in tarps. This was a massive operation that Bishop found himself impressed with, and all of it illegal. Something like this was obviously well supported by the local government...by means of a percentage of the top. B
  7. “You feel like going for a drive? I'd rather not risk it on my own." Bishop was deep in thought, he had been studying the new comer intensively. Both men had been sizing each other up. He’s sent betrayed no sign of deception as of now. With Major Hayes temporarily gone it was now incumbent upon Bishop to watch and protect Mrs. Kauffman and the rest of the crew. The beast growled softly in his mind. The Skinwalker watch the man closely, the beast took interest in him. “Bishop..?” “Oh, yes... sorry...I’ll ride with you. Where are we going? I’ll also need time to change out.”
  8. “Hold tight, Bishop," I whispered into my surreptitiously-held communicator. "We may be okay here." Bishop calmly watched the Captain Maxwell and the Crayven company man talk to the new visitors. Watching through the sniper scope the Skinwalker carefully monitored the body language of all five men, looking for signs of aggression. The scope automatically zoomed in on the well dressed man who appeared to be some government official. Bishop checked the readings being displayed in then corner of the scope. Distance, wind speed and direction, humidity and trajectory angle of the bullet’s figh
  9. Shortly after landing Bishop offered to help the ships crew with the he offload of corporate assets and war gear. He enjoyed the work, it was physically demanding and mental challenging. It was a circus of loaders and worker scurrying about trying to find cargo and move it to its assigned locations. Most civilians never get the opportunity to step foot in a DropShip. They see vids and hear stories of battle mechs and vehicles neatly locked in place or stacked with military precision. The reality was the that cargo bay often looked like a drunk crewmen packed them. Space was premium Real estat
  10. Weyland was shocked and proud to have earned such a prestigious award. Truth be told he had many awards for being wounded and for valor. His prior career as a soldier for the great House of Marik had been one of great accomplishments and achievements. Yet they all seemed hallow to him. The hulking Skinwalker thought little of medals and awards, to him, they glorified war. War was the toxic and corrosive environment that mankind could ever be apart of, yet they always found a need to justify its existence. They justified the widespread destruction, legalized homicide and glorified butcher
  11. After a hot shower and fresh close Bishop was sitting quietly in his room, with his eyes closed relaxing. The glass of scotch he was drinking nearly gone now. He had been savoring the acidic smoky flavor for the last few minutes when the door terminal peeped load. “Goddamnit” he whispered to himself. Slowly the large Mercenary stood up and lumbered with battle damaged body to the terminal. “This is Weyland” he growled. “ Lieutenant, Captain Maxwell, can you report to medical? The General wants a meeting” Bishop froze solid....did they know? What did they want to k
  12. Bishop was tiered hungry and needed a drink. Against the Doctor’s suggestion to stay in medical for monitoring he left after getting his face glued closed and shoulder stapled closed. “Lieutenant Weyland, good to see you. How are you doing? You looked pretty banged up a little while ago." I began. "What kind of stunt did Doctor Tao try to pull in that mess hall?" Captain Maxwell had caught the Skinwalker a little by surprise as he walked out of the medical unit. “Good sir, just some food and sleep and I’ll be fine”. “Well that’s good news lieutenant! I’m happy to see you
  13. In that case, Dr. Tao is our sole source of information," Major Hayes said humorlessly. "Lieutenant Weyland, do you feel up to bringing her in?" “Aye, Aye sir” whispered Weyland. The battered mercenary began to turn and walk towards the room were Kauffman had been held captive for many months. “Lieutenant.... we need her alive and able to answer question” Called the Major. “She’ll be alive and talking sir.... promise” response the Skinwalker as he entered the room now covered in a brown wretched smelling sludge. Bishop was hunting for something in the interrogation
  14. The Skinwalker slowly lumbered forward towards his fellow teammates who had now formed a protective circle around Kauffman. Major Hayes had look of concern and relief on his face. Nathan looked like dogs shit warmed over...but he was alive and smiling, which made the hulk mercenary crack a smoke as well. Mech warrior Jenkins was joyous to say the least, even covered in brown sewer sludge. Both the ship’s captain and crew member where in a three way conversation with Captain Maxwell about what happens next. Bishop began taken in the scene of bloody carnage that littered most of one deck o
  15. The explosion rocked the corridor, sending a small rush of flame and debris through the air. Two more enemy soldiers died in the ammo detention from one of the security bot. Both machine and man marched into the chaos oblivious to the micro battles being waged around them. Like a conductor leading a Orchestra Bishop calmly trailed his avatar designating and engaging targets at will. With each engagement command Bishop’s bot’s dual miniguns buzzed to life. Brrrrrrrrrtrrrr..... Brrrrrrrrt.... streams of hot lead raced out to touch their victims. Sensing movement out of his rig
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