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  1. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ With the captain’s permission the Skinwalkers silently moved around the pedestal that used to house the artifact. On the other side he found the a hidden cave entrance that would lead the team out. He knew it was there the minute he had entered this part of the cave. He could smell fresh sent of air moving, it was cool and smelled of fresh pine. He also smelt there adversaries, they too had come this way. Like a ghost the beast moved with a purpose, his movements were qu
  2. Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 ____________________________________ Bishop and Orlex worked in unison clearing a safe entrance into the cave. Orlex was an old soul.... and Bishop respected that. Thought out the process the Mercenary coached Weyland on the use of his augments. Encourage him yet, quietly giving him pointers. “Bishop, the thing you have to remember, these arguments can also kill if you don’t control them. They can out perform your organic body....when that happens you can break bones and tear muscle. Anything organic wasn’t
  3. Three days later... Black Canyon Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 __________________________________ No matter how many times Bishop did a Vtol insert he could never get over the adrenaline rush of it. His heightened sense made the feeling euphoric to his mind. The smell of aircraft fuel, the sent of of the forest and earth filling the open troop bay and the scream of the engine made the beast howl with delight. His could help but have a shit eating grin the entire ride. The pilot of the ship allowed Bishop to conduct the pre-flight checks of the aircra
  4. Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation October 4, 3029 ____________________________________ Bishop had to fight the beast with all his might. His hatred for Lisa was hotter then any star in the system. She was egotistical and arrogant... borderline sociopath. He wasn’t surprised at her leaving at crucial Intel till the last minute. That was her style... a style that got people killed. I.E. always played the “we are just archaeologist and discovers”, the reality was they were just as bad as any of the Corporations. Sometimes worst do to their instability.... no one was really in fuckin
  5. Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation On final approach to Port Royal October 3, 3029 ____________________________________ The door closed with a loud bang as Bishop lumbered into his room. The mercenary stoped at the sows of bed and threw his heavy duffel bag on the bed. Taking a few seconds Bishop activated is inferred eye and scan the room over. There were no usually heat signatures in the room so he relaxed a little. The room was run down but not as bad as some of the places he had stayed. The hotel room looked like any other really, bathroom, small table with chairs,
  6. Oberon VI - Oberon Confederation On final approach to Port Royal October 3, 3029 - 2200 hours (local time) ____________________________________ Bishop sat quietly in the darkness of his cabin. The inky blackness was strangely comforting to his mind has the DropShip descended to towards the waiting planet. Truth be told he always got nervous during a drop even after several 100 drops... most of them in combat. It was out of his control, his life depended on the Captain and the ships system a thought that never sat well with him. Opening his eyes the room looked like a
  7. C.V. Hurry Up Bessie Ozymandias Station - Work Dock 37 Vega System, Draconis Combine May 30, 3029 ___________________________________ “ I understand the soldier mindset, Lieutenant. I've been in your shoes. That's why I want to make this work for you in a way that you're going to be comfortable with. You tell me what you need, and we'll take it from there." Said Aldon. The Skinwalker laid in his rack considering the man’s words. He was combat medic in a badass unit, probably one of the best trained, equipped and lead. Bishop knew fist hand, he fought against them, and los
  8. Onboard the Hurry Up Bessey Just then, to my astonishment, the hulking form of Lieutenant Weyland appeared within the airlock. He appeared to be walking under his own power. "Bishop?" I gasped. "Wow. He's big," Mal gasped. Bishop slowly lumbered forward, his mass filling the space between the small group on individuals. With each step his mag boots gave a heavy thump on the deck. Bringing his head up the skinwalker activated his left eye’s thermal imaging. Instantly the two figures stand in front of him be came a wash of orange, reds and blues. “Alyssa, good to see y
  9. Obsidian Dawn Bioengineering lab 4 In orbit of Ozymandias Station Vega System, Draconis Combine May 24, 3029 ______________________________ “ Lieutenant....Lieutenant..can you hear me? It’s time to wake up.” Came a male voice. The voice was distant and soft, like a far way whisper in the wind. Bishop’s mind was a hazy fog from the narcotics and anesthesia. Trying as hard as he could the Skinwalker blinked several times allowing the bright lights of the recovery room in. “Visual and audio are online...patient is do well. Vitals are within norm doctor” I
  10. Bishop floated just outside the cargo bay hatch waiting for the bay to pressurize and the environmental’s to be restored. He’s mind wondered through the events from the passed month or so. Things had changed at an unforeseen pace. Following Jaeger’s advice, the Skinwalker sent in his request for a secondary MOS assignment to the MRB. As a courtesy he also informed the Cravyen Corporation HR department of his intentions. Three days later he was shocked to find a large creat in his private room. The contents where both a surprise and gift. There where piles of datapads, books and vi
  11. “Anyone else? Speak now or forever hold your peace," I quipped. "Alright - if there are no other questions, thanks for coming. Let's pack it in and start preparations to ship offworld. We launch in sixteen days." Concluded Captain Maxwell. With that the group of mercenary broke apart in to small groups talking about the mission and what the following days events would bring. Bishop and Orlex left the room quietly and headed to one of the massive cargo bays of the Hurry Up Bessie. As the two veteran warriors walked to they talked about many things, Bishops carrier under the Marik flag and
  12. The group of mercenaries lingered and conversed in the small and rundown operations room. The Hurry Up Bessie was not Bishop’s first pick of ships for a clandestine operation, but she had a rugged charm about her that he liked.... she was a survivor. Out of the corner of eye Bishop caught a glance from Nathan, the Skinwalker nodded respectfully. Then watched Nathan approach Alyssa and began to speak quietly. Even with all the background noise he would hear them talking. “Ever since Nirasaki, since something happened to me on that shipwreck, I haven't gotten sick or even kept an injury fo
  13. Kauffman folded his hands in his lap. “Your thoughts?" “I have no words that can truly express my gratitude for what you are doing sir” said Bishop. Kauffman waived his hand dismissively. “Lieutenant, our fates, are intertwined. I believe this in my heart. Your success and survival is my success and survival. I have a responsibility to protect this corporation and they people who work here”. Bishop stood, feeling a light buzz caused by the scotch. “Thank you sir, I have my orders now. With your permission I will take my leave and return to Site 187 to prep for the u
  14. Meanwhile..... “Excellent. My plan is to have you and the team underway in the next thirty days, providing that Captain Maxwell is agreeable to such an extended contract," I smiled. "Now...what questions can I answer for you? Do you have a list of your desired augments available? Assuming that we approve the project, I have contacts along the way who can help facilitate that process in a more discreet way than augmentation clinics closer to home," Bishop wondered deep in thought with what Kauffman said. A thirty day turnaround was incredibly fast, especially after their back t
  15. Ok, no problem" said Bishop. With that, he went into the CEO's office and I took the lift out to the landing pad. As Bishop entered the General’s office, Kauffman greater him with a warm smile. “Come Lieutenant, have a set” said Kauffman as he motioned to one of the large ornate seats in front of his desk. The large mercenary took he’s seat, slightly in comfortable with how welcoming the seat was to his body. Bishop had spent so much of his life sitting on military bench seats in the back of Vtols or tanks that luxurious comforts made him feel out of place. Kauffman reac
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