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  1. Ivory District Gellen's Heights, Sheratan December 11, 3028 ___________________________ Past the sidewalk cafes, holoarcades, night clubs, car dealerships, military outfitters, and interactive movie theaters in the city's retail district, beyond the more somber government sector, in the southeastern corner of Sheratan was the section of the city called the 'Ivory District.' So named because of its immaculately-maintained statues, fountains, and perpetually-white sidewalks and streets, it played host to the sprawling mansions and compounds of the city's elite. It was where I now fou
  2. Hey there, @Mek_Master - This is Charles, coming to you live and direct from Jackson McKenna's account, since I was already logged in as him when I saw your update. Thanks, as always, for putting this plan together. Standard jump route and transit times are fine; thanks for checking. I believe @Agent Nathan Schmidt ballparked our travel time in his last post as a month to get there, so 28 days to Nirasaki from the surface of Sheratan makes sense. I'm going to drop a post as Jackson and then one as William; I believe @MediBot is going to tie up some loose threads with @Steve Je
  3. Also, congratulations on your 100th post, @Steve Jenkins. You sure made it an interesting one!
  4. C.S.V. Half Moon Gellen's Heights Interplanetary Spaceport Gellen's Heights, Sheratan December 10, 3028 ___________________________ Back aboard the Half Moon, I paced restlessly in my stateroom. Since we'd been planetside, I'd made a bunch of phone calls to Jasper, my roommate, but he hadn't picked up. I also tried to call Javier Hastings, the man who'd gotten me into this whole mess in the first place, but he, too, was silent. I didn't know what was going on, much less what sort of reception I'd get at the turnover of the memory core tomorrow. I'd originally wanted to get thin
  5. A short time later... I'd been in my quarters when it happened, writing a letter home. There was an explosion; a loss of gravity. The ship's lights had flickered wildly before plunging into darkness and then returning in an angry red hue. There was shouting - weapons fire - all manner of commotion. Then, silence. Deadly silence. Peering through the hatch window of my stateroom, I saw a body tumble past in the weightless environment. I tried to exit into the corridor, but found that I couldn't disengage the mag-clamps on my door. Calling the bridge had produced no response. So I waited in
  6. C.S.V. Half Moon In transit to system jump point Gan Singh IV - November 11, 3028 _____________________________ "You up for hanging out? Or are you gonna crash?" Schmidt asked. I felt conflicted. On the one hand, the Lyran had been key to the success of the mission. On the other hand...I was exhausted. "I really appreciate the invite. And you have been absolutely instrumental in getting me through the mission. The truth is, I feel like a zombie right now. If we hung out tonight, I wouldn't be giving you my best in the state that I'm in. I wanna get the smell of old militar
  7. C.S.V. Half Moon Breaking orbit Gan Singh IV - November 11, 3028 _____________________________ The cargo bay lift deposited me at the feet of my Centurion with a heavy lurch. I sighed, shrugging my knapsack over my shoulder and pushing my glasses back up onto the bridge of my nose. I was absolutely exhausted, and every part of my body ached. "You don't look like you feel too much better," I murmured, glancing at the parked BattleMech. The Centurion's chest had been absolutely ravaged by the Thunderbolt's attack; its missile launcher had been reduced to little more than a tangle o
  8. Outskirts of the Tharylan Jungle Pandora, Sambalpur Gan Singh IV - November 11, 3028 _____________________________ "You want me to do what?" I asked, incredulously. "You heard me. You're going into the lake. Divert 45 degrees to the northwest to the waypoint I dropped on your HUD. We're gonna try to come in hot and pick you up from just beyond the shoreline. Judging by the way that Thunderbolt is covering ground, you're only going to have about thirty seconds to board once the ramp hits the water, so don't waste any time sightseeing. Follow the route I've given you exactly, and
  9. Tharylan Jungle Pandora, Sambalpur Gan Singh IV - November 11, 3028 _____________________________ "There's a what? A Thunderbolt? Where did he come from?" I exclaimed. Before Schmidt had a chance to reply, a blinding blue flash engulfed the Exterminator's left leg, causing the lanky BattleMech to stumble drunkenly under the impact. I pushed my Centurion into a rapid backpedal, switching on its rear camera feed to avoid colliding with any obstacles, as I bore witness to the Thunderbolt's onslaught. The ComStar pilot jockeyed wildly to get the Exterminator turned to face the new aggre
  10. You got it. Thanks for the heads-up. I'll likely get a post going tomorrow-ish. As you mentioned, there's a lot to describe in the MegaMek log. The good news is that it should move us forward substantially once we're there.
  11. My BattleMech's sensors suddenly and unexpectedly blared the warning siren of a missile lock as, with our Centurion at nearly a full run, Nathan and I were jolted from side to side in its cockpit. "Unidentified trespasser, this is Adept Giorgio Domitius of the Blessed 7th Army. You have desecrated a holy place and have stolen an artifact which is the property of the children of Blake. You will stand down your BattleMech and prepare to receive confession by my hand. Do I make myself heard?" "That'll be the day..." Schmidt muttered. "Ignore him, Jackson. Keep bobbing and weaving and do
  12. Hey, @Agent Nathan Schmidt - I've got a plot twist coming up for the Gan Singh theater that I'm hoping you'd be interested in helping play out. I'm going to drop you a note about it, but I also wanted to make sure I tagged you here since the PM notifications on the forums can be a little subtle. Details incoming shortly!
  13. "That sounds like a plan," I smiled. "Arrow-1 to Control," I continued, keying my headset. My ear was met with this hiss of static. "Arrow-1 to Control - do you read me?" I cast a concerned gaze at Schmidt. "Maybe something's wrong with my headset?" The Lyran keyed his microphone. "Arrow-2 to Control; VHF comm check, please." After a moment, Nathan shook his head. "Nothing. Let's try again from outside." "Sounds good," I nodded. Grabbing the memory core and securing it in my knapsack, I followed Schmidt back out of the facility the way we'd come in. Several minute
  14. Tharylan Jungle Archaeological Site A-1537 Pandora, Sambalpur Gan Singh IV - November 11, 3028 _____________________________ While the technology to keep us out of the cache had been in pristine working order - at least, until we blew it to smithereens with a couple of jury-rigged missiles - the vault beyond it most certainly was not. As Schmidt and I squeezed past the now-displaced blast door and stepped into the darkness beyond it, the heavy smell of must and mildew met our noses. "What do you suppose is going on up there?" I asked the Lyran as I clicked my flashlight on an
  15. I glanced back and forth between the daisy-chained computers, between which snaked a sea of cables that looked for all the world like tendrils of some kind of aquatic creature. "All of this spy stuff couldn't bust through the security? That's kind of incredible," I finally replied. "It's not like the movies, Jackson. Sometimes 'spy stuff' isn't the sole qualifier for success. We're talking about breaking through advanced security built during an era of such high technology that we haven't returned to it in several hundred years. I'm basically trying to bash through a wall of diamond
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