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  1. I did a yelling barf into the wishing well pond in the Hydroponics Bay and then I stared, sometimes cross eyed as the fish inside the pond swam up and ate my chunks of barf. It had been a long and hard five months since the Vega Space Station, when I had accidentally got high on the Borax laundry detergent, it had did something to my brain and now my brain was slightly fried and sometimes I would have flashbacks and blackouts. Also occasionally it would make me get really sick to my stomach although I wasn't sure if that was on account of the borax on or account of the other things that I was
  2. LATER ON.............. I was So sore, I had been in more FIghts on the Space Station at once on the last 6 days than I had been in at the same time in a while, first I had had the sumo Battle where I had almost got killed within an inch of my life but for the fact that Jingles had gave me a assist, then after that my OWN DAD had attacked me in ritual combat in the Quartermaster's Office and I thought he was trying to kill me until he explained it was for Insurance Claims evidence and he needed a good fraud, I could forgive that even though he had Racked me in the nads with his boots right
  3. haven't learned how to use it and your Destiny is not inside your control. You are supposed to be doing Heroics like saving planets in a big robot and traveling through space With a cyborg and beating criminals in Law Court. NOT hanging out with an evil clown and having Automobile Wrecks. You have had lots of Hero's Journeys but you are not using the gifts that I have gave you to your full Potential and it sucks that my son isn't living his Destiny. " "is that how come you're out there throwing Fireballs and doing combat slaps in a fake beard??" I Asked my Dad, worried that I had made a g
  4. PART DEUX DEUX MEANWHILE... ".....JENKINS!!!" I Screamed and did a powerful Zen burst and flew into the Sumo torpedo. Unfortunately out of nowhere, the dock master did a surprise Yoga Flame with a thousand hand slap and I Screamed as I Auto-attacked straight info it, my hair lit on fire as I flew into the flames. I could feel my hit points dropping as the pain of the fire and so many slaps went over me...my Mind went back to the good old days..... *FLASHBACK* JENKINS FARM PLANET KUUZU.......HOUSE KURITA SPACE..... The camera flues through space with asteroids and
  5. MEANWHILE..... I Really fast hit all kinds of Buttons on the Control Panel when the dock master came back onto the room and started hollering at me, I didn't care what they did, I just slapped all the buttons with Both of my hands like I was playing Wack a Mole, then I I turned around and got out of my Chair. "Never you mind what I'm doing, I'm the new Belt Holder of Screaming Dragon Sumo and if you know what's good for you you'll let me handle my Business" I intoned and I looked at the dock master to make sure he knew I was Serious. "Why are you in my office with that stupid
  6. MEANWHILE... The mission Captain Maxwell had gave me was to provide a Distraction. The dock master was the big Guard of all of the ships, especially the ones that had got locked down. You couldn't Get on the docks unmless the dock master gave you his Aauthority. But we were going to go without authority because we had to steal the ship. Luckily I had been an Entertainer back on SOLARIS, I knew how to Wow a crowd, my Battles were always the spectacle. So I was prepared. I went into the little Lobby where we had came on board the station a few days ago and looked for the dockmaster's windo
  7. MEANWHILE... I climbed into the Ring, there was a huge hole in it wheree one of the Sumos had gotten smashed through it, now I was going to face the 9 time Station Champion for the Title and money pot. I climbed into the Ring and there was a HUGE Sumo wrestler looking at me, he had on face paint that looked like Flames and a mawashi that had dead snakes hanging off of it for decorations. The Bartender had gave me a rental Sumo outfit and now I was wearing it with red face paint on and staring at the other guy who was probably 500 pounds and over 6 feet tall. "In this corner 9 time St
  8. While everybody was talking to the huge pirate, I decided I needed more Alcohol drinks but I couldn't get the Waiters attention, he was too busy running all over the place and I needed booze now. So I went over to the Bar and tried to get the Bartenders attention, but there were a bunch of Yakuza bosses in the way and the Bartender couldn't see me even when I jumped up and down, finally I decided to ask the Yakuza bosses to get out of my way. "Hey I need to get a Drink can you please move??" I asked the Yakuza bosses. "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?" One of the Yakuza asked. "I'M A YAKUZA CRIME LO
  9. The Rickshaw banged to a stop and I got threw into the little glass window that was between me and the Outside. "OWWWW!" I Yelled as I got out and Captain Maxwell & Alyssa followed and then Orlex rolled up in a Rickshaw behind us. We were outside a Bar & grillhouse called the SCREAMING DRAGON BAR & GRILLHOUSE except that the sign was written in Kurtita and had a picture of Emperor Kurita bending over and dragoning the sign like a word bubble out of his mouth, over Top of him there was a double dragon and one was barfing food out while the other was barfing Drink out, it was really
  10. Everybody had went threough tht eSecurity Check except for me and Gretchen. I looked at her. "Ladies first." I Said, then I did a huge bow to let her know I was Serious. Gretchen giggled at me, I think she was in to me. Then I walked up to the counter and got out my ID. "I'm Steve Jenkins, Attorney At Law and Mercenary Gun For Hire. Also I run the Sake Baths on Sheratan in Gellen's Heights, they are the highest rated......." "I DON'T NEED TO KNOW ALL THAT, JUST GIVE ME YOUR ID AND CHECK IN YOUR WEAPONS!!" The Dockmaster said. I looked at him with Concern. "Alright, I would
  11. MEANWHILE...... Down on the Flight Deck me and Orlex stood there watching the space bus go bussing off into Space. Then Orlex asked me a question. "So what do we do with 6 days off?" He said. "Well I Heard that we are going to Oz for some shore leave." I said. Orlex looked at me with a confused look. "Oz?" "Yeah, I said. Its what people here call the Station, on account of its pretty wild and also Ozymanidas is hard to say after you have had 18 sake drinks." "That's a lot of liquor." Siad Orlex. "Yeah you know it." I said. "The last time I had that much to drink I fell out
  12. While everybody was talking and trying to Figure out what Bishop and his Friends were going do I suddenly felt like a grabbing feel in my Guts. I tried to let out a S.B.D. to Take off some of the pressure but instead it sounded like a gun shot, I thought I might have blew a hole in the seat of my pants and I was pretty sure every one on the Bridge had heard it. But they were too busy and I had to Go RIGHT NOW so I put the conm unit on Auto and I didn't say anything, I just surged up and ran to the Bridge Bathroom with my butts held shut so that I wouldn't have some kind of terrible Accident en
  13. I shot my hand into the air, Captain Maxwell and Dr Kucera both stared at me. "Yes Sergeant Jenkins, what is your question?" Shot Maxwell sternly. "Sergeant Steve Jenkins reporting for Duty!" I exclaimed, sounding off like I had a pair. "My question is about the travel and the rest of the unit. If we are going out to the pirate World by ourselves, what is everybody else going to do? It seems like a lot of people to leave behind doing nothing, also we could use the guns if we run into more trouble than the hardware we are taking can handle. And I bet my rubber thong we are going to ru
  14. MEANWHILE..... IN THE LOUNGE ROOM Even though we had got to the HURRY UP BESSIE really early, the meeting was not starting on Time and now I had a bunch of time to Kill on account of the computers in the Market Room blowing up. I didn't want to stand around talking so I went into the room that said CREW LOUNGE and looked around. There was a TV and a microwave with someone's Bean Burrito in it and also an Arcade game that said DEER EXECUTIONER 9000, it had two Plastic shotguns and a bunch of special move buttons, it looked like it was a Hunting game. I went over to the Game and put some C-
  15. SITE 187 I kicked back in the TANA bunk room on my bed with my Pail of House Kurita take out and a video of Death Board matches on my computer tablet, it had been a long and Exhausting day but I had did it Successfully, I had not died in A firey ambulance wreck, I had went for a ride with Nikki and sold some cows, I had got my phone ate in the middle of a Real Estate deal, I got my phone back from the bowls of the bull, and then I found the Book of the Dead. I had been a Wild Ride. Now I got to relax with food that tasted good and beer that got me drunk. It was a good day. I had jus
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