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  1. MEANWHILE... My headphones blasted with a message from Nick Schuster, "Sky 2 and Sky 3, how's it going down there? I need that pad cleared, pronto!" "Go on, start Working on the guards, I'm going to take care of the helicopter." Said THERMO MAN. I looked at him and he was holding his shin/Achilles heel. "I don't know, are you hurt? That looks bad." I said, I didn't want to leave him in a Vulnerability after I had just made sure he didn't die horribly by falling into Traffic with a broken Parachute and then getting hit by a bus or something. "Yeha ill be fine its just a flesh wound."
  2. MEANWHILE I dived out of the helicopter face down, the rain was coming up at me and hitting my face like a Million rocks getting sprayed out of a lawnmower and the city lights were shaking and blurring all over the place, it was really dark out now even though it was only half past Six and I was having a hard time seeing, plus the wind kept my battle visor from closing since I had forgot to close it when we went out the door. The air going by me was so loud that it was all I could hear, except for Thermo Man screaming in Fear and Terror as we fell. I turned a little bit to look behind me
  3. Octavia looked at me and ask a question. I threw some breakfast Fruit into the pressure cooler and clicked the lid on, then I put the pressure at HOT MAX. Then I looked at Octavia. "What in Blake's name are you making?" She asked, I did a big smile to let Octavia know it was a surprise, then she asked another question "It seems you're all in one piece, at least, from your activities.. Is everything out of your systems now?" I stopped to think about it, because I wasn't sure. There were some parts from last night where I had blacked out and I couldn't remember everything, but I kn
  4. I DIVED off my game chair and ran at the guy called Midnight, well At least the part of him I could see, his sneak suit still kind of worked but not completely. There were some parts of his body that were hanging out where Thermo Man had threw my drink at it and the LEDs shorted it out, it looked sort of like half a ghost. Or maybe 3/4 ghosts, I wasn't good at math, all I knew is that I saw pieces of guy running out of the bar and a real Superhero had just made me his sidekick! I had a Duty to perform. So I ran as hard as I could to try to catch up with Thermo and Midnight, but I was payi
  5. MEANWHILE.... Thermo Man was really good at DEER EXECUTIONER, he had blew up a bunch of deer and was almost tied with me, the waitress looked really impressed with our scores. "Wow you guys are good shots, especially you Thermo Man, that kill is super clean." Then she put down some alcohol drinks on the edge of the arcade machine. "Here are your drinks, make sure you don't spill them in the games." Then she giggled at us and Thermo Man gave her a nod and a high five. "Hey, I'm Steve Jenkins and I...." But then the waitress walked off, I looked over at Thermo Man. "You know she w
  6. 2 hours later...... I shut off the hotel shower and watched the last soot & filth from the operation go swirling down the drain. I got out and got a towel, one of those huge fluffy ones you see in the TV shows where the lady comes out of the shower and tells her husband she's really a vampire or something. "Huh that's weird, the rest of this room is kind of shitty, I wonder if this belongs to the Hooker who rented the room before." After I got dry I went into the hotel room and looked for my duffle bag. CPT Maxwell had got us flown back straight to the hotel roof so we didn't ha
  7. MEANWHILE... "Steve, I need you to get in here and kill this Thug!!" Captain Maxwell yelled, I twisted the steering wheel around and looked, his mighty ATLAS was holding the beast in a bear hug "Ha ha, it looks like you're hugging!" I said because it looked funny, two huge Machines in a bear hug, "Not now Steve, I'll laugh later, get in here and do your thing!!" "OK" I said "I'll see what I can do!" Then, "Strap in Thermo, we're going in!!" Then I hit the gas and turned on my "running legs" and made the DRAGON go ripping toward the total war. "AHHHHH! SLOW DOWN I DON'T HAVE A
  8. MEANWHILE.... Total Warfare happened on the Battlefield as THERMO MAN tried to fix the Auto Cannon he had broke when he had tried to steal my Mech. I did a bunch of angry yelling on account of my DRAGON only had lasers left and L. R. M.s didn't work in close space, so when I was banging on the Quickdraw that was coming at me I wasn't doing a lot of stuff to it. "HURRY UP WITH THOSE REPAIRS THERMO MAN!" I Yelled, then the DRAGON got hit hit hard and wrecked into another Mech that was trying to combat with somebody else at the same time. ThermO MAN yelled a bunch and I think he bashed his
  9. MEANWHILE... AAfter Captain Maxwell Orlex and Nick wiped out the COMM station, we went meching down the river to attack the pirate base. I was sitting behind the Steering wheel trying to keep my busted Chair from falling over while there was no top on my DRAGON and half of the screens were burned out and had water and other Things inside them. THERMO MAN was sitting on the Rumble Seat behind me but he couldn't do anything on account of there were no controls back there. The Mech smelled really bad, like barf and water and dead guys. I sprayed a bunch of Air Freshener and then yelled to T
  10. I let out a huge womanly scream and ran toward where HAGAKURE laid in its fallen location. When I got close I Fell down on my knees and sobbed like a maniac as I realized what THERMO MAN had did to it. "NOoooooooOOOOO" I Wailed. The roof qas gone. There was water in the floorboards. The Battle Curses written on the walls in Ancient Kurita were all runny and gross. A terrible sewage was running down the side of the Mech. There was dead guy parts everywhere. The Milk Machine was stuck on and still milking. Even my posters and tape of We Are The Champions had got lit on fire by the eje
  11. PART DEUX.... "Well I DON'T want to get Fines and low credit scores for doing Atrocities like ripping out teeth, go ahead and do what you need to do Steve, just don't melt his brain." Said CPT Maxwell, then he and the Scorched Earth people walked off with Bishop and Orlex to talk business. "OK pirate, you are going to answer some questions, here is a band aid for your impalement." Then I got out a band aid and handed it to him, he put it on the cut and Glared at me with death eyes. "So I have to put this computer on your brain." I said as I got out the stick that was the Neural Int
  12. MEANWHILE....... I Stared at the Dishonorable Pirate the OCTAVIA BARONESS had kebabed on the ground, her and CPT Maxwell and Johnny I think his name was had just got done talking a bunch of Tactical Things, then they looked at the Pirate. "ARE YOU READY TO TALK???" Intoned Cpt Maxwell in a voice like a Lion. "NOOOOO" Said the pirate back at him sounding like a Wolverine "You will never learn my secrets or where my treasure is buried" "Your treasure???" Demanded Octavia "What treasure??" "What what is this treasure??" Bishop Roared, then they stood the pirate up
  13. MEANWHILE.... There was a bunch of yelling as we walked into the town, we looked awesome, like a row of cowboy shooters you see in the movies. I started whistling heavy theme music but then as we went around the corner my Whistle turned into just a stream of spit coming out of my mouth as I realized what was causing the yelling, there were 5 pirate dudes in the middle of the road, their leather jackets all said NICKEL'S BOYS in big Gothic letters on the Backs, going toward a Bar where a lady and a couple of guys had another NICKEL'S BOY down on the ground, another NICKEL'S BOY was off in
  14. MEANWHILE.... Back at the Cave..... I slid down the Escape Ladder of my Mech and hit the ground with my boots making a loud Cruch. I Screamed in pain because the crunch wasn't actually my Boots, it was my Shattered Legs making bone sounds and being sundered. The Doctor Aldon had gave me a powerful bunch of Combat Drugs including RAGE to keep the pain away and keep me going but I was still wounded from my Combat. As I walked toward Orlex and Bishop who were throwing rocks around to get the Cave opened I drank a bunch of Bone Knitter so that it would hopefully fix my bones. Meanwhile Alyssa
  15. I slammed my DRAGON into Park and stopped for a minute to blow air out of my mouth with my lungs. I took a drink of the Beer I kept in my seat coushin and undid my seatbelt. I looked out through the Windshield of my Mech and saw Captain Maxwell's ATLAS all smashed to pieces with dead guy smeared all over the ground in front of him and a blew up Mech. I looked over and saw that I still had two dead guys in my cockpit and a bunch of Entrails, I decided to get rid of them before I had to do Battle again. I jumped up out of my chair, suddenly and rapidly, without warning, the pain from my Cru
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