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  1. Earlier that day... Oberon VI Oberon System, Oberon Confederation October 7, 3029 __________________________________ There had been no contact from the Kirishima since Link had informed me they were being escorted out of orbit by a wing of local aerospace fighters, I was annoyed but not overly concerned since I still had the beacon signal indicating that the dropship was still in system. There were a number of reasons that could explain the lack of communication, from relative positions in regards to the planet and whether we had "line of sight" to each other, to jamming from t
  2. Previously... Oberon VI Oberon System, Oberon Confederation October 6, 3029 __________________________________ "Blaze, heads up I've got two bogeys closing in on your position fast, BRA [Bearing, Range, Altitude] 215 for 121km (75 miles), at 9000m (30,000'), Hot," Link said over the radio. "Copy that, I see them, any ID on them?" I replied, I had been planet side for all of 10 minutes and already been picked up by someone, so much for a stealthy re-entry. "Negative, they appear to be conventional fighters, small, system is guessing around 10 or 20 tons. Pulling up the
  3. Previously... Oberon VI Oberon System, Oberon Confederation October 3, 3029 __________________________________ The world seemed to flash brightly in front of my eyes before everything solidified again and I knew the jump had completed. Once again the world was awash in vivid colours, like stepping outside into a bright sunny day after spending hours in a dark basement, and visually everything appeared normal but it was dead silent. Then, almost before my brain could even process the lack of audio, sound rushed back in like a crashing wave as all the big and small sounds of a ru
  4. Previously... Ozymandias Station Vega System, Draconis Combine June 3, 3029 __________________________________ The glow of electrical sparks flashed from the end of the hallway and the lights dimmed again, something was shorting out the hotel's circuits but not quite enough to trip any breakers or blow a fuse. Around the corner a tall man in a sleek business suit slowly dropped to his knees before falling sideways onto the floor, the slow but steady rise and fall of his chest the only indication he was still alive. Crouched down on one knee in front of where the man was standin
  5. Previously... Ozymandias Station Vega System, Draconis Combine June 3, 3029 __________________________________ The neon lights from the street weakly grasped at the edges of the rooftop I was currently standing on, the general dimness of Grav Deck 2 with it's "Sleep Lodgings" lending itself to concealing my position. Before me, across the relatively large flat roof of a Rabu Hoteru or "short-stay"/love hotel, lay a wall of scaffolding with heavy canvas tarps hanging from it in various states of disrepair. A well worn sign indicated the area was off limits due to construction an
  6. Previously... Ozymandias Station Vega System, Draconis Combine June 3, 3029 __________________________________ The monolithic hull of the old Newgrange-class Yardship was a static background in this specific portion of space, the 2.6km long vessel was positioned well away from the system's gravity well near the Zenith jump point, its engines long since idle. At one point in time the vessel had been classified as a Warship due to its compact KF-drive, despite never being meant to face actual combat, instead the ship was built to be able to service other similarly large capital c
  7. Previously... A few blocks north of the spaceport Gellen's Heights, Sheratan Sheratan System, Tikonov Free Rebuplic April 18, 3029 __________________________________ I looked up and watched the slow moving transport ship pass overhead at an unusually low altitude, the quad thrusters, actually enclosed VTOL fans, angled almost straight down indicating it was likely fully loaded. The transport's landing lights switched off and the craft started to climb as it made its way north and most likely out of the city itself. I looked back down at the dark alleyway I was currently crouc
  8. Orbit around Menkalinan Carosasha, Menkalinan Menkalinan System, Federated Suns space (newly conquered) March 25, 3029 __________________________________ The inky blackness of space was slowly replaced by a dull orange glow along the lower edges of the canopy as I started to enter the atmosphere of the planet. The belly of the fighter heating up as it began pushing against the heavier air molecules before I edged the nose lower, forcing the aerodyne craft to cut a shallow dive towards the planet's surface. Soon the entirety of the canopy looked like it was engulfed in flames as th
  9. Name : Sierra Hitomi Date of Birth : 3000-03-12 (March 12, 3000) Birthplace : --REDACTED-- Age : 29 (as of 3029) Height : 1.68m (5' 6") Weight : 59kg (130lbs) Eyes : Hazel (right eye), green/grey (left eye) (Complete Heterochromia Iridium, w/ Central Heterochromia Iridium in left eye [grey eye with ring and spikes of bright green from pupil out) Hair : Red, Long (middle of back) Occupation : Bounty Hunter / Aerospace Fighter Pilot Affiliation : Freelancer (ties to --REDACTED--, --REDACTED--) Allegiance : --REDACTED-- Callsign : Blaze ***Placeholder for future content
  10. Gaajian System Patrol Boat (3029) "Kirishima" Type: Military Spheriod Mass: 1,500 tons Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Standard) Introduced: 2485 Mass: 1,500 Battle Value: 3,305 Tech Rating/Availability: D/D-E-D-D Cost: 160,843,200 C-bills Fuel: 100 tons (5,000) Safe Thrust: 4 Maximum Thrust: 6 Heat Sinks: 68 Structural Integrity: 12 Armor Nose: 206 Sides: 180/180 Aft: 170 Cargo Bay 1: Fighter (1) 1 Door Bay 2: Small Craft (1) 1 Door Bay 3: Cargo (213.5 tons) 1 Door Ammunition: None Escape Pods: 4 Life Boats: 0 Crew: 3 offi
  11. Lightning LTN-G15X 'Raijin' Mass: 50 tons Frame: Unknown Power Plant: 200 XL Cruising Thrust: 3G Maximum Thrust: 4.5G Armor: Standard Armament: 3 Medium Laser 1 Gauss Rifle 1 Large Laser Manufacturer: Unknown Primary Factory: Unknown Communication System: Unknown Targeting & Tracking System: Unknown Introduction Year: 2721 Tech Rating/Availability: E/E-E-D Cost: 5,110,208 C-bills Type: Lightning Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Standard) Tonnage: 50 Battle Value: 1,570 Equipment Mass Engine 200 XL
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