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Hey, gang!

Earlier today, @Agent Nathan Schmidt raised the flag on an interesting technical issue that some of you may have encountered. Thanks to his help in troubleshooting the problem, I was able to figure out the cause, and also, a workaround, in case any of you happen to run into the issue later on.

Nathan was running into an error message that read, "We're sorry, but a temporary technical error occurred which means we cannot display this site right now," when trying to submit a post. When he sent me his post, I ran into the same issue at first, but then, when I attempted the workaround I'm about to describe, the post went through.

Nathan's post contained source formatting from the editor he'd used to write it, and, for whatever reason, the editor here did not like something about it. However, when you paste text into the Post or Reply windows, you may have noticed that the following little hyperlink comes up:


'Paste as plain text instead' will remove all of the source formatting from something you've pasted, and convert all of the fonts to a forum-friendly format. I used that option on Nathan's post, and it went through successfully. Feel free to give this method a try if you run into any issues with submitting content, and as always, don't hesitate to give a shout here or on the Discord if you have any challenges with which we can lend a hand.

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