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Veronica "Nikki" Harlow

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Subject: Veronica "Nikki" Harlow

Date of Birth: 3006-03-22

Place of Birth: Laughlinburg, Ridgeway continent, Muphrid

Age: 23 (as of 3029)

Height: 180 cm (5'11") 

Weight: 70 kg

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Light brown, usually dyed

Callsign: N/A

Email: nharlow.hurryupbessie@bizmail.mail




3025 - Present

Hurry Up Bessie Logistics, licensed in New Lancaster, MacArthur, Muphrid

Founder and Freighter Captain


3024 - 3025

Scrappy Stan's Used Spaceparts, New Lancaster, MacArthur, Muphrid

Sales Associate



H&J Minerals, Laughlinburg, Ridgeway, Muphrid

Assistant Repair Technician (Part Time)



Electromagnetic Menace, Laughlinburg, Ridgeway, Muphrid

Light and Sound Technician (Volunteer)


Certifications and Education 


DropShip Operator's Certification

Ridgeway Flight Academy



High School Diploma

Laughlinburg Area High School, Laughlinburg, Ridgeway, Muphrid 



Assistant Technician Certified

Middletown School of Mechanics, Middletown, Ridgeway, Muphrid

(Please supply citizen ID# to verify my date of certification; the school's database doesn't record name changes correctly.)


Edited by Nikki Harlow
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I noticed that Nikki ends up talking about music with other characters sometimes, so I made up some albums that might exist in the 3020s. These are all things she might have in the truck or on Bessie. 


Top Brass / Backhoe Heroes, Blaze of Gory - third wave revival Ska by a group of retired veterans, who were far from being "top brass" in their previous careers. Unlike most Ska music of the 3020s, "third wave revival" is slow enough that lyrics are discernable, and only one band member sings at a time while the others play brass instruments, drums or guitar. Rather than exactly imitating the original third wave bands like Streetlight Manifesto, Top Brass does incorporate some modern elements, such as explosive percussion instruments (which allow a drummer to fire blanks with precise timing). Many of their songs are about less-than-glamorous aspects of military service. 

Kafkanation / Overtime, How Much for My Other Kidney? - typical 3020s Ska, with a large brass band and several singers each playing or singing a different part at a blinding speed. Superfans of this style of music like to perform audio analysis to separate and sometimes recombine different musicians' parts, especially vocals. Composers have caught on, and some songs can be broken down into multiple other songs that are meaningful and/or enjoyable to listen to. Casual fans sit back and enjoy carefully-orchestrated cacophony. 

Electromagnetic Menace - A short-lived band formed by some of Nikki's high school friends, all of whom were Electric Mayhem fans. Their music wasn't particularly good, but to Nikki it's nostalgic. 

Electric Mayhem - a metal band, first described by Steve Jenkins: "I grabbed the Electric Mayhem tape and stuffed it in the CD player. Their hit song from 3028 called Flailing Gaiden Chains came on and we listened to the 7 minute death metal solo the rest of the way to the Farmers Market."

Against Me! / Greatest Hits - punk rock oldies from the 2010s, a bit simplistic by modern standards, but still a good listen. The band's lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Laura Jane Grace was also historically significant as one of the first well known transgender musicians. 

The Last Colonists / Lonely Road - dark country, with traditional folk instruments and lyrics telling eerie stories of settlers in hostile environments. 

Electric Sheep / Lossy Compression, Trapped in an MP3, Send Help - experimental music generated using predictive neural nets similar to Deep Dream. Individual tracks are based on different training data and have wildly different sounds. Each album includes some tracks with melodies and other typical musical elements, and some tracks of "artistic noise". 

The Periphery Pirates / Dead Sun - an up-and-coming band in the banjo metal genre (which despite the name may use other traditional folk instruments instead of banjos). The Periphery Pirates' instrumental rotation includes an electric banjo, bag pipes, electric concertina, electric ukelele, and electric guitar. Most of their lyrics are screamed or growled. 

Sean Nelson / Loud and Clear - a solo album by the Periphery Pirates' bag pipe player with an aggressive rock-n-roll sound.

Spacey Safety! / Spacey Safety! - songs about dangers that children may face while traveling by drop ship, sung by a cheery vocalist accompanied by an acoustic guitar and xylophone. It's unclear whether the violent endings of some songs mean that the album isn't really for kids, or are there to make it less boring. The crew of Hurry Up Bessie puts this album in each others' music players and those of company vehicles as a prank. 

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