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Veronica "Nikki" Harlow

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Subject: Veronica "Nikki" Harlow

Date of Birth: 3006-03-22

Place of Birth: Laughlinburg, Ridgeway continent, Muphrid

Age: 23 (as of 3029)

Height: 175 cm (5'9") 

Weight: 70 kg

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Light brown, usually dyed

Callsign: N/A




3025 - Present

Hurry Up Bessie Logistics, licensed in New Lancaster, MacArthur, Muphrid

Founder and Freighter Captain


3024 - 3025

Scrappy Stan's Used Spaceparts, New Lancaster, MacArthur, Muphrid

Sales Associate



H&J Minerals, Laughlinburg, Ridgeway, Muphrid

Assistant Repair Technician (Part Time)



Electromagnetic Menace, Laughlinburg, Ridgeway, Muphrid

Light and Sound Technician (Volunteer)


Certifications and Education 


DropShip Operator's Certification

Ridgeway Flight Academy



High School Diploma

Laughlinburg Area High School, Laughlinburg, Ridgeway, Muphrid 



Assistant Technician Certified

Middletown School of Mechanics, Middletown, Ridgeway, Muphrid

(Please supply citizen ID# to verify my date of certification; the school's database doesn't record name changes correctly.)


Edited by Nikki Harlow
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