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Site 187

Orlex Jaeger

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MercNet RPG Info
Site 187 - Sheratan
Repurposed military facility that also contained underground bunkers/decommissioned missile silos

Rough list of different levels and other stuff based on info from old Legionnaires board
Site 187 is a converted nuclear facility on the northern continent, with its origins tracing as far back as the original settlers of the lush jungle world known as Sheratan. It is built almost entirely underground and is equipped with a large, subterranean landing bay with the capacity to house a single Union-class DropShip. The landing bay is protected by a set of ferrosteel blast doors, which retract to permit vertical takeoff of the DropShip. For obvious reasons, this design prohibits Aerodyne-class DropShips from landing at the Site itself, and thus, any non-conforming AeroTech must find a berth at the nearby spaceport situated in the capital city of Gellen’s Heights.

The facility is equipped with a high-capacity BattleMech and vehicle service and storage facility, also built beneath the surface, and connected to the landing bay via a large tunnel, which can be sealed in stages via six sets of blast doors should an emergency arise. The BattleMech facility has twelve 'Mech bays, with an additional four allocated to BattleMechs undergoing heavy repairs or extended refits, effectively bringing the total number to sixteen.

There is also a parking garage located in the BattleMech facility, capable of housing up to fifteen support vehicles and ten assault craft. Each parking spot doubles as a service bay, so vehicles in need of repairs need not be moved from their berths in order to be accessed by technicians.

Site 187 was originally equipped with two AMW-class, high-yield nuclear missiles designed for space and atmospheric warfare in situations demanding extremely large-scale destruction over a widespread area. Over ten stories tall, these massive weapons typically found roles as capital ship killers and planetary bombardment devices. The AMWs were removed after the First Succession War, and Silo 1 was converted into living and operations space for the installation's crew, while Silo 2 was refit to accommodate a heavy lift system capable of shuttling 250 tons of cargo (including BattleMechs) between the surface and the lowest levels of the installation. Both silos have interconnecting passages between each level.

1. Surface access, vehicle parking
2. Security
3. Administration (new recruit processing, payroll, etc).
4. Sickbay, mess hall, laundry
5. Crew Quarters, Locker Room
6. Armory
7. Briefing Room, Command Center
8. Battle Simulator, HPG Interfaces
9. Supply
10. Utility

1. Landing pad, lift system
2. Landing bay, 'Mech bay, vehicle bay

Further Details on map and facility
Approximate size of real world Titan II missile complex is 5.1 hectares (51,000m^2) or roughly 225m x 225m
Site 187 is roughly 390m x 420m (16.38 hectares), or 13 x 14 hexes on standard BT/MegaMek board - this may need to be adjusted (this includes the wall and empty gun emplacements outside of wall)
	- if building actual map, need to use at least 30 x 30 board (larger if wanting ability to advance on site from any direction)
	- if building map to allow combat, use extreme range and make board edge outside of standard LRM extreme range from base in any direction
	- currently using 64 x 64 map
	- be sure to include hills and maybe some nearby water

Union dropship is 82m across, Seeker is 90m across - build with Seeker in mind (both would take up 3x3 hexes)
Union is 78m tall (13 levels high), Seeker is 90m tall (15 levels high)
Leopard is 52m wide x 66m long x 23m high for reference (2wide x 2long hexes and 4 levels high) for reference

Using standard Tactical Operations building rules, each level (on standard MegaMek map) is 6m high
Using Campaign Operations land purchasing rules, costs 110,000 c-bills/month to rent/lease the land or 440,000 c-bills to purchase outright
	Additional costs involved to buy facility (due to existing buildings and structures)	

Facility contains two silos and several above ground buildings
Underground silos are connected to each other on multiple levels
Above ground facilities provide access to underground

In regards to space required for MechBays/Vehicle Bays assume that each bay is capable of housing the largest 'mech laying down in any direction or standing (essentially 12mx12mx12m minimum, let's say 15m x 15m x 15m to be safe) 
Therefore, you can fit 2 MechBays in a single map hex. Assume similar size for heavy vehicle bay (up to 100 ton), and 10mx10mx10m for light vehicle (up to 50 ton)(3 per map hex).

Silos should be 3 x 3 hexes (90m x 90m) this would technically allow a Union to land underground eventually as mentioned above from Legionnaires
Underground landing pad can be added later, ensure sufficient space is provided to facilitate this
Initially there should a landing pad built on site that is 3 x 3 hexes to allow a Seeker-class dropship to land - this can be on top of the silo or as a separate pad
	If Silo 2 is intended to have a lift system to the surface then pad will have to be separate
	Silo 1 can have pad built on it, buildings with surface access can be located beside/short distance away - similar to Titan II complex images on google

Facility is bought from planetary government, a decomissioned military garrison base - good condition but stripped of most useful items

Details on map/base itself
Entire compound is surrounding by a 2 level high reinforced wall (12m) set on a 1 level high (6m) berm
Entrances on 3 of the 4 sides (main entrance facing Gellen's Heights and one adjacent side, 3rd entrance is more of a "back entrance" on opposite side of Gellen's Heights entrance)
	Gellen's Heights entrance on North side, secondary main entrance on East side, back entrance is on South side, runs through "cliff"
Space for weapon emplacements exists but are empty
Silo 2 is furthest from main entrance (compared to Silo 1)
Silo 1 is closer to entrance but along same edge as Silo 2
Silo 2 has a heavy industrial/military grade elevator in the central hex
Silo 1 has no direct access to surface - except emergency exits, all regular access is controlled through admin buildings
There is a motorpool on the surface located above Silo 1
Landing pad is located along South side of base (opposite of main entrance on North), has a raised berm (1 level high) surrounding it to protect against dropship landing/take off
	This can later be converted into an underground landing pad
	Pad is large enough to land a Seeker (90m x 90m) but just barely, pad is 3 x 3 hexes with 2 additional hexes on the East and West to facilitate loading/unloading
If silo is 3 x 3 hexes (90m x 90m) then central hex is the elevator for Silo 2
	Since elevator goes from the surface all the way to the bottom floor it can be considered that each floor has a total of 6 hexes to work with
	In order to properly fit 'mechs the MechBay levels must be 3 standard levels high (18m), vehicle bays will also be 3 standard levels high (18m) to allow 'mechs on those floors too
	2 mechs/hex (as above) means that you can fit 12 'mechs on a single floor that is 3 levels high
	2 Heavy vehicles/hex (as above) means that you can fit 12 Heavy vehicles on a single floor that is 3 levels high
	3 Light vehicles/hex (as above) means that you can fit 18 Light vehicles on a single floor that is 3 levels high
	2 Floors required for 'mech bays (1 floor containing 12 standard 'mechbays [2 per hex], 2nd floor containing 4 extended repair 'mechbays [1 per hex] with 2 for extra storage space)
		Extended repair bays are equivalent of factory level facilities (in terms of repair facilities from BT sourcebooks)
	2 floors required for vehicle bays ( 1 floor with 18 light/support vehicles [3/hex], 2nd floor with 12 heavy/assault vehicles [2/hex])
	1 floor for cargo/storage of spare parts and excess equipment that is 3 levels high
	Total of 4 floors that are 15 levels high total
Silo 1 requires 10 floors, with 15 levels to play with
	Floor 1 - Blank (1 level) - can be converted later to provide underground parking
	Floor 2 - Security (2 levels) - actual security level, and 1 reinforced blank level (reinforced levels were added by military to provide additional protection to garrison)
	Floor 3 - Admin (2 levels) - includes atrium and fake outdoor area or extra space for it in the future
	Floor 4 - Sickbay, mess hall, laundry and other facilities (1 levels) - provides general amenities to personnel
	Floor 5 - Crew quarters and locker room (2 levels) - includes all living quarters for all members of unit, may need to increase size depending on # of personnel
	Floor 6 - Armory (1 level) - requires special access
	Floor 7 - Briefing Room, Command Center (1 level) - Command Center has restricted access
	Floor 8 - Battle Simulator, HPG Interfaces (1 level) - battle simulator to be added later, leave enough blank space for it. HPG interfaces is just an advanced comm system that ties into the planetary HPG
	Floor 9 - Supply (2 levels) - general storage for all supplies
	Floor 10 - Utility (2 levels) - power generation, life support and other utilities

Extra Floor details
Stairs 	  - built to allow 2 people to pass shoulder to shoulder on almost all flights
	  	- minimum size is 10' wide total (30" per person, 60" (5') wide going up, another 5' wide for going down/going up the other way - stairs are built to go halfway up, turn 180 and then finish going up)
	  	- landing where stairs turn 180 are 10' x 5'
	  	- industrial/school style stairs - made of metal grating
Floor 1   - empty space 1 floor below surface, currently unused
Floor 2a  - Security level - entrance to facility through blast doors before passing through security (both entrances, admin/office building and warehouse/employee entrance)
		- two blast doors on each entrance, pass through security, then enter through a twin stairwell (near center) to lower level (another set of 2 blast doors before stairs)
Floor 2b  - Reinforced level for additional security, twin hallways (one for guests, one for employees) from central stairwell to common admin entrance (both hallways pass through 6 individual blast doors)
Floor 3   - 2 levels combined into one, enter in large open area that can later be turned into atrium/fake outdoor area
	  	- Admin building for employee stuff (surface building is admin for non-employee stuff), maybe include lounge area?
Floor 4	  - Medical Center (provides enough medical beds for 1/4 of force to be injured at once), mess hall (big enough to feed ~150+ people at once?) also includes Cantina, remainder is dedicated to additional facilities (laundry, etc)
Floor 5a  - crew quarters originally designed for military use - rooms meant to house 4 individuals (using two standard twin bunk beds 38" x 75")
	  	- rooms repurposed to house individuals? - can house a full/double bed or a twin XL (54" x 75" or 38" x 80") (technically a queen [60" x 80"] might fit but would be very tight)
		- each room has a single washroom (sink and toilet only) - showers are only available in locker room
		- minimum room size = 10' wide x 9' long (main room), 4' x 4' (bathroom)
		- one floor has 216 individual rooms and two locker rooms with 116 showers (58 each)
Floor 5b  - duplicate of Floor 5a, contains more crew quarters
Floor 6   - Armory, requires special access and additional security checkpoints when entering floor, contains all the forces personnel weapons and ammo, sealed by a blast door at each entrance
Floor 7   - Breifing Room (provides enough seating for entire combat force and most of the support), Command Center (restricted access with additional blast doors, large enough for entire command staff)
Floor 8   - Battle Simulator (large open area warehouse, currently blank but with space for up to 12 SIM pods), HPG interface (with entrance to Command Center with blast door, directly below CC, provides direct link with planetary HPG)
Floor 9a  - Supply storage
Floor 9b  - More supply storage
Floor 10a - Power plant, life support and other utilities
Floor 10b - Power plant (fusion reactor with fuel cell backup), currently needs 673 ton Nuclear Fusion reactor to power entire facility (minus turrets)[this requires 5 hexes at 150 CF to support]
	  	- Fuel Cell generator doesn't power entire facility (buildings plus 1/2 other facilities for 8hr/day), 438 ton Fuel Cell generator w/230 ton fuel/day [requires 3 hexes at 150 CF for generator & 6 hexes for 14 days fuel]

There is a motor pool/garage and general security building to the west when coming in from the North entrance - light structure (15 CF), 2 levels high
To the South-East from the North entrance is an admin/office building - medium structure (40 CF), 3 levels high (located on top of Silo 1)
	Regular parking is located around this admin/office building, building itself has access to underground facilities
Further South-East (still on top of Silo 1) is a warehouse style building - medium structure (40 CF), 2 levels high, 3 hexes large (2 on Silo 1, 1 extended of SE corner)
	Provides internal parking for small vehicles, storage for additional supplies and provides access to underground facilities
Additional parking for light/support vehicles is provided on the remainder of Silo 1's pavement (2 hexes)
Silo 2 is located to the South West from the North entrance and slightly further South than Silo 1
Silo 2 is raised 1 level above ground (reinforced roof structure and heavy lift platform)
Central hex is an elevator that travels all the way to the bottom level of Silo 2 (250 ton capacity, according to Legionnaires info)
Road connecting Silo 1 and Silo 2 along South side
Road connecting Silo 2 and Landing Pad along South side (2 roads connect), connects to Landing Pad on NW side
Armored building on Landing Pad to facilitate refueling and housing unloading equipment and emergency equipment


Site_187_-_Silo_1.bmp Site_187_-_Silo_2.bmp Info_-_Site_187.txt

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