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Operation VI: Gray Demon: Nikki Harlow to Nathan Schmidt

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    Date: 12 March 3029

    To: Schmidt, Nathan (nhschmidt@u.mail)

    From: Harlow, Nikki (nharlow.hurryupbessie@bizmail.mail)

    Subject: Congratulations


Mr. Schmidt,


Congratulations, you got the job. Should you choose to accept, your job title will be Engineer and your salary will be 1,300 C-bills per month, beginning on March 14 3029.


You’ll be assigned a single-occupancy berth and a large storage locker on Hurry Up Bessie, both available immediately upon hire. Hurry Up Bessie Shipping and Freight has a medical fund to cover a portion of employees’ healthcare expenses, which you’ll be covered by. Meals are provided while underway or in port for less than a week, and during extended stays on the ground you can join the provisioning pool for groceries if you’d like.


I hope you’ll choose to sign on with us. Let me know if you have any questions.


Captain Nikki Harlow

Hurry Up Bessie Shipping and Freight

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