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- Displaying Coded Message -- Command Instruction Follows -

- For internal use only -


Operation Codename: Siege Engine
Planet: Oberon IV (Oberon Confederation)
Terrain: Urban (skyscraper)
Time: Night
Mission Type: Extraction Raid/High Risk/Covert Operation
NOTE: This is a child operation of
Gray Demon. Refer to the parent operation for contractual details.


Operation: Gray Demon has taken an unexpected turn for the worse. The artifact we were subcontracted to exfiltrate from Oberon IV was removed from the target site ahead of our arrival. We suspect that this action was carried out by members of the Irian cabal for reasons yet unknown. We have determined that the artifact was likely delivered via aircraft to a skyscraper in downtown Port Royal. We need to recover it from the building and get offworld before being discovered.



Upon successful securing of the target recovery site in Black Canyon, our insertion team discovered that a third party had preemptively entered the dig site, removed IE-OBO-FE-01-3029 (hereafter referred to as "the artifact"), and departed with it to parts unknown.

Intelligence provided by Book Gamble allowed us to extrapolate that the artifact had been removed via an aircraft. Orlex Jaeger and Nicholas Schuster were able to locate the VTOL's tail registry in a flight database held in a nearby bandit stronghold. They determined that the aircraft's flight plan took it to a high-rise in downtown Port Royal. Reconnaissance performed by Bishop Weyland and Charles Maxwell identified the landing site as the OptiFire Communications tower, a 58-story corporate skyscraper with multiple tenants.

Bishop Weyland recognized one of the tenants, "Bluedream Consulting," as an umbrella compaby used by the Irian Corporation. Charles Maxwell and Alyssa Chase visited Port Royal's city hall earlier today and were able to pull the architectural records for the OptiFire complex. It appears that Bluedream applied for a permit to retrofit an extensive laboratory space into the 40th through 43rd floors of the building - an unusual project for a consulting firm, particularly one operating in a bandit kingdom.

We've determined that the OptiFire building is largely vacant at night. The projected OpFor appears to consist of heavy electronic security, automated patrol robots, and autonomous emplacements.


Our mission objectives are as follows. Refer to the OBJECTIVE DETAILS diagram for all milestones.

  1. Warrant Officer Alyssa Chase will overcome electronic security at the lobby level, enabling ingress to the upper floors of the building.
  2. Simultaneously, Nicholas Schuster will use a landing craft from the Hurry Up Bessie to perform an aerial insertion of Sergeant Steve Jenkins and Book Gamble onto the roof of the OptiFire tower. Jenkins and Gamble will make entry into the 58th-floor security annex and disable the tower's monitoring systems, cameras, and automated patrols. Nicholas Schuster will remain on station with the landing craft and provide electronic warfare support and early warning of counter-intrusion activities.
  3. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Orlex Jaeger, Octavia Incendio, and Lieutenant Bishop Weyland will penetrate the 40th floor laboratory, where we believe that the artifact is likely to be held, and recover it. Exfiltration of any other targets of interest is also permitted.
  4. In tandem with the above actions, Captain Charles Maxwell and Warrant Officer Chase will breach the "Bluedream Consulting" office and attempt to recover any information that reveals the identities and motives behind Bluedream's operations on Oberon VI.
  5. Insertion teams will evacuate via rooftop egress. Nicholas Schuster will facilitate evac via the Hurry Up Bessie's landing craft and return the team to the Port Royal spaceport. From there, we'll get offworld before we're located.
  6. If rooftop egress is not possible. the first-floor lobby may be used as a fallback extraction zone. Assets leaving via this method should rendezvous immediately at the Port Royal spaceport.

NOTE: It is critical that we leave no evidence connecting Interstellar Expeditions, Aegis Division, or the Crayven Corporation to operations on Oberon VI. If the Irian cabal is indeed responsible for this counter-operation, the consequences of having our cover blown are, in a word, dire.

OBJECTIVE DETAILS: OptiFire Communications



I know that none of us expected this turn of events and that this operation is last-minute and unrehearsed. I appreciate everyone's willingness to adapt, and I thank our Scorched Earth compatriots for their willingness to help out. Let's get this over and done with so that we can go home.



Sender: Captain Charles Maxwell
Encryption Priority:

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