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Custom Infantry Weapons

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This will be a collection of detailed information regarding any custom infantry weapons that I design or create throughout our MercNet RPG missions. All weapons will be using the "A Time of War" system for stats and I intend to make them as balanced and canonical as I can. I'll include any special information as well as links to canonical weapons I base them off of and any links to real-world weapons I used for inspiration as needed.

Everyone is welcome to add their own stuff in here as well if desired, but by no means is required.  (I'm just doing this to help me stay organized, lol)

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KTS Pump-Action Shotgun

    ---A Time of War (ATOW) Stats---
        Armor Piercing/Damage: 3B/5S for buckshot, 5B/5 for slug
        Range: 5/12/24/50 meters for buckshot, 7/18/28/62 meters for slug
        Shots: 6 + 6 (twin tube mags) + 1 (in chamber)
        Mass/Reload : 4.5kg/20g (per shell), 120g/mag

Buckshot is standard 00 buck (normal large game hunting round)
Saboted Slug is a shaped 1oz slug using a sabot to provide rifling and increased velocity, resulting in greater range and armor piercing but no splash damage (under ATOW rules)

KTS (Kuritan Tactical Shotgun) Pump-Action Shotgun 
    Based loosely on KSG shotgun (base model)
    Bull-pup design, 26" overall length, 12 gauge 3" shells
    Twin underbarrel tubular magazine (6 round capacity each), manually loaded, selector to switch between mags
    Pump-action, accessory rails, pistol grip
    Can list ammo as individual shells or as "mags" (though that is just to make it easier, there are no mags or speed loaders for the gun)
    Generally use Red shells for buckshot, Black shells for slug
    Use standard Combat Shotgun (sarna.net) stats for buckshot ammo
    Based on Avenger CCW shotgun the slug round has increased armour pen (using +2 instead of the CCW's +3)

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GA King Slayer Gyroslug Carbine

    ---A Time of War (ATOW) Stats---
        Armor Piercing/Damage: 4B/5
        Range: 23/65/130/285 meters
        Shots: 20
        Mass/Reload : 5.5kg/2.0kg 
        Notes: Gyrojet - no damage falloff, "silent", no recoil, leaves visible "cone" exhaust trail

GA King Slayer Gyroslug Carbine (Free Worlds League Bull-pup Gyrojet rifle)
    Based on Star King Gyroslug Carbine
    Bull-pup design, manufactured by Grumman Amalgamated on Shiro III (Duchy of Andurien)
    Slightly heavier weapon weight (5.5kg vs 5.2kg) but lighter mag weight (2.0kg vs 2.3kg) compared to Star King
    Other stats are the same

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Wolf M30T Pistol

    ---A Time of War (ATOW) Stats---
        Armour Piercing/Damage: 4B/5
        Range: 7/30/60/110 meters
        Shots: 17
        Mass/Reload: 0.95kg/0.025kg
        Notes: +1 attack modifier in low light; range modifiers: +2/+1/0/-1

Wolf M30T Pistol
    From Shrapnel Issue #3, pg 112
    Common FWL sidearm
    Powerful, solid weapon
    Assuming 0.45cal pistol (roughly equivalent to 0.45 ACP [M1911])

Excerpt from Shrapnel Magazine
The M30 is a common sidearm in Free World League Military
units, and has been for a few hundred years. The current version, the
M30T, varies little from older models, being only a few grams lighter,
and square-notched rear sights allows accurate shooting in poor light.
It is not uncommon for FWLM officers to carry the same M30 their
grandparent did.

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