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Name: Octavia Incendio
Callsign: Exile
Race: Human
Affiliation: Scorched Earth (founding member)
Ruling House: Liao
BattleMech: RVN-1X Raven
Status: ACTIVE

A baroness heir in the Capellan Confederation, Octavia Incendio used her mercenary company to unofficially work towards currying favor with House Liao. While having some small measure of stature, House Incendio was under constant encroachment from its rival house, House Ostavar. In a political defensive move against Ostavar's recent aggression, Octavia was called back to her planet to marry a member of the neighboring House Chen. Her father had a second reason for calling her back, one with required the help of Scorched Earth. Ostavar had received permission to conduct an archaeological dig on their land, and he was suspicious of what their true intentions might be.

Scorched Earth infiltrated the dig to discover an ancient Star League factory. While much of it lay in ruin, enough automation remained to make it an invaluable find. Not knowing how Ostavar had managed to locate it, Scorched Earth could only withdraw to deliver the news.

As they emerged from the dig, distant explosions could be heard. Octavia raced back home, using her Raven's speed to outrun the others. The sound of missiles and lasers grew louder with each step as she crested the hill to her family home. Pure destruction greeted her, smoke rising from flaming rubble and ruin.

As she stared in stunned horror at the damage, her communications crackled to life. Her father's voice floated up, stating that while he may have not been the best father, he knew that she would do what was best for the family, that he was proud of her and -

A final explosion erupted, and the communication abruptly cut off. Through the silence, another voice pierced the air. "Bastion, this is Myrmidon. Job's done. Let's get off this miserable rock." The names burned into her memory and became an obsession.

After her planet was razed, Octavia became obsessed with learning more about the man behind the callsign of Myrmidon. Knowledge came in the form of Jamie Wolf and the Wolf's Dragoons when the party sought them out to contract for House Davion. Myrmidon (Adam) had served with the Dragoons before splitting off into his own company after Anton Marik's slaughter of the Dragoons hostages had claimed his wife and daughter's lives. Probing relentlessly for more information, Octavia learned that Adam had been expressly bred for war and war alone - Adam's taking of a wife had surprised them all.

As a test of their mettle before negotiations, the Wolf's Dragoons took Scorched Earth on their next mission. By sheer chance, Adam's lance was on the same planet, hired by the opposing side. Against everyone's better judgement, Octavia immediately challenged him. Amid the myriad of BattleMechs, the inability to tell who might have spoken over the comms, she assumed she was safe. A scathing response from the Highlander pilot caused her to jerk her controls in fear. Her Raven stepped back, and he knew exactly who had taunted him. Despite protests from Scorched Earth and Jamie, Octavia continued her tirade against Adam. In response, he fired a warning shot and crippled her Raven's leg, hobbling her movement.

Octavia had been praised for her cleverness and wit. Her obedience to those outside the family, however, had been a point of contention for most of her life. She hurled a final insult, and Adam kicked in his jump jets before rising into the air, literally eclipsing the sun before it slammed down on the Raven.

The damage was absolute. The Raven lay in a ruined heap, sparks flying from exposed wires. Adam�s laughter could be heard through the comms as his company left the field. The Wolf's Dragoons and Scorched Earth immediately retreated, abandoning the mission and rushing Octavia to their medical bay. Her left arm had been crushed beyond repair, the side of her face had been caved in when it slammed against her controls, and she had lost her right eye. At the cost of Scorched Earth owing them a future favor, the Wolf�s Dragoons outfitted her with bionic replacements and sub-dermal plates.

Incendiary sass machine. Slightly narcissistic, can be cruel. While initially much more reckless and hotheaded, the Highlander Burial and the guilt she feels over the deaths caused by the Triad in the liberation have tempered her slightly. She is quick to retort to party members with sarcasm and snark, but since the Highlander Burial and Maskirovka she is more reserved towards strangers. Priorities are Persephone's life, her life, and only after that the party's.

Main flaws:
Temper, snark, selfishness.

Main virtues:
Intelligence, pragmatism, stealth, loyalty to family.
Battle approach is pure support. She ducks and weaves between allies to move full speed (7 hexes) and NARC/TAGs the enemy before firing as normal. Primary area is within medium range of enemies.

Additional Notes/Fluff:

  •  While she hasn't had a set partner in battle, Luke has attached himself to her character as a sort of Spymaster and is her primary social support. No matter how evil, he�s helping her. Likely not a good influence for either of them.
  • If familiar with alignment systems, she started out Lawful Evil, bounced to Neutral Evil, dipped slightly into Chaotic Evil, and after her nightmare and guilt has settled into an uncertain True Neutral.
  • Prior to the campaign start, Octavia took Persephone out in her Locust. Persephone burst into tears when they displaced a family of foxes, and Octavia took her back out on foot to show her that the critters had returned to their den. She carried Persephone most of the way there and back due to the distance and difficult terrain, but if pressed she insists it was worth every step to see her smile.
  • Octavia received her Raven as a gift from her father, who had had it loaded into their dropship while the party met with Arthur and scouted. It was intended as a gift whether she accepted or refused the betrothal.
  • Octavia bedded Victarion after he agreed to provide Triad and pirate help, both from the pressure of his repeated propositioning and her desperation to secure Triad help. She was unable to hide this from the party and Johnny will purposefully rile her up by making crude jokes around it. Justifies it by claiming it was a necessary evil.
  • During the liberation, she ripped out the two Ostavar heir's throats with her hidden bayonet (in arm). After a nightmare in which Myrmidon mocked her, her father reminded her of her duty to do what was best for the family, and her favored sibling Persephone backing away from her in fear of the bodies around her and her bloodstained hands, Octavia convinced Victarion to let her negotiate with Ostavar. Kept up appearances enough during negotiations that Ostavar believes his heirs fell to the Triad.
  •  During the torture from the Maskirova, Octavia's memories flashed in front of her - Liao supporting Ostavar, the loss of her family, the Highlander Burial, Persephone's return. Spite cemented her refusal to fall to the likes of Liao, and any loyalty she'd had to the Capellan Confederation is gone.
  •  Octavia has pictures of her family in her Raven and hidden in her armor. While not superstitious, her mother claimed that the dead came back to the place they died, and without something to jar their memory they would be left to wander aimlessly. She also has a photo of Adam and his family in both her Raven and armor, though she has not revealed this to the party - originally, she had planned to leave it with him after she defeated him, as a show of respect to a foe. Even Persephone hasn't been told.
  • Octavia's obsession with Myrmidon has moved from wanting revenge, to feeling that they have similar trauma. She's convinced that he should understand what it feels like to have family ripped from you unfairly and nothing the party says has convinced her otherwise.


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