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Dexter Friedman (NPC, Available)

Charles Maxwell

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Subject: Dexter Friedman
Rank: Warrant Officer
Date of enlistment: 3025-12-01
Date of birth: 2998-06-26
Place of birth: Lyran Commonwealth
Citizen ID #: 5305-175-3604
Age: 30 (as of 3028)
Height: 175.2 cm (5'9")
Weight: 70.7 kg (156 lbs)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Callsign: 'Abaddon'
Comments: Former Tau Adept, ComStar

Born June 26, 2998 in the Lyran Commonwealth. Lead electronic warfare specialist for the Aegis Division mercenary unit. Former ComStar Adept. Exiled and fugitive from the Order for theft of a ComStar RVN-1X Raven during a training exercise. Fled to the Periphery world of Rollis; hired by Aegis Division while visiting a bar on Laconis, where Charles Maxwell took an interest in Dexter's access to a Raven BattleMech. 

Unpredictable personality. Has a tendency to fluctuate wildly between friendliness, intense irritability, and cold detachment. Holds an incredibly deep reverence for his Raven, code-named 'Aether,' considering it to be an actual instrument of the divine. Is sincerely-entrenched in the belief that, without performing specific rituals before powering up the BattleMech, it will simply not function correctly. Masterful pilot. Capable of great efficacy in leveraging his Raven not only as an ECM platform and versatile scout, but also as a weapon of direct engagement. Electronics genius with an aptitude for technology exceeding that of other Aegis Division staff.

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