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Operation VIII: Fallen Haven

Charles Maxwell

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- Displaying Coded Message -- Command Instruction Follows -

- For internal use only -


Operation Codename: FALLEN HAVEN
Planet: Quentin IV - Quentin System (Federated Suns/Federated Commonwealth)
Terrain: Arid Valley/Active Pyroclastic Field
Time: Variable
Mission Type: Recovery/High Risk
NOTE: This is a child operation of
Hidden Meteor. Refer to the parent operation for contractual details.


With our contractual obligations to House Davion concluded, we have a unique opportunity to recover a crashed Trojan-class vessel from within the Fire Rift and restore it to an operational status. However, we're going to be working on a compressed timeline with limited access to resources. Even after we've gotten the vessel off the planet, returning it to Sheratan will be a risky affair. If we can pull this salvage operation off, Aegis Division will double its contracting abilities, which means we all get a raise.



On August 5, 3030, in the outer bands of the Fire Rift region, Lieutenant Orlex Jaeger, Warrant Officer Nicholas Schuster, and Quartermaster Levi Wright discovered a crashed Trojan-class DropShip entombed in a rocky outcropping, the victim of an apparent crash-landing.

Further investigation revealed the vessel to be the MCRN Tachi, registered to a Kuritan pirate crew. It appears that, in 3024, the ship was involved in an orbital firefight, the crew ditched it, and the autopilot somehow managed a controlled crash into the Fire Rift. We don't know how it managed to land in its current location, and the databanks are largely corrupt, only making references to the ship's previous port-of-call at Inglesmond II.

A comprehensive survey of the ship revealed its critical systems to still be largely intact, and the hull, while damaged, is spaceworthy, although incapable of containing an atmosphere. Multiple bulkhead breaches are present, ranging from minor to irreparable in the field. The engine thrust assembly sustained the worst of the crash-landing and will require a near-total replacement.

The Tachi's avionics, communications, command and control systems, and weapons are all completely inoperable and must be repaired before the ship can leave the planet. The fusion reactor must also be refueled with enough mass to facilitate the ship's liftoff, breakaway from orbit, JumpShip rendezvous, and docking with Hollingsworth Station at Sheratan.

The work must be completed within a two-week period. To facilitate this schedule, we'll be assigning 24-hour duty rotations and establishing a base camp onsite at the Tachi consisting of portable barracks, washrooms, and the BRV Pandora


Our mission objectives are as follows. Refer to the OBJECTIVE DETAILS deck plan for all locations.


  1. AVIONICS & COMMUNICATIONS: Lieutenant Orlex Jaeger, supported by Quartermaster Levi Wright and Lieutenant Alyssa Chase, will oversee repairs on the ship's avionics and communications systems. They will also ensure that the Tachi is refueled with enough reactor mass to achieve a successful return to Sheratan.
  2. COMMAND & CONTROL: Captain Charles Maxwell, Warrant Officer Nicholas Schuster, and Technician Miranda Keyes will oversee the restoration of functionality to the vessel's flight controls, support systems, and perform a reinstallation of the Tachi's operating system, configuring it to a standard Terran language pack.
  3. WEAPON SYSTEMS: Sergeants Markus DrakeSteve Jenkins, and Technician Idris Nasir will survey and oversee repairs to the Tachi's offensive and defensive systems, returning as many of them to an operable status as possible. At a minimum, the Tachi will need to be able to defend itself until its auxiliary craft can be launched or until a vessel such as the Tana can intervene on its behalf.
  4. ENGINE AND HULL REPAIRS: A significant amount of work must be performed on the hull and engine assembly. Those Aegis Division support staff who are not assigned to one of the above details will address repairs to the spaceframe and interplanetary drives. 


Once the Tachi has been restored to a spaceworthy status, a skeleton crew will be required to fly the vessel. Due to the ship's hull damage, an atmosphere cannot be maintained aboard her. As a result, a crew equipped with EVA gear will be assigned to the ship for the duration of the return to Sheratan. We will periodically rotate these crews and keep a minimum of two fully-equipped auxiliary craft docked in the Tachi's landing bay to provide habitation shelters.



Technical Readout (TRO)


I know we're asking a lot of you after an extremely challenging series of contracts, but this recovery could be a significant boost to the unit's prosperity and ensure its future. That means bigger paychecks and greater job security for everyone, and that seems like it's worth fighting for. Be safe out there. I want everyone to come home alive and well.



Sender: Captain Charles Maxwell
Encryption Priority:

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