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Subject: Curie
Rank: None - currently assigned to Aegis Division as a medical assistant to Doctor Aldon Mallory
Date of enlistment: Not applicable
Date of birth:

  • First activation 3030-07-28
  • First deployment 3030-09-29

Place of birth: Not applicable
Citizen ID #: None
Age: 66 days (as of October 2, 3030)
Height: 1.57m (5'2")
Weight: Not applicable
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blond
Callsign: None
Curie is an experimental artificial intelligence on loan from the Crayven Corporation to Aegis Division. She is powered by a Riemann matrix and has been augmented with a projector from a holovision set, enabling her to manifest a blue, glowing avatar in the form of a young, blonde French woman in a white lab coat. She speaks in a logical, detached, accented, and emotionless tone. Following a successful emergency deployment of her program to perform highly theoretical neurosurgery on First Lieutenant Alyssa Chase, Curie is currently undergoing field trials as a medical assistant to the mercenary unit's chief medical officer, Doctor Aldon Mallory.

When Doctor Catherine Halsey was faced with the challenge of developing an integration for a deep space vessel's systems that would provide an embarked physician with artificial intelligence that could act as a sounding board and assistant - a necessity for long-duration space travel where the physician would be the only medical personnel present - she turned to her colleague, Doctor Natalya Kucera.

Kucera, the Crayven Corporation's resident expert in the field of quantum computing, suggested the application of an emergent technology called the Riemann matrix. This new platform was designed to be more flexible and adaptable than anything that had come before, and Halsey saw the potential for using it to create an AI that could serve as a medical assistant.

With Kucera's help, Halsey began working on a prototype AI that would eventually become known as Curie. The construct was designed to be a generalist AI, capable of providing support in a wide range of medical disciplines. The AI was also designed to be highly adaptable, able to quickly learn new medical procedures and protocols as needed.

Halsey was forced to put the project on hold in August of 3030, when she was ordered to accompany the C.S.V. Foundation on a mission to the Quentin system, but a fateful encounter with Aegis Division later that same year saw Halsey returning to the project with a new sense of urgency.

In September of 3030, Aegis Division's First Lieutenant Alyssa Chase was afflicted with debilitating amnesia after an accident involving a neurohelmet left her hippocampus damaged. Halsey, who was embarked aboard Aegis Division's M.V. Tana at the time, realized that the only way to restore Chase's memory was to somehow harness an AI to control nanites that would repair the damage to her hippocampus.

With Curie still in development, Halsey had no choice but to iterate and deploy the AI in an unfinished state. Curie was successful in restoring Chase's memory, and the commander of Aegis Division, Charles Maxwell, saw the potential for using Curie in a medical capacity. The Crayven Corporation struck an agreement with the mercenary unit to loan the construct to them for further field testing, and Curie was officially assigned to Aegis Division as a medical assistant to Doctor Mallory Aldon in October of 3030. She has been undergoing field trials since that time.


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