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Hi guys, after this OP I want to get Steve Jenkins back in a Mech, I was thinking the Daboku would be a Soild choice, do you think that can happen?

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Hi, @Mek_Master! I'll leave the answering to Charles, but I just wanted to drop in and welcome you. I'm "new" but in the sense that I'm "returning new." I was with this group in its original form

The board file comes in fine, good job! ? The worst case scenario for your mechs and Pilots is that you may need to make them in Megamek and then we can just import the .mul file into MekHQ. We d

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Are you sure you want a Daboku? Sarna says this about the design:

"A near-instant failure with flaws in almost every major system, the 'Mech was nonetheless hurried to the front lines for the War of 3039 where it became both a laughing stock and a virtual death sentence for Kuritan pilots. Problems with the CASE system protecting the ammunition bins resulted in the auto-eject triggering when the torso armor was struck in a certain manner. DCMS MechWarriors found themselves rocketing above the battlefield, often at the most inopportune moments, and ultimately took to disabling the auto-eject. Other problems included lasers that were prone to overheat, over-taxing the already burdened heat sinks, and routine jamming of the autocannon ammunition feeds, the result of an improperly designed chest cavity."

Aside from that, the biggest issue I see is that the 'Mech wasn't invented until about 10 years after the timeline we're currently in.

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If you're looking specifically for a Kurita Mech, the Dragon or Grand Dragon would be excellent choices in regards to being a symbol of the Combine.

The Dragon is extremely popular with the DCMS, decent armour and speed, respectable weaponry, and while it does suffer a little from needing steady supply lines and maintenance it is an overall good 'mech. It has a somewhat similar style of weapon loadout to the Daboku, (AC/5 and LRM-10 for range, Medium lasers for support/short range, compared to the AC/2s, LRM-10s, and Large Lasers on the Daboku).

The Grand Dragon on the other hand drops the ballistics for a PPC (PPC, LRM-10, 3 Medium Laser), but it otherwise almost identical. Despite what Sarna.net states as the introduction date, there are canonical references to the Grand Dragon as early as 3024 (which are mentioned in the fluff article and in the variants), specifically the Grand Dragon DRG-1G.

I can get the full specs for either of those 'mechs (or any variant most likely) if you want.

Another option if you're looking for something heavier, and similar in the vein of not being the "best Mech" out there, the 80 ton Charger is popular in the Combine (though not really a  Kurita mech per say).

The Quickdraw is another 60-ton 'mech produced at Luthien Armor Works in Kurita space. Or if you want something that is way out there, there's the Stinger LAM (Land-Air Mech), manufactured in Kurita on Irece, throughout the succession wars.

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A little more searching also turned up the 80 ton Thug THG-10E (2x PPCs, 2x SRM-4s), and the 60 ton Lancelot LNC25-02 (1x PPC, 2x Large Laser, 1x Medium Laser). The models listed are available in our timeframe but don't include any of the LosTech of the original models (Endo-steel, XL engines, double heat sinks, etc.)

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Dragon DRG-1N

Mass: 60 tons
Chassis: Alshain Type 56-60H
Power Plant: Vlar 300
Cruising Speed: 54 kph
Maximum Speed: 86.4 kph
Jump Jets: None
     Jump Capacity: 0 meters
Armor: StarShield
     2 Medium Laser
     1 AC/5
     1 LRM 10
Manufacturer: Luthien Armor Works
     Primary Factory: Luthien
Communication System: Sipher CommSys 3
Targeting & Tracking System: Eagle Eye SY10-10
Introduction Year: 2754
Tech Rating/Availability: D/C-E-D-D
Cost: 5,036,800 C-bills

Type: Dragon
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Introductory) 
Tonnage: 60
Battle Value: 1,125

Equipment                                          Mass
Internal Structure                                    6
Engine                        300 Fusion             19
	Walking MP: 5
	Running MP: 8
	Jumping MP: 0
Heat Sink                     10                      0
Gyro                                                  3
Cockpit                                               3
Armor Factor                  160                    10

                          Internal   Armor   
                          Structure  Value   
     Head                    3         9     
     Center Torso            20        27    
     Center Torso (rear)               12    
     R/L Torso               14        16    
     R/L Torso (rear)                  8     
     R/L Arm                 10        14    
     R/L Leg                 14        18    

--- Armor: 160/160-------------------------------------------
--- Internal: 99/99----------------------------------------
         FRONT                REAR                INTERNAL
         ( 9)                 (**)                  ( 3)
      /16|27|16\           / 8|12| 8\            /14|20|14\
     (14/ || \14)         (   |  |   )          (10/ || \10)
       /  /\  \               /  \                /  /\  \
      (18/  \18)             /    \              (14/  \14)

Right Arm Actuators: Shoulder, Upper Arm, Lower Arm
Left Arm Actuators: Shoulder, Upper Arm, Lower Arm

and Ammo              Location  Critical   Heat    Tonnage	
LRM 10                   CT        2        4       5.0   
Medium Laser           LT(R)       1        3       1.0   
AC/5 Ammo (40)           RT        2        -       2.0   
Medium Laser             LA        1        3       1.0   
LRM 10 Ammo (24)         LT        2        -       2.0   
AC/5                     RA        4        1       8.0   
Features the following design quirks: Narrow/Low Profile, Stable


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4 hours ago, Mek_Master said:

Hey guys,

I just joined up... and am trying to figure out how to join up in this Megamek RP?

Let me know if I have the correct understanding.



Hello there, @Mek_Master! Welcome aboard! We're delighted to have you here!

You're right, this site is the home of a BattleTech (aka MegaMek) RP, set at the moment in 3028. Joining in on the fun is pretty simple. Everything is fairly free-form right now; we have three mercenary units and a lone gun operating in the Inner Sphere right now. They are as follows:

Aegis Division, led by me, is a mercenary unit comprised of the characters in the Aegis Division portfolio. We're off on Kimball II right now, working a contract in support of Operation GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG. Our objective is to re-take the Ceres Metals factory from the Draconis Combine. We've just made planetfall in an abandoned rock quarry and are getting shot at by a Kuritan armor division. Once we've cleared this slight inconvenience out of the way, we're going to head toward the factory. If 'Mech combat is how you'd like to get started, and you don't want to dive into the universe as a lone gun, I recommend joining up with this unit. I can help make that happen.

There's also the Crayven Corporation, led by @William Kauffman. Currently, they're in orbit of Gan Singh, assisting @Jackson McKenna with an archaeological expedition. Jackson's about to head into an ancient Star League cache on foot. If you're interested in some immediate on-foot action, we can get you on with Jackson's mission.

And finally, there's Scorched Earth, led by @Baroness Octavia Incendio, and comprised of the characters in the Scorched Earth portfolio. Octavia can speak to what the current state of play for Scorched Earth is, but my understanding is that they're on shore leave at the moment, in between contracts.

We also have @Orlex Jaeger on something of a lone gun mission at the moment, but he may be at a point in the story where he cold use a second set of hands. I'll let him fill in the details there.

Regardless of whether you join up with an existing team or dive into the action on your own, all of our roleplay is currently unfolding in The Universe - 3028. You'll need a character - do you have one in mind?

Again, welcome aboard. We're thrilled to have you here.


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