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Aegis Division: General-Purpose Infantry Kit

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Aegis Division Internal Memorandum
Date: January 9, 3031
To: All Aegis Division Personnel
From: First Lieutenant Alyssa Maxwell
Subject: General-Purpose Infantry Kit

The following document outlines the comprehensive list of equipment, gear, and apparel to be carried by all Aegis Division personnel during ground operations. It is imperative that all personnel review and maintain this equipment to ensure readiness and effectiveness in the field. Please note that specific mission requirements and individual preferences may result in variations, but this is a general guideline for the minimum equipment, gear, weapons, and attire to be carried by our operatives. 


  • Combat uniform (BDU)
  • Combat boots
  • Undergarments (socks, underwear, undershirts)
  • Load-bearing tactical vest
  • Rucksack
  • Balaclava
  • Tactical gloves
  • Knee and elbow pads
  • Belt with utility and ammunition pouches
  • Gas mask with filters (if required by mission)
  • Multi-terrain Pattern (MTP) camouflage netting



Weapons and Ammunition:

  • Primary Weapon: Magna Laser Rifle, TK Assault Rifle, or DWS L5-S laser rifle
  • Secondary Sidearm: Nambu Auto-PistolSerrek 7875D Auto-Pistol, or AWA Wiliby MK4 laser pistol
  • Ammunition for primary and secondary weapons (quantity as mission dictates)
    • Required ammunition:
      • Nambu Auto-Pistol: .40 caliber JHP or FMJ
      • Serrek 7875D Auto-Pistol: 10mm Auto
      • Laser Pistols and Rifles: Manufacturer-compatible power packs; high-capacity satchel power packs
      • TK Assault Rifle: 3 mm caseless (armor-piercing or high-velocity explosive) 
  • Spare magazines (appropriate quantity to support each weapon carried) and speed loaders
  • Weapon maintenance kit
  • Ammunition bandoliers
  • Weapon sling
  • Combat knife
  • Smoke, flash, stun, or fragmentation grenades (type and quantity as mission dictates)

Medical and Survival Gear:


  1. Identification tags (dog tags)
  2. Aegis Division insignia patch
  3. Aegis Division Field Manual
  4. Paracord (15.24 meters/50 feet)
  5. Personal hygiene kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc.)
  6. Notepad and writing implements
  7. Spare batteries (for all electronic devices)
  8. Position marking smoke (for air and ground extraction)

All issued and personal gear should be checked and maintained regularly by all personnel. Report any damaged or missing items to the Office of the Quartermaster for repair or replacement. Remember that the safety and effectiveness of Aegis Division relies on the preparedness and discipline of all staff.

First Lieutenant Alyssa Maxwell
Aegis Division

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Aegis Division Internal Memorandum - SUPPLEMENTAL
Date: January 9, 3031
To: Department Heads Only
From: Commander Orlex Jaeger
Subject: General-Purpose Infantry Kit Cost Breakdown and Technical Specifications

Division heads:

Attached are the cost breakdowns and technical specifications for Aegis Division-issued equipment. When issuing gear to your direct reports, we encourage leadership to approach requisition requests from a perspective of cost versus effectiveness when safety is not a concern (for example, when requisitioning toiletries and other non-combat gear).

As previously explained, specific mission requirements and individual preferences may result in variations, but this is a general table of equipment for the gear, weapons, and attire we anticipate will regularly be carried by our operatives.


Orlex, CMDR J. 

Info - Aegis Division Infantry Loadouts.xlsx - Excel file of Various Infantry Kits and Gear (A Time of War Stats, tabs at bottom left for different kits)

Info - Aegis Division Infantry Loadouts.pdf  - PDF version of the above Excel file

Edited by Orlex Jaeger
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