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Steven T. Jenkins, attorney at law

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So I was thinking... If @Steve Jenkinsis a celebrity lawyer, he's probably famous for his advertisements, right? I was imagining something like this...


[Ace attorney Steve Jenkins, wearing his pimp suit, raps while his paralegals snap and beat box in the background. After the first few lines the audio continues while the video fades to a montage of Steve Jenkins slicing through child support payment demands, fraudulent contracts, and a wrongfully imprisoned client's handcuffs with his Archimedan katana.] 

If you think you have been wronged, conned or divorced,

Cheated or malpracticed on with half a butt!

Your enemies gonna:

Loose their case! 

And be disgraced! 

While you spend their money all over the place, 

so tell 'em

We Will, We Will, SUE YOU! 

Call Steve, Call Steve, JENKINS! 

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Yeah Steve would have ran Local Commercials some might have been like this also I think he would of had a montage of people talking about how he helped like this

"I shot out my Neighbor's car windows with a teb gauge after we got in an argument about sharks. Steve Jenkins got me off the hook by convincing the judge that it was art. Thanks, Steve Jenkins!" 

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I was wondering, how did @Steve Jenkins pay for law school after he divorced his parents?

Also, completely unrelated - I'm interested in learning how to do meditation and martial arts and I was wondering whether Steve (the character or the writer) has any advice for me? 

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WELL its a Complex Story

After Steve had divorced his parents he went to ARCHIMEDES to the Double Dragon Dojo or what the Locals called D3, he studied Archimedian Karate and Tae Kwon Do and Assassination Techniques from Sensei Ronald and Master Honda, well after he graduated and got hurt in the Gray Death Legion he filed a Workplace Injury Lawsuit against them and got a crazy settlement that he used for his first semester at Law School. For his next semester he took out a Title Loan on his car but he never repaid it the Title Loan company reposessed his car one time when he was at school so after that Steve had to use a Bus. After the Title Loan company burned to the ground in mysterious circumstances Steve got his car back but then a crackhead went for a joyride in it and drove it into the River. Then after that Steve started being a SOLARIS jock while he did online school to pay the bills, and buy a new car eventually he Graduated and got his licenses, then he was working as a SOLARIS jock and an Independent Businessman on Sheratan at the same time.

JAKE MACE teaches you how to do Martial Arts and Meditation on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A82Wd34IeHY, I think important things to know are the main Gōjū-ryū forms and how to scare and intimidate so that your Opponent does not expect your attack, I do that with lots of screaming.

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