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Hello, @AlexBrewer! Welcome aboard!

On behalf of all of us, welcome. We're thrilled that you're here. 

I'm Charles Maxwell. My character runs the Aegis Division mercenary unit, and I also portray William Kauffman, CEO of the Crayven Corporation. 

At this forum, we're running an in-character roleplay that's currently taking place in December of 3028 in the Inner Sphere. Presently, the roleplay centers around the exploits of the Aegis Division mercenary unit, the Crayven Corporation, and two lone guns named Orlex Jaeger and Nathan Schmidt.

Currently in the story,  Aegis Division, based on Sheratan, has been hired to work with the Crayven Corporation, an interstellar courier company, to retrieve a LosTech artifact of great technological value from the Kuritan border world of Nirasaki. We're preparing to leave Sheratan now and our next story jump will find us in orbit, about to drop on the world in a covert, large-scale asset extraction blitz. That is likely to take place in the next couple of days. 

All of our in-character posts take place in this thread:


Our most recent story exposition is currently at this page:


To join in, all you need is a character with a backstory! Do you have one in mind? If you do, feel free to post their dossier here: http://www.crayven.net/mercnet/index.php?/forum/7-dossiers/ and jump into the roleplaying thread to get started. If you want to have your character join up with us, we're currently staged at Berth 59 in the Gellen's Heights Spaceport on Sheratan. I can definitely have a character bring you into the fold! 

If you don't have a character and you'd like to adopt an NPC to become a PC from our available roster, we have several to choose from (all of the ones marked as 'NPC - Available) here: http://www.crayven.net/mercnet/index.php?/forum/11-aegis-division/. Alternately, if you'd like a hand coming up with a brand new character, let me know! 

In either case, once you have a character, please don't hesitate to jump into the roleplaying thread and get started! 

Again, welcome aboard. If I can provide any guidance or insight to help you get started, please drop me a line! We're enthusiastic about supporting you however we can.

Best regards,

Charles Maxwell

P.S. - we also have a Discord where some of us hang out to chat and plan - that's here: https://discord.gg/DT5xwy9. Feel free to join and ask any questions you may have. 



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