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- Incoming Coded Message -- Command Instruction Follows -
- Decode Omega Protocol - ZuluKappa27black: 23rd -

- Disseminate by need only -

Operation Codename: Black Eclipse
Planet: Nirasaki (Draconis Combine)
Terrain: Desert
Time: Day
Mission Type: Objective Raid
Payment: 4,210,223.82 C-Bills
Salvage Rights: 90%
Support Rights: Battle/Full
Command Rights: Integrated


The Crayven Corporation has contracted with Aegis Division and the Skinwalkers to retrieve an object of interest from the wreck of a Star League-era WarShip on the surface of Nirasaki. This exercise will be a combined-arms operation which will be executed in three phases. We expect to encounter extreme resistance on our way to the objective.



In 2766, Nirasaki Computers Collective, in a partnership with New Age Computers and Maltex, achieved a technological breakthrough: an artificial neural network that was capable of independent thought, communication, and decision-making. Just prior to the outbreak of the Amaris Civil War, the Collective partnered with the DCMS, in a highly-classified venture, to load the neural network into the mainframe of one of their obsolete Cruiser-class WarShips to test the technology under load as a real-world proof of concept. The ship chosen to be the testbed was the D.C.S. Takashima. Regrettably, due to some manner of systems failure onboard - some say it was the out-of-date shipboard technology, others say sabotage, and some even cast blame on the A.I. itself - the Takashima fell from orbit shortly after the program was installed and activated.

The ship was rumored to have crashed in one of the equatorial regions of Nirasaki. However, the outbreak of the Amaris Civil War would see the staff of Nirasaki Computers Collective rounded up and taken to Terra, and Nirasaki itself ravaged by the armies of the Rim Worlds Republic. Consequently, a salvage of the vessel was never attempted, and the Takashima was lost to history.

In November 3028, the crew of the C.S.V. Mendacius located the wreck of the D.C.S. Takashima on the surface of Nirasaki in the Great Banded Desert, in an inhospitable, isolated region known as the Sabireta Expanse. 

The site is infested with raiders and looters, who don't know what's actually inside the vessel, but who have fortified the place and have begun to part the ship out for scrap and weapons. To make matters worse, we've gotten word that the Capellans have been sniffing around the border near Nirasaki, so it's possible that they're undertaking a parallel venture.

To get to the planet, we plan to exploit a sensor gap in the planetary defense network and insert our forces onto the planet unseen. The C.S.V. Republic, one of our Union-class transports, will make planetfall with the M.V. Tana several kilometres outside of a fortified encampment that the local looters have set up to defend the wreck site. Meanwhile, the C.S.V. Mendacius, in the disguise of a passenger liner, will provide real-time intelligence and telemetry of the operational area from orbit.

Once we're on the planet, our objectives will be to eliminate the OpFor and fortify the wreck of the Takashima against incursions while a recovery team penetrates the wreck, neutralizes any hostiles that may be occupying it, and recovers the hard drives from the ship's computer core and the vessel's logs from its bridge. The recovery team will then need to be evacuated from the operational area to the C.S.V. Tana, which will transport the recovered assets to the Mendacius for containment and return to New Earth.

The OpFor for this exercise is unknown. The crew of the Mendacius has observed a ragtag, eclectic, and ever-changing grab bag of military hardware; everything from cobbled-together vehicles carrying naval weaponry to the odd Mackie BattleMech. We believe there to be fifty to seventy-five individuals on the site at any given time, to say nothing of how many more may be inside the wreck, so we'll have to treat this as an assault on a fortified installation.

In addition to the hostiles at the site, we'll be battling sandy terrain, high temperatures, and potential sandstorms.

Good luck.



I. Defeat hostile OpFor blocking access to the Takashima
II. Secure the wreck site and hold it against aggressors while recovery team makes entry into it
III. Neutralize OpFor occupying the interior of the Takashima 
IV. Recover Takashima computer drives
V. Recover Takashima ship's log
VI. Evacuate to the Tana and Republic
VII. Safely deliver the recovered assets to the Mendacius
VIII. The Mendacius must depart Nirasaki intact


I. Eliminate all hostiles in the operational theater to permit salvage operations



  • Lieutenant Mara Walsh (KGC-0000 King Crab)
  • Sergeant Alyssa Chase (ON1-K Orion)
  • Lieutenant Marius Lennox (CPLT-C1 Catapult)
  • Corporal Steve Jenkins (DRG-1N Dragon)


  • Captain Dutch McKenzie (AWS-8Q-OB1 Awesome)
  • Contract pilot (LGB-6Q Longbow)
  • Contract pilot (MAD-3D Marauder)
  • Dexter Friedman (RVN-1X Raven)


Commanded by Lieutenant Bishop Weyland

  • 2x Drillson Heavy Hover Tank
  • 1x Condor Heavy Hover Tank
  • 1x Maxim APC + infantry squad + Captain Charles Maxwell


Commanded by Lieutenant Bishop Weyland

  • 1x Drillson Heavy Hover Tank
  • 2x Condor Heavy Hover Tank
  • 1x Maxim APC + infantry squad


  • 1x Kestrel VTOL
  • 1x Heavy BattleMech Recovery Vehicle



Planet Details: Nirasaki


Star Type: G1V
Position in System: 1
Number of Moons: 2 (Nagano, Okinawa)
Days to Jump Point: 17 
Surface Gravity: 1.10
Atmospheric Pressure: Standard (Breathable)
Equatorial Temperature: 37°C
Surface Water: 57%
Highest Native Life: Mammals
Capital: Elusian
Population: 2,108,000,000


Nirasaki has two continents: Kalifax and Ouanii. Nirasaki's original government structure was nearly unique in the Inner Sphere. Based on the idealist's belief that everyone could live in harmony without a dedicated police force or government, the original colony grouped itself into a series of small communes that were originally going to trade with each other. The problems in this system became clear shortly thereafter, as settlers forced to use a barter system limited economic opportunities with other worlds and infighting among settlers undermined group efforts.

Eventually a modest planetary government formed from a coalition of communes on the two largest continents. One of their greatest achievements was the implementation of a basic economy for the world based on "work credits" and a consistent means of valuing goods and services. The coalition government enjoyed strong support from the population as its power was so limited. Based on democratic ideas, the planetary government required only a simple majority for issues that affected interplanetary trade or a large planetary region. It also contained an emergency powers clause for defense against external threats. Other than these efforts and responsibilities, the coalition government had absolutely no power of any sort.

This lax form of government kept the power in the hands of the people, and even under the Terran Hegemony the world was left to its own devices. Nirasaki was one of the worlds which had been abandoned by the Terran Alliance following the Outer Reaches Rebellion and the Demarcation Declaration of 2242, but Nirasaki was incorporated into the Terran Hegemony within a century, becoming one of the worlds within the Lone Star Province.

During the Star League era several companies attempted to take advantage of the perceived lack of central authority on Nirasaki, but the Nirasakians' insistence on using the work credits system made it nearly impossible for these corporations to succeed. The only notable exception was Nirasaki Computers Collective (NCC), a company organized as a part of the existing Blue Heron Collective. Being familiar with the existing work credit economy and based on Nirasaki, NCC quickly gained a reputation for high-quality computer products. NCC's work was so highly regarded that their programmers created the software used in the Star League's Space Defense Systems. Although the NCC and its programmers were obliterated during the Amaris Civil War, the factories are now owned by Blue Heron Computers.

After the fall of the Star League, Nirasaki was claimed by the Draconis Combine. After centuries of being exposed to the Dragon's idea of planetary government and administration, Nirasaki's central government has expanded its power somewhat, overseeing a planetary police force and a militia.



Audio Recording
Speaker: Kauffman, W.
SubjectCruiser-class diagram, D.C.S. Takashima
Beginning playback...

"Please excuse the dated nature of this image. We pulled it from an SLDF training deck that we found in an archive. We believe, based on our analysis of the crash site and through extrapolation from this diagram, that the bridge is in the area marked by the number 1 on the slide. Entry into the ship will most likely be best-achieved through one of the two cargo hold doors - marked as 2 and 4 on the diagram - or via the landing bay, marked as 3. The ship crashed on its port side, so the orientation of everything in the craft will be offset by ninety degrees from the relative 'down' position. The bridge is also completely submerged in the sand; currently, only entry point 4 is exposed, and that is how the squatters are accessing at least a portion of the vessel."



Sender: Major James Hayes
Encryption Priority:
HPG Relay 163NR95-SIGMA-1849
Received: OP Comp. 2027 Standard Terran Time

Operation Black Eclipse - Contract.xlsm


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Wow, we took over 44 Prisoners.

We Salvaged a lot of stuff:

            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:00c82120-b093-4acf-8c92-e36ada0f9fe5'>Harasser Laser Platform (Standard) #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:5a1ead6b-b9a2-4148-87ee-c7d12f25f50f'>Sabaku Kaze Heavy Scout Hover Tank (Standard) #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:d7d9b744-2b52-4e7f-9808-7cf00ebf0e64'>Sabaku Kaze Heavy Scout Hover Tank (Standard) #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:c21cfa0b-d8bf-48d2-a668-5968cd5fd907'>Spider SDR-5K #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:f818bdb5-91c4-4443-ad75-5a8aae0423b8'>Mongoose MON-66 #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:bfe6842a-7cdc-4330-b923-380f7791a6bb'>Mongoose MON-66 #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:273574b1-d8cb-4d8d-b73b-64849b0a8fbc'>Shadow Hawk SHD-2K #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:88c3394d-a035-41ea-96b9-61763b4de15d'>Shadow Hawk SHD-2K #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:74c81167-1829-473c-af1c-ef1e31672122'>Hussar HSR-200-D #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:bc51d8cc-0caa-4e34-87b6-ea6fb19f138b'>Field Gunners (AC2) #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:02811911-9a21-4c4a-a417-45d598ad7b3a'>Harasser Laser Platform (Standard) #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:508fdef3-dfa1-4198-98c9-fb8450e7cce4'>Sabaku Kaze Heavy Scout Hover Tank (Standard) #3</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:05a60e32-9add-484f-a507-d9e0827914d3'>Sabaku Kaze Heavy Scout Hover Tank (Standard) #4</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:03d99722-1ac2-4c51-abcb-09518a5b56a5'>Spider SDR-5K #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:af27454c-64d8-4f82-80cf-cd83c5e87885'>Mongoose MON-66 #3</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:6cdc9eaa-79c7-48ea-b553-091b68f7b4e8'>Mongoose MON-66 #4</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:f738ccb8-b867-4059-bd32-a3c49bd4dac4'>Shadow Hawk SHD-2K #3</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:16a85f0a-adaf-4c59-95d2-cde66cd52464'>Shadow Hawk SHD-2K #4</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:b9716fdd-6399-4224-bb7f-d691dd036a09'>Hussar HSR-200-D #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:51f02fa3-d3c0-40a7-a4f3-9d24e91ec77a'>Field Gunners (AC2) #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:fcd738cd-dc6f-4ce6-943e-86f0388d09fc'>Harasser Laser Platform (Standard)</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:be8f59ac-6a7e-41c4-bebe-a3c8d752b8be'>Charger CGR-1A1</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:67d1f017-b179-464d-8bd2-ff5e9493756f'>BattleMaster BLR-1G</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:b6f100c0-23b1-4d92-80c6-f94aaa45f424'>Wolverine WVR-6K</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:65927c3f-8a9d-46d2-9863-0fc9facc3554'>Hatchetman HCT-3F #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:15bb59ef-b014-4338-9439-32ed82a061e7'>Buster BC XV-M HaulerMech MOD</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:de4a6199-1fcc-4040-853a-ca3711ac1d21'>Marauder MAD-3D #2</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:d1ad3aa9-30d4-4e54-9c68-58f83c35b822'>Jenner JR7-D</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>
            <reportLine><![CDATA[<a href='UNIT:db3142c1-da29-488a-b2bf-af53db6c3016'>Hunchback HBK-4G</a> has been added to the unit roster.]]></reportLine>

The 10% that got away from being salvaged was a fast mech.

Most of the units are badly damaged, but we can sell the scraps and repair a fair amount of these units.

The Battle took place on Jan 8th, 3029 on Nirasaki


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18 hours ago, Mek_Master said:

Even Steve Jenkens Got a Kill!

Sadly it was a tough day for Agent Nathan Schmidt... who is now at the mercy of the Aegis Division... but he had the best Battlefield seats money can Buy!

Here is the Full Gamelog.

gamelog_Full.html 546.47 kB · 0 downloads

Awesome game, guys! What a wild run. In summary, we got the crap kicked out of us, wore the pirates down until they surrendered, Nathan's lance got wiped out, and we made it to the wreck (even though we lost Bishop's tank along the way). I'm looking forward to seeing this play out on the forums!

Dutch - do you happen to have a list of the OpFor's assets and what was in the graveyard at the end of the game?

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Posted (edited)

Well that was a little tricky due to the fact that we crashed mid game, so I had to do a little work to piece together the salvage before the crash with the salvage after the crash. So the above list may have some duplicates which I had to remove, and some of the mechs salvaged may have had less damage than the full amount. I can try to dump a unit list out. I have already started to begin the repairs, and am a few days into the repairs.



So essentially, I have the units that were salvaged and not beyond repair, and I can share the starting mul file for the OPFOR and you can determine the difference.

So here is the starting OPFOR mul file besides what Nathan Schmidt had.


Edited by Mek_Master
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