W E L C O M E  T O  P H O E N I X  T E C H N O L O G I E S,  L I M I T E D
"Failure is not an option."

Phoenix Technologies, Limited is an independent technologies exchange founded in 3135 by John Maxwell, a controversial figure who
has recently appeared on the political radar, lobbying against what he perceives to be the 'self-righteous' and 'elitist' views of
the Republic of the Sphere, and, amongst other transgressions, their apparent abandonment of the worlds outside Prefecture X.
Mr. Maxwell  has allied both himself and his mercenary unit with, at least for the moment, the Lyran Commonwealth,
and has used his position to, in addition to promoting his much-publicized dislike of  the Republic, bolster his ongoing dispute with
defense contractor Crayven Construction, Incorporated.

However, whatever one's opinion of John Maxwell may be, it cannot be denied that his company, Phoenix Technologies, Limited,
 is a force to be reckoned with, and represents a hallmark of quality in an age of disillusioned consumers. Headquartered in
New Mardensville, Donegal, Phoenix Technologies, Limited's business model was established as an exact copy
of that which was used by Crayven Construction in 3055 - an independent technologies exchange which also offers both protection,
mercenary, and R&D services to an exclusive list of clientele. Thus far, Phoenix Technologies, Limited has garnered both the respect
and repeat business of many of  its clients, having already accrued a host of successful contracts to its name, and in so doing, proving
that a mercenary outfit's size is no indication of the tenacity with which it is willing to fight. The company has recently
expanded its size to two full lances, and currently lists over sixty well-trained and highly-qualified employees on its roster. Its most
notable success, to date, has been the taking of the Lindon's Folly spaceport from a well-entrenched and superiorly-armed
DCMS batteforce on Styx, an action which garnered  the company a great deal of both notoriety and infamy.

If you are interested in a consultation with Phoenix Technologies, Incorporated, you may contact us via HPG at (3085) 0211X-O184B,
or you may visit our metasite. For those clients without metaweb or HPG access, our mailing address is:

Phoenix Technologies, Ltd. | ATTN: Janice Schultz
42185 Hope Street
New Mardensville, Donegal 88740

Please note that we do not accept unscheduled consultations, except in extenuating circumstances. If you feel that your
area of interest requires immediate attention, please contact us at the above-listed HPG number, so that special
arrangements may be made.

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